Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday morning joke

Very short books in the making:

1. Attractive leaders of the Feminist Movement
2. Clinton Policies that actually save money
3. The Logic of the Politically Correct
4. History of the Countries where Socialism worked
5. Good Points of Clinton's Health Program
6. Nazi-Feminists that Makes Sense
7. "The Submissive Woman" by Hillary Clinton.
8. Creating New Jobs in America - by Bill Clinton
9. "Life During Wartime" by Bill Clinton.
10. Avoiding the Tax and Spend Government - by Slick Willy
11. "Why People are More Important than Animals" - Greenpeace
12. "Deep-Thinking Liberals"
13. "The Contribution of Political Correctness to Free Speech"
14. "Why Political Correctness is not Censorship"
15. "The Merits of Gun Control"
16. "Feminists Worth Marrying"
17. "How Mass Unemployment Helps the Economy" by Socialists.
18. "To Tell the Truth" - by President Bill Clinton
19. Unshakeable Principles I Live By - by Bill Clinton
20. The Golden Voice of Roger Clinton
21. Roger Clinton: My Career Without My Brother Bill


Anonymous said...

Looking for a tax loss, try a opening cosmetic concession at a NOW convention.

Oregon Republican League said...

Good morning, Daniel - Can you please email me at: I would like to inquire about a link trade. Thank you. -Tony

Brent said...

Another short one:

The valuable contribution of illegal wetbacks to the American Economy

Scott said...

I'll play.

The Difference Between Shria Law And Political Correctness.

Anonymous said...

Name this movie:

"Do you have any light reading?"

"I have this pamphlet on famous Jewish athletes."

Anonymous said...

How about, "Republicans who Truly Believe in Freedom and Limited Government"?

Anonymous said...

or maybe, "Famous Neocons with Military Experience." That might be a good companion reader to "Heroic Tales of the Fightin' French."

Vonski said...

How about:
All I know about book signing. -- Cindy Sheehan

Anonymous said...

Idiota, Clinton created a ton of jobs.

Vonski said...

Or, how about:
"The compendium of bleeding heart liberals with a sense of humor." -- Anonymous

gullyborg said...

excuse me, but what jobs, exactly, did Clinton "create"?

apart from government jobs at taxpayer expense, governments don't "create" jobs. governments get in the way of job creation!

the best thing a government can do for jobs is get the hell out of the way--and that doesn't create jobs so much as remove obstacles to the private sector creating jobs.

Anonymous said...

Here's a short one:

Conservative politicians without ED.

Daniel said...

I see a whole bunch of bestsellers here.

Kaelri said...

- George W. Bush: Why America Needs the Judicial Branch
- A Heckuva Job - Inspiring Anecdotes from the Big Easy
- Inside Rihab Taha's Lab, Second Edition
- War and Tax Cuts: A Match Made in Heaven
- Into the Donkey's Spinal Cord - One Man's Journey
- Adolf Hitler's Crusade On Domestic Espionage
- Torture - Winning Hearts and Minds
- The Road to V-T Day, Part I: Why Martyrs Fear Death
- The Road to V-T Day, Part II: How Civil War Cleanses the Palate of a Fledgling Democracy
- The Road to V-T Day, Part III: How The Great Satan was a Relic of the Past by Super Tuesday
And in response to Daniel's #4:
- Die Fehler des Sozialismuses

Anonymous said...

The shortest one yet:

Viable Immigration Policy Solutions by Daniel

Anonymous said...

How about .
Arguing With Fools , A How To For Dummies.