Friday, March 10, 2006

That infernal flag again

Demonstrators Gather To Oppose Immigration Bill
Traffic was tied up throughout Chicago's Loop Friday afternoon as the city hosted the largest march of Latinos ever recorded in the country.

Nearly 100,000 demonstrators were said to be in the Loop for a march and rally downtown protesting a proposed law that could send illegal immigrants to jail.

The U.S. flag and banners from Mexico, Honduras and many other countries were flying above thousands of supporters of immigrants rights gathered at federal plaza for the rally.

There is local news video that accompanies the story. The Mexican flag is flying everywhere. It is a perfect symbol of what is wrong with our immigration policy and it's disasterous cultural effects.

These people left Mexico, they decided that America was better but instead of identifying themselves as Americans they choose to represent Mexico instead. I don't want to see rallies in this country where they fly foreign flags. Will these people celebrate the 4th of July? Probably not.

As for the news reporting, no mention of the actual laws being broken. People act dumbfounded as to why "ignorant white people" are calling "immigrants" criminals. They just can't figure it out...


MAX Redline said...

As I noted in a letter recently published in Nortwest Meridian, too many people don't quite get the concept. When you have "reporters" referring to people as "anti-immigration" when the people clearly are opposed to ILLEGAL immigration, then you have a problem.

Their opinions are not our news, and I intend to continue to call the media out on this issue.

BEAR said...

When there are 12 to 20 million illegals here, why can't the anti-americans get more folks to a demonstration in Chicago? With all the foreign flags in view, do they think they are fooling anyone as to their allegiance?

fish_on said...

If you go to the website where the story is, below the links for the video, they're taking a can cast a vote...

Do you agree with the protesters' position that HR4437 is unfair to immigrants?
Yes or No

Ummm... I hate these play on words type polls.

SO...let's change the wording of the poll to make it correct...

Do you agree with the protesters' position that HR4437 is unfair to ILLEGAL immigrants?
Yes or No

Ummm... NO!

Anonymous said...

I just had to copy and paste this here, since I'd imagine everyone's done reading the comments from the "Those traitorous farmers" post...

Gunslinger said...
To all of you out there who want to call us racists and bigots...

I have just one request.

Please stop calling us anti-immigration.

We are anti ILLEGAL immigration. Want to come here as a legal citizen, visa, guest worker, fine, come on in and contribute. Dont want to do those things? I hope they die in that desert trying to illegally invade our country.

"Give us your tired weak and hungry" Not your criminal, uneducated, and begging citizens who have no intent what-so-ever on making this country better, but rather, exploiting it for every drop of juice you can squeeze out of it.

Did your department tell you how to think about that talking point?

another thing...

I am white. If a white canadian wants to enter my country illegally, and I don't want that to happen, SIMPLY BASED ON THE FACT THAT IT IS ILLEGAL, does that make me a racist?

Wise up numb nuts.


Anonymous said...


I for one am pretty much done debating liberals. It's a vicious circle. They'll never get it. And there is a reason.

They'll never label us with the true meaning of our cause. Why? They have a mental disorder. Those that can put the koolaid down, and comprehend beyond they're own idoligical nonsense, might get some help from a great book though...

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions
by Michael Savage

Dr. Savage, sage prophet of the airwaves, has been diagnosing liberal mental illness for more than a decade. Now, in his third and most insightful book, he strikes at the root of today's most desperate issues, providing a hefty dose of his unique conservative medicine, including:

- Homeland security: "We need more Patton and less patent leather. . .Real homeland security begins when we arrest, interrogate, jail, or deport known operatives within our own borders. . .One dirty bomb can ruin your whole day."
- The ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, and "I believe it's time for the heads of . . . left-wing agitation groups who are using the courts to impose their will on the sheeple to be prosecuted under the federal RICO statutes."
- Illegal immigration: "I envision an Oil for Illegals program. . .The president should demand one barrel of oil from Mexico for every illegal alien that sneaks into our country."

The Doctor is in, and the diagnosis is clear. Read Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and find out what you can do to treat it.

Tom said...

Congradulations to those in Chicago on their great event. I wish I could have been there. Don't forget, we didn't do to shabby here in Portland with the almost 4000 folks that turned out to support our immigrants. Thanks for the heads up!

Justin said...

"Give us your tired weak and hungry" Not your criminal, uneducated, and begging citizens who have no intent what-so-ever on making this country better, but rather, exploiting it for every drop of juice you can squeeze out of it.

Uh that is "give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses urning to be free". Gunslinger, your version sounds like it was taken from the pages of a skinhead propaganda piece crafted to spread hate for immigrants. You need to take a history lesson bubba.

MY department warned me about ignorant bigots like you and urged me to take a long hot bath after coming accross your sort. Does that work 4 ya?


jakejacobsen said...

Hey Dan,

We ateended this stinkfest and have some blogging where we manage to utilize words such as...


