Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anne "neutral" Martens

Oregon and California Elections Officials Pledge Neutral Elections Administration
Contact:Anne Martens (OR) 503-986-1502

Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, a Democrat, and California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, a Republican, today responded to public demand for greater integrity in elections administration by signing a five-point pledge to remain neutral, independent and fair in their oversight of elections.

The Bradbury-McPherson neutrality pledge removes the threat of such political posturing with a direct, public commitment to fair and independent elections administration.

Quotes from Anne Martens:
(Chief of Communications for Bradbury)
"Face it, right-wingnuts (the "social conservatives," the bigots, the small-government-except-in-your-bedroom-or-your-uterus banshees and the god-loves-me-but-hates-you bible bashers) are, in fact, the GOP's political base."

"The Rock the Vote folks are unveiling a new t-shirt, in collaboration with French Connection, which reads, “fcuk you, I’m voting.” Hey, the Bus Project had it first. I'm glad the notion is spreading, but if you're going to get one, get the original. Vote, F*cker."

"Please don’t make me listen to Jesus rock."

"I’ve been spending some time watching the Country Music Channel in an effort to gain some insight into red America... Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

It’s very, very white. Lily white. Pasty white. Dear lord, shield your eyes or you might go blind from the glare white.

Bad highlights on women and mullets on men are not only tolerated, but encouraged.

All this reminds me that stereotypes become stereotypes because there’s a grain (or more) of truth in them..."

"I'm scared straight by the bearers of the bible and the followers of one peculiar version of God."

I know plenty of women who've had abortions, and one who underwent a less-than-professional procedure before abortion was legalized.

You know a murderer? Someone who killed their baby "before it was legal" committed murder.


Anonymous said...

How many times does it have to be said,

Bill Bradbury is an evil sonofabitch.

Anne Martens has defamed private citizens.

The Salem thing friday is great but
will be laughed at by these evil people

Tim said...

Gee, all I can say is Anne Martens is a shining example of why Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

Anonymous said...

This is a good post Daniel.

You left out one link that shouldn't be to hard to find from your existing sources.

That the democratic party of Portland (which pretty controls the state party) HATES voters.

When they don't get their way they start the name calling, constitutional degradation, and hide the salami executive bad faith actions.

The Gentle Cricket said...

While it's imperative to have neutral elections, it would be nicer to see that Washinton and Ohio had pledged to stop democrat election corruption. I'm sure Christine Gregoire would be all for it, right?

Anne M said...

Hi everyone,

The pledge is clearly one taken by Secretary Bradbury regarding elections administration. His job is different from mine.

Like many people who have jobs, my personal views may diverge from the views of my employer. I didn't think it necessary to put the standard disclaimer of "these views do not necessarily represent the views of the Secretary of State's office" on the blog because I thought it was clear that those articles were, first of all, often tongue-in-cheek and meant to be both humorous and provocative, and second, written by me personally on my own time. As far as I know, a position in government does not require the holder to stop thinking, speaking, or blogging.

Thanks for reading, I hope we can agree to respectfully disagree.

If you have further comments please use my personal email address at


Daniel said...

I appreciate your clarification Anne. However are you at all interested in debating the original issue of illegal immigration?

Do you excuse the behavior of criminals? (you know, other than the child-murderer?)

Should our immigration laws be enforced or not?

Anonymous said...

Anne Martens is just another example of a narrow minded, self-righteous, pompous
liberal. These people live in their own little contrived world. While I feel sad for them, I
can only recognize their mental disorder, and hope that they finally reject blind, ignorant

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, to be ignorant and white...I wonder if I could slip into that delusional state too and be hapy hating everybody else. People like yourself, Lars Larson and Ann Coulter are very, very small people with big mouths. BTW...Jesus hates you and people like you. He thinks you're an idiot too.