Thursday, March 23, 2006

What cultural problem?
The website is dedicated to exposing the other side of Illegal Immigration... the side our president, many in congress, the media and especially the racist hate groups do not want us to see.

The foul language, crude gestures, and vulgar photos will disturb most Americans. They are provided as true-life examples of what is happening almost daily in our country. We especially hope to reach those who may still believe that Illegal Immigration is harmless to our families, our neighborhoods, and our culture.

I'm going to have to send these guys some of my pictures...


The Gentle Cricket said...

Great post, Daniel. This comes on the heels of Sen. Hillary Clinton saying that the Sensenbrenner bill would 'criminalize Jesus'!

These images show that the immigration problems is more than just 'honest people trying to make an honest living doing the jobs Americans won't do'. It is, in many ways, a clash of cultures. The left is so quick to equate Bush to Hitler, but seem to ignore this issue, where one group so clearly wants to destroy another based solely on race ('gringos').

william montgomery said...

Oh my hell, you are just as racist as that idiot Lars Larson, if your so patriotic, then what does it say on the statue of liberty, you racist fool

The Gentle Cricket said...

"give me your tired, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free"

It says nothing about meth-cooks, child-rapists, and exploiters. The poem on Lady Liberty refers to those who seek a better life, away from governments that oppress them. It says "come be an American, and have a better life". It does not say come exploit our land, rape our children, and want to take the Southeast in the name of Mexico.

Those who frequent this site have nothing against legal immigrants (like Daniel's parents). Furthermore, Daniel's wife is hispanic. So, before you attempt to claim some false sense of moral superiority over those who seek to protect you from the likes of Mohammed Atta, before you call those of us who are concerned with what's happening with our country 'racist', get your facts straight, and do some research.

Rob said...

It says nothing about meth-cooks, child-rapists, and exploiters.

So why not deport the American citizens that commit these crimes? Instead you elect them to office. American Citizens in the majority commit these crimes and others overwelmingly, but you never mention that. Oddly, you nativists use the same tactics and rhetoric the Nazi's employed in Germany - Scapegoating those you hate.

Oregon Infidel said...


Can you name at least ONE elected official who has ever been convicted of Child-Rape or of manufacturing meth? I'm curious where you got the facts that back up your statement.

el razonador said...

Daniel -- Racist or not, the cultural degradation argument is merely recycled rhetoric from a century ago, when Irish, Italian, Jewish and other "non-white" immigrants were characterized in most unfavorable terms resulting from similar nativist fears. The only group of natives with a well-founded fear that their own material well-being might be harmed by immigration would the be the Sioux, Choctaw, Cherokee, and other now decimated indian nations of North America.

Typifying a group based on the behavior of the least desirable members of that group is nothing more than peddling in stereotypes. Moreover, the question remains as to whether the images portrayed are representative of a group at large or merely the image that a certain interest group wishes to convey.

Stereotypes are largely the argumentative device of weak minds. No one seriously engaged in public discourse over illegal immigration would try to argue that the rhetoric of radical leftists represent the sentiments of the immigrant masses. You shouldn't either.

The Gentle Cricket said...

I don't remember the details, Infidel, but there was a Democrat in the Oregon State Legislature (represented Corvallis area) who was charged with posession of meth. Oh, yeah...and that child rapist governor we had...what was his name? Oh yeah, Democrat Neil Goldschmidt.

The vast majority of meth comes from Mexico, Rob, so I wouldn't call it scapegoating, but great job using the ole' democratic stand-by of comparing us evil republicans to nazis.

I realize that American citizens also commit crimes, and for that they should be locked up. Unfortunately, 30% of Oregon jail beds are used to house illegals.

My personal opinion is that America should allow more legal immigration. Immigrants made our country, and immigrants made it great, and will continue to make it great. However, too many of those who come here seek to exploit.

Jim in KFalls said...

It also says on the Statue of Liberty: "Made in France!"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

>I wouldn't call it scapegoating, but great job using the ole' democratic stand-by of comparing us evil republicans to nazis.<

If the shoe fits.

Infidel, here is one for you:

Louis Beres of the Oregon Christian Coalition. Raped and molested three female teenaged relatives. Three. Like Goldschmidt, he beat the charge because of statute of limitations. And you cons still support him. At least Goldschmidt only committed one.

Democrats have Wirth and Republicans have George W. Bush, cocain addict extraordinaire. He is a great example of a Republican elected to office with drug possession and usage under his belt.

I must also name Rush Limbaugh, pill head and drug doctor shopper. You all love him. He had the ACLU bail him out. ACLU, you know the American Civil Liberties Union, arch enemy of American.

This means all you Republicans and Conservative Christians alike are drug addicts, rapists and deviants. And you like getting help from the ACLU. (Of course, I am using your logic.)