Thanks for your efforts in this brutal fight!


Gunslinger said...

Justin, you missed the point. First off, I despise skinheads almost as much as I do illegal immigrants.

Secondly, you still are calling us anti immigration. So, once again, anti-illegal-immigration.

Which farm bureau department did you say you work for. No need to be specific. I was just wondering.

Actually, the line is... "give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Engraved on the statue of liberty in 1886.

Just to recap...

Welcome ALL immigrants from anywhere in the world, regardless of race, gender, religion, or credo, SO LONG AS... They abide by our immigration laws.

Justin, do you agree that if you run a red light you should get a ticket?

If I rob a store, should I go to jail for this crime?

If I lie on a college entrance application should I be expelled from that school?

If I molest your daughter, should I go to jail or worse?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then why do you not answer yes to the question of:

If I break the law by entering this (or any other) country illegally, and ignore the immigration laws, should I not be deported?

I am trying to be serious here, so please answer.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

Guns- the topic is different from the questions your asking. Don't try to mix those questions in, so you try to make people believe its that bad. Because everyone deserves a 2nd chance even if they are illegal immigrants in this country.

BEAR said...

Gunslinger, you tried. Anon is just another anarchist. Ideology always trumps law, common sense, or national security with these folks. They are not here to build the US, but to tear it down. Anon is jealous of America's refusal to sink to third world status. Achievement is anathema to the illegals. They sneak here to commit crimes and "proudly" panhandle. If they had any honor, they would go home and beg on their own streets, not come up here and demonstrate how worthless they are. If Fox had any regard for them he wouldn't be shooing these dregs across our border.

Gunslinger said...

Umm, it is that bad.

They do deserve a second chance, that is what this country is all about. However, there are ways to go about taking that chance. LEGAL ways.

in as much as no one on here seems to think that us "nativists" ever have a solution. Here is mine.

As of right now, anyone crossing the border illegally will be shot. (that is, if they don't get blown up in the mine field first). Every illegal immigrant has 45 days to register as an illegal immigrant without any chance of being deported (this is NOT the same as a martricular card). After said 45 days, all registered illegals have 6 months to legally apply for temporary (6 month) work visas, or gain full citizenship. Failure to comply with either of these things will result in immediate arrest, and deportation. After the 6 month guest worker stint is finished, and said immigrant returns home, you must wait an additional 6 months before returning and applying again.

This would create a list of people who are here legally (in a loose sense, since they came here illegally to begin with). Not on the list, and can't provide the correct identification? You are on a bus to the border (north or south). Babies born here under the guest worker program are not citizens, they will be treated with the current healthcare available to the parents, but they cannot be anchor babies. In order to get a GWP card, or citizenship, you must submit to a blood test. Anyone with any communicable diseases is not allowed in.

That doesnt sound that bad now does it? Second chances, while still controlling our borders, and allowing other people the chance to enjoy America for what it really is. A place where people can come from all over the world legally and contribute.

Thomas said...

I like that.

Roger Doger said...

>jakejacobsen said of said...
Hey Dan,
We ateended this stinkfest and have some blogging where we manage to utilize words such as...<

Freedom Folks huh? I decided to do a little research today and what do you know. Three out of three ain't bad. You ask three out of three? We have a band and two bloggers that 1) sing nationalist music ( 2) scape goat immigrants and 3) one female that sports a shaved-to-the-skin head of her own free will. I guess, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, even looks like a duck, it must be a national socialist.

Scottiebill said...

Roger doger has shown, once again, that he is still a blabbering idiot. He LOVES the illegal here. Maybe he should volunteer to take a couple of dozen into his home and set up space in his garage for their meth lab and a place to fence their burglarized loot. He could take time off from his work to drive them to the DMV for their drivers licenses and to the elections office to register to vote. Maybe, if he does this he will be favorably recognized by Teddy the K and Guillermo Bradbury.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! No deportation!

Tim Lewis said...
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Tim Lewis said...

Welcome to America...where everyone gets a second chance, AFTER they repay their crimes.

Enter legally and you'll get all the chance you need.

Anonymous said...

Enter illegally get a chance of becoming resident! Because its not their fault childrne who are now older, were brought into this country, and raised as americans. they consider themselfs as americans, leaving the american way and having the american dream of owning their home they worked so hard to get.

Robin said...

I think we also need to focus on the fact that we have representatives that are favoring aiding and abetting illegals

Anonymous said...

I am an American Citizen born and raised here. My parent came from Mexico City, Mexico when they were just 17 and 22. I believe that this potition is unfair to illegal immigrants because the immigrants dont just come here and dont pay taxes. America is a mixing bowl of raises and cultures so why are they making a big deal over it now? The socal-americans should know as well as anyone that this land was not originally theres. Lastly, if they dont want immigrants here then the government shouldnt take there money if they were so bad, right?