Saturday, March 18, 2006


Looks like Blogger (read: Google) finally got their .blogspot servers back up. I apologize to my loyal readers and those friendly folks who call me a nativist (a compliment) who suffered through the blog outage.

Rest assured, it wasn't just mine, many blogs were down and the blogger message boards were filled with angry people.

[Disclaimer: This is sarcasm, Google don't sue me]

As it turns out, Google had hired a bunch of illegal aliens to run their computers and since they were all so busy selling drugs, molesting children and driving drunk no actual work was getting done.

A fresh bunch of slaver laborers, driven by the promise of amnesty, have arrived to replace the old criminal alien workers so the servers are [temporarily] back up and the economy can keep humming.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, but the new slave laborers are from China and they Velly Smatt
and fix problem good quick.

Sue K. said...

Phew! I was starting to get worried there for a little while, Daniel. Thought maybe you had really pissed someone off and were taken off line. Glad that you are back!