The vast majority of meth is cooked by white trash republicans as well that live in rural areas. Isn't Ted Nugent a meth cook now? Oh no, he just raped an underage girl that's it. Oh the money that can buy your way out of prosecution. He claims himself to be a "breader". I guess he has to get it any way he can.

See ALL Conservative Republicans are rapists, drug dealers and deviants. Why aren't we deporting them?


BTW: Did I forget to mention Tom DeLay. Oh the corruption.

Rob said...

Don't forget our gracious host, Daniel Miglavs is an ex-convict. That means all Republican bloggers are criminals as well and should be deported to some nice beach front property on Bikini Atoll immediatly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Daniel an ex-con? Get out!

"Finally, the police executed a search warrant at defendant's residence in December 1999 and seized evidence that led to defendant being charged separately with seven other weapon and drug-related crimes. Defendant moved to suppress that evidence as well, and the trial court denied that motion."

Makes me wonder about your harsh treatment of all thos drug-dealing illegals...

The Gentle Cricket said...

Notice that the examples I gave are elected officials, whereas Beres, Nugent, and Rush are not ("Instead you elect them to office" -Rob (go ahead, I'll leave it open for you to use your 'Bush wasn't elected' talking point). And I do not support them. I think they should be punished for their I hope they don't get a democrat-appointee judge.

Nice to see the ACLU did something worthwhile. Not everything they do is revolting.

"This means all you Republicans and Conservative Christians alike are drug addicts, rapists and deviants"
I get your sarcasm, but you fail to recognize the fact definition, mind you...All illegal aliens are criminals! So, no, you are not using "our logic". Our logic is illegal=illegal. Noone claims that all illegal aliens are drug smugglers, but a large number of them are.

"The vast majority of meth is cooked by white trash republicans as well that live in rural areas"
At this point, I'm assuming you're just making stuff to mess with me. I'd be interested to see any evidence to support this claim (I expect you'll cite a CBS poll). And, if by surprise, you do have a legitimate reference, I'll support the punishment of those "white-trash republicans" (excellent stereotype).

Anonymous said...

A large number of illegal aliens are drug smugglers? Where are you getting this information? You can't just make this stuff up, you keep talking about where other people get their information, and you go and say that a "large number are smugglers" what contradiction. Don't try to use a play on words, to justify your racism, or bigotry (slightly harsh terms)

The Gentle Cricket said...

"where are you getting this information"
The DEA, among others.

Don't rely on making false claims about me and others on this site, and the Republican party as a whole being racist simply because I (we) have a different opinion. The debate over illegal immigration has nothing to do with race.

Besides, in the words of Ann Coulter, "my party freed the slaves".

Anonymous said...

That DEA, link was useful but is didn't say, "large number of illegal aliens are drug smugglers"
So those must have been strictly your words and opinions.
As for making claims about parties as a whole, would that sound something like:
"come exploit our land, rape our children, and want to take the Southeast in the name of Mexico"
Which are your words and make it seem as if you are talking about all of those illegal aliens, and not just some of them.

B.T.W., Who is your party that freed the slaves? You wouldn't be talking about caucasians would you, the ones that started it in the first place, and eventually corrected their own mistake.

Megatrono said...

Bashing the Republicans as a whole seems pretty racict to me. i am one. I am not at all white. Maybe leave that stuff at the door when talking about race. Political choice is a choice. A race you are born into. Immigration is not a problem as it is legal Anything illegal is. Things like drugs, theft murder and rape are a problem but not a imigration one. Those will always be but mostly where there are poor people. Immigration brings more poor people. There is your clash, poor and not poor(americans). Killing gringos and all that on the hategringos site is a level of stupid that hurts me to see.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with bashing anybody, but how do call bashing republicans, a racist act. As for immigration brining in more poor people, where is your ground to stand behind that arguement, and I am glad to know that most people doing drugs are poor?, and while Iam sure that there is strong content, on the hategringos website, I am sure it is not half as bad as anything that is on a KKK, website, it is true that you can find bad intentions anywhere, don't base your case off of just one website.

Robin said...

I am so amazed how quickly people forget about the main point.

It is about citizenship & being here legally.

Bruce said...

Daniel...with respect and apologies to your wife,this is not going to sound good but hear goes! It is not only illegal immigration i am opposed to but also an overabundance of legal immigration. To el least the Irish and Poles and Finns etc. years ago wanted to come here and "assimilate" into Americans. Yes, they still kept their culture but did not foist it onto the american psyche. The hispanics that are coming up here now are going way over the line. I am truly sorry....second thought NO I'M NOT SORRY...I'll say it...I DO NOT WANT MY COUNTRY TURNED INTO A HISPANIC CESSPOOL!!! I resent highly all the apologists out there that say we need to help everybody. WE CAN'T!!!!! How much room is there in this country...we cannot, just for shear lack of space, accomodate everybody in the world who wants to come here. And especially when they want to make room by GETTING RID OF ME AND MY DAUGHTER OR FAMILY JUST BECAUSE I AM WHITE. I HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE AND SURVIVE and i'll fight for it if i have to and it looks like we're going to have to a couple of years down the line. I see this ending in a hail of bullets in about 30 or 40 years...maybe sooner if this PC shit doesn't at least tone down. If i'm still around and functioning......guarenteed...I'll be there with gun in hand doing what i have to do if necessary!!!!!
And if the rest of you guy's think that is better think twice about what is coming!!!!

