Saturday, March 04, 2006

Portland Protest: Part Dos

I'm sad to report that something caused about half the pictures that I took to be deleted. *waits for cheering from PCUN members to subside* Thankfully other folks with cameras were there and got some good shots of us great Americans standing up for our country.

While the PCUN folks had more people it seemed that many of them weren't even sure what was going on. When I asked several of them about a prop they were carrying they actually told me they weren't sure what it meant.

Oh, and they had 3 school buses bring them in:

But apparently the people need to go back to school because they obviously aren't ready to be adults...

And this guy turned his head away from my camera even though he was wearing a mask as if I could somehow acertain his identity.

A full narrative including a report on my "handlers" will be next. (I have to finish a term paper on... illegal aliens!)


Greg said...

Daniel and everybody else that was there, I salute you!

I wanted to be there, but there was just no way this time.

I noticed the busses in your pictures were yellow. I prefer the white busses that hopefully we'll be seeing soon.

Thanks again for being there.

I'll see you at the next one, if they actually have a next one.

Sue K. said...

Daniel, How could the Woodburn School District busses be used to transport participants to Portland? Are they for hire?

MAX Redline said...

Bear in mind that while some of us were in Seaside for the conference, well... we may not have been out on the frontline with you, but it doesn't mean we weren't grabbing ears.

The best way to deal with the issue is to approach it from all sides. It would have been disastrous to have had everyone with views on the issue placed in only one location today.

Cross-coverage is our ally.

BEAR said...

Sue, buses are for hire.

Allen said...

Well done OFIR!!

The report on (the Oregonian) web page doesn't support the Illegals as they have in the past and does point out the chant they heard coming from the group of "No amnesty, no peace, No justice, no peace."

Golly, that chant almost seems like a threat to those who might oppose the Illegal Alien's goals, no?

Sue K. said...

allen, the chant sounds like a threat to me, as well. That's the first thing that crossed my mind when I read it. Hmmmm.

Scottiebill said...

Looks to me like the two clowns on the balcony with their fingers in the air are showing the world what their IQs are. Surely they are not thinking they are #1. Are they???

Daniel said...

That's what passes for political discourse at PSU!

Sandy O. said...

Great job, keep up the great work. We in Southern Oregon don't hear about these picture stoppers or the protests. I commend you all. This is something that the senators and congressmen should be made to watch, the El Presidente' also.
Keep safe and keep up the great work.
Sandy Owsley