Sunday, March 12, 2006

First Tookie, now Tre

Hello to everyone, it's Tre, here behind these walls at Wilkie.
As March 13th, the two-year mark of my incarceration, rapidly approaches I am calling upon supporters to embark on a hunger strike with me. I am not protesting the conditions or my treatment here at Wilkie. To the contrary, I know the conditions of my incarceration could be much worse... My heart goes out to all those suffering behind prison walls around the world (like Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Attica...). I protest, rather, the US government, the FBI, and the complicit Canadian government for imprisoning me for two years of my life!

I encourage all vegans to participate in this hunger strike. I want to see your ribs. Starve yourself until your are light-headed. That'll teach us. Really.

Tre and I, teaching you sick capitalists a lesson about what's really important: purple shorts.

At what point did our society start idolizing criminals? Does every person who is incarcerated have their own website these days? Does anyone else find it VERY disturbing that a certain segment of our society doesn't believe in personal responsibility?

And does anyone believe that the person at Indymedia who wrote this sentence doesn't use mind-altering substances on a regular basis:

Tre hasks respectfully that his designated spokespeople in Canada represent the message of this vigil to the media.



MAX Redline said...

"I am imprisoned for being a voice for the trees and putting my body and life on the line in an effort to save some of the last ancient forests of this continent. I am imprisoned while those killing our forests receive tax breaks! I am imprisoned while multi-national corporations pollute our air and water, contaminate our food supply, and poison, abuse and murder innocent, sentient, non-humyn animals."

Umm. No, Dude. And "Tre" isn't your real name, anyway.

Let's get real.

You were imprisoned because you tried to take a set of bolt-cutters out of a Home Depot store without paying for them.

In terribly politically-incorrect terms, you committed a crime. I'm sure that to you, there was no crime; just another "blow against the Establishment". Heck, Home Depot sells lumber! So that makes it all ok.

Of course, once you got popped, there were the little matters of arson and other terrorist activities that cropped up, which resulted in a bit more inconvenience for you. Don't you just hate when that happens?

But I'm here for you, little guy. I feel your pain (as Clinton used to say). I fully support your hunger strike and would like to support you in this effort. To that end, I'd like you to give your permission to Canadian authorities to have your food rations shipped to the Kasese area of Uganda.

You see, children are actually going hungry there, and your "hunger strike" food would be gratefully welcomed.

It's your chance to do something right, for a change.

Daniel said...

I like your line of thinking.

Anonymous said...

AHH YES, TRE ARROW, one of the reasons I WANTED Vera Katz recalled.

I will go to my grave convinced that had we recalled the "B-word",it would have sent a message to 5 of those people that arrogantly call themselfs represenetives of the people.

Then of course, on second thought, looking at the "Trester" maybe they are.

PacificNW Girl said...

Here's the humorous part, from his website:

"Judge Dohm is asking anyone who owns property worth $300 000 or more to step forward as Tre's surety. If you are that person or know someone who would be willing to help free peaceful environmental activist Tre Arrow, please contact The Tre Arrow Defense Committee."

300k eh? Why hasn't anyone bailed him out? I mean if he's really that great of a guy, someone with some moola must feel he should be out. Hmm......

Scottiebill said...

PNW Girl: Why would anyone WANT to bail him out??

Anonymous said...

Daniel looks funny with his mustache. Ahahah.

Scottiebill said...

As usual, this "anonymous" is coming up with his usual inane comments. Par for his course, I guess.