Anonymous said...

So according to you, anyone that is not caucasian needs to go back to wherever their roots are.
As for Hispanics going way over the line, what exactly do you mean by that?
Your comment of this country turning into a Hispanic cesspool is so amazingly racist. What a joke that you would refer to it, as “cesspool”.
Also how is it that anybody is trying to get rid of your family? Are they going into your house at gun point? Yes you have a right to live, just like every other human being on this earth.
The thing that I would enjoy the most is, to see when your daughter begins to date someone that isn’t caucasian, unless you have raised her to be as much of a bigot as yourself.

Scottiebill said...

Bruce, You said it best when you said that the Irish, Finns, Poles, etc. immigrated here and assimilated into our way of life with little problem. With the influx of the illegal aliens from Central America, with most of them being from Mexico, has come a huge increase in the criminal behavior of illegals: i.e., drugs, burglaries, thefts, car-jackings, etc. And, when the Irish, Finns, and Poles immigrated here, they did not force their language on us. Instead, they learned ours. Not so with the illegal aliens. Nearly every thing we come in contact with today has Spanish connected with it. This country is well on its way to becoming like Canada, with everything from storefronts to menus to newspapers up there printed in English and French. Anonynmous, at least the one that has such hatred for anyone who disagrees with him and his ultra-liberal, twisted way of thinking, cannot begin to understand that. I've said before that he, and Roger Dodger, and probably razonador,too, should take in a couple of dozen of these illegals and open their houses so they can cook their meth and have a place from which to fence their stolen goods, since they admire them so much.

Megatrono said...

We can't stop people from coming here. And mexico being so close and so crappy why would they not want to come here? As for this place becoming a hipanic cess pool, its gonna be a something cess pool so which ever group has the most people will decide. Goodluck in out breading the hispanics. i think they are gonna come here so why not let many in a legal way. meth dealers and such can still sneak in but if we let people who just want a shot at a better life in a better place why stop them. bruce, scottibill learn spanish you'll need it. Also bashing repiblicans about race issues is assuming that republican=white. It doesn't. Many hispanics are republican.

Anonymous said...

I agree. These people need a chance. And for you racist white folks, do you belive in god and jesus. Think about it. If you don't know what it means, you have a heart.

Bruce said... kool-aid drinking punk. Yes i am borderline racist and yes i admit it. Everybody always feels comfortable with their own kind, so do I. BUT...the hispanics that are coming in here now are not like the hispanics that were arriving 20 or 30 years ago. Their aim is to destroy the anglo culture and, yes, get rid of my daughter or me if i get in their way. Look at what happened today in Phoenix, Atlanta and L.A....thousands of these "illegals" telling ME to change MY laws to accomadate their wishes......F%#@K EM !!!!! That's my answer....You don't like it....same to you. I will NOT have you and your kind piss on my country and try to make me like it! And if you'll notice, you anonymous piece of crap, i didn't say only caucasians!!!! If you want to respect my country and respect my values, even if the're different from you're own, i will respect yours!!! BUT....make me adapt and expect me to aquiesce to your ways.....NEVER....I'll do my best to annihilate you first!!!!

Bruce said...

Anonymous....I sort of hope i never run into you at one of these functions.....I don't think we would get along to well!!!!!

Megatrono said...

bruce soon the hispanics will enough voting power to start changing laws on their own. Thy won't need to tell you to change them.

Scottiebill said...

Bruce, If anonymous and roger have their way in this, the people born and raised in the U.S. will have to have the American Citizen versions of Matricula cards and the illegals will be allowed to run loose with nothing to show for their illegality and criminal activities. We, as American Citizen, natural-born and naturalized, will be reduced to second- and third- class citizens because of the actions of the advocates of the illegals and the do-nothing attitudes of people like Teddy the K, Guillermo Bradbury, and Har De Har Har Meyers. These criminalistic clowns must be stopped immediately along with their apologists like anonymous and roger et al.

As for montgomery, the slanderous comment he made about Lars and his own apparent lack of knowledge of the inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty shows just how little he actually knows or comprehends about this subject. He and anonymous and roger should get along famously.

Linda Muller said...

Hi Daniel -- glad you like my site. Wanted to know if you care to blog roll with me?

And, Yes -- would love to see those photos!