Thursday, March 09, 2006

Go local news

OK, channels 2, 6, 8, 12, you know your duty. Don those slickers and breathlessly report that OH MY GOD it's SNOW! Pan the camera around on it, pick it up, show us what it looks like.

Completely ignore the impending nuclear war with Iran, the criminal alien invasion from Mexico, the out of control government spending, YOU MUST cover the 1/4" of snow.

And schools, close immediately. Don't even ask the question of whether or not a vehicle could get through this, the important thing is there is SNOW.

Me? I'm half tempted to go take pictures of the inevitable scene of Tri-Met workers using blow dryers to melt the lines that carry the MAX. Who knows what zany ideas they will use this time to get it moving. (remember pushing, pulling, etc from last time?) Maybe they could try pushing it with a, gasp, car?


Bruce said...

OK....OK..Enough Daniel LOL LOL. I LOVE the snow, the few times it comes to town. I love this weather...HA, HA, HA. Check out my new post on my blog!

Ric said...

Talking with a friend in Cornelius last evening, they went from snow to ice.

I had 'crunchy' this morning at my place, a bit colder and it would have been ice.

The Beaverton schools were delayed - so they could chain up the busses for those hilly neighborhoods.

And Max, well if it had been icy that may have been different. But for my typical rush hour commute, Max was on schedule.
Yes, I ride max every winter day. You can search my blog for 'rail' if you really want to know how I feel about it. ;-) I have to bow to safety and choose not to ride my motorcyle in the rain/snow etc.

Anonymous said...

Yea snow is fun! Of course there going to have it on the news! its not every year that it snows in March!

Tim said...

LOL, your right...I am so not interested in the channel 2, 6, 8 sock puppets telling us what we already's snowing, well DUH! Why don't they cover the fact that way too many Oregonians drive STUPID in this weather. Tailgating is all the rage here, Hmmm, so many stupid people with a death wish.

Bobby VD said...

Gotta love the storm team coverage about slush on the roadways. They will have a news crew planted on every overpass. Coverage of snow in this city reminds me of their coverage of that whale we had in Newport... same crap over and over.

David said...

You can imagine what someone from back east would think if they saw our weather "news".

Anonymous said...

I laugh when I see satellite trucks staking out Sylvan and Camelot Court overpasses waiting for the first snow flake.I just shut off the news, get the traffic from or call 511, and the weather from or the NOAA Weather Radio channels. It's ridiculous for all the hype. Snow happens.

jeff said...

I'm not sure if I'm lucky or not - it appears that the snow is knocking out my satellite receiver.

Anonymous said...

The people in Bend, Ore. laugh at us too. Bend Broadband carries KOIN-TV (6). Portland news anchors look like fools.

"Illegal aliens arrested and deported..." or "Governor Kulongoski awakens..." that's newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... I remember the days when they didn't close school unless the snowfall was 2" ... it's 1/4" or less and they close schools in the Southern Willamette Valley on the valley floor.

Give me a freakin' break ... my daughter (senior in high school) who works in my office and goes to school ... she was bummed because she had to work and there was a snow day and she didn't get to enjoy it.

Can I get an "AWWWWwwwwww"?