Saturday, March 04, 2006

Portland Protest: Part Uno

Let me start by saying thanks to OFIR for organizing this counter-protest to the illegal alien apologists: PCUN, CAUSA, Industrial World Workers, other various communist groups, and the "protestor class" who probably thought that this was an anti-war rally. (some had Iraq signs)

I'll tease with a few pictures and then do another post with a full narrative and the absolute funniest video you have ever seen.

The quality people:

The woman in front of the Mexican flag is Senator Avel Gordley. Apparently she represents Mexico and possibly the communist revolutionaries. After listening to her talk for a few minutes I am almost convinced that slavery still exists. She is a race-baiter in the worst way.

It was very chilly outside so ski masks were needed. Oh wait, that's just the standard wardrobe for the protestor class.

Saxton opposes illegal aliens working. Is this guy an illegal alien?


BEAR said...

Daniel, thanx for this and further updates

MAX Redline said...

Amusing. Any idea on numbers?

I'd have been there, but was discussing real approaches to alleviating the pressure of illegal aliens on our state this morning in Seaside.

Among the ideas:

Stop giving them drivers' licenses.
Stop giving them access to social services.
We are required by federal law to place kids into school; we are not required to double or triple the expense of doing so by putting them into ESL classes. I advocated English Immersion as a cost-effective solution.

Rick Hickey said...

Daniel, Thanks for coming today & look forward to any more photos that will be able to post.
I still do not understand how 500 people, of which many must be an Illegal Alien, can march down the middle of the street blocking traffic, and the police or immigration authorities just stand there?
As long as criminals get away with breaking the law, why would they stop?
If we could all Rob a Bank to have a "better life" and not get in trouble, how much longer would the banks be open?
Thank you to everyone for having the guts to walk all over Portland and show them we do not agree with having NO BORDER.
Talk is talk, today you walked the walk.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, thanks for the forum and also for your tireless work on this issue. I was at the protest today and here are some of my random thoughts and observations.

First off, I will never, ever, move back to Portland. That place barely resembles the great city that I grew up in. Not only is the government screwy, but the majority (it seems) of it's citizens are self-hating liberals. That out of the way here are my quick observations:

I would say that there were at least a few hundred or more "pro-illegal" protesters. I have to give their side credit for being able to mobilize so efficently. I was at the Courthouse square promply at noon and there were speeches being given, but since they were mostly in Spanish I could not make out anything. The sound was lousy anyway. I tried to make conversation with some of the protestors since I did not see any of the OFIR people, but most did not want to talk. One guy finally talked with me, a self admitted Buddhist/Jew, and he was very nice but basically blamed illegal immigration on NAFTA.

I left after more than an hour when the parade started. I went over to the meeting place to find the OFIR people but did not see them. Just as I was leaving I saw them and I finally saw them again at the Park Blocks once the parade ended. That is when the fireworks really began!

I am sure Daniel will give a better account of what happened but from my point of view the police seemed to be more concerned about keep the OFIR people away from the "red shirts" (the PCUN volunteers) more than the other way around. The red shirts attempted to block my entrance to the PSU park blocks and I heard one of them say into his walkie talkie that they were not going to allow us to move forward. This is when I started getting very upset with things. They were not very successfull with this as I simply walked around them. Daniel was up there talking with and snapping pictures of the red shirts and they surrounded him at this point. I am not sure exactly what was said, but to his credit Daniel stayed very cool!

I came away from the event feeling somewhat sickened by the whole thing. Some of the more obnoxious things I saw was a young white guy holding a sign in both english and spanish that said "We Are The Future", and later during the parade a car went by and a youngish white guy leaned out and yelled to no one in particular "White people go back to Europe". I guess he did not take into account that he would also be included in this self deportation.

Gullyborg said...


Thanks for covering PDX while I'm here at Dorchester. And let me tell you: I have been able to get the ears of MANY people in Salem and get them talking about illegal immigration.

That post you made with the DHS stats I sent you became a big hit when I was asked to say a word about the Oregon Health Plan!

Keep up the good fight.

Don R. said...

Counter Protest? What????? The whole two of you, huh. What rock were you nativists hiding under because I didn't see any of your faces? Maybe you and your anti-immigrant, racist pals were too scared to show, or too embarrassed. I saw a few in masks standing on the sidewalk -- maybe that was you and Rick Tricky?


Sue K. said...

Nah, that was probably Sleepy Ted and Bradbury with the masks on. They were scoping things out for November.

Juan said...

Oh, OK. Thanks for straightening us out Sue. It was you must have been there checking out your hook spot for tonight. Right?

Sue K. said...


Sue K. said...

And you must have been there looking for your trick for the night.

Juan said...

I was marchin' while you was hooking

Sue K. said...

Whatever, dude. Hopefully you were marching south and still going.

Whenever you guys get challenged, you start flippin' the bird or name calling or threaten. Don't bother me none.

Keep marchin'..........Juan.

BEAR said...

Hey, Juan, it's so nice to see the caballero come out..... or is that the cockroach? La raza is apparently without honor, grace OR politeness.

Anonymous said...

I think the portland march was good.
I heard one yell at the march it was
"We are immigrants so are you"
This is true. They are immigrants and so are you Americans! You have to know your history! I was there at the march and I did see that guy get surrounded. He made no difference, he was all by himself making a fool out of himself.

BEAR said...

anon- I am an immigrant...a LEGAL immigrant. These folks are ILLEGAL aliens. They are criminals. Failure to understand the difference is why there is an immigration process. So that ignorant folks can learn what it means to be an American, part of which is to welcome and assimilate legal immigrants, and part of which is to apprehend and punish criminals.

Anonymous said...

According to you they are illegal immigrants. You guys would be considered illegal to, if you guys weren't the one making the rules. Ther has to be something done about immigration. I do agree they should secure and tighten the borders. But also something must be done about the people who are in the u.s.
They should be given a chance to be here.
Irish, italians, african americans, asians, hispanics everyone. What makes this country so great is the different nationalities.
Your saying there's a immigration process, that's correct, and that process is, to work out a way for these people to be able to live in this country!

Anonymous said...

Yo, We do allow 1.2 Million people a year to migrate LEGALLY, that isn't enough? Can the 1.2 Billion in China just come on over too? After all, they have it hit WORSE than anybody in Mexico!
Oh I see, sneak in and then blame the laws on the people that live there, for having laws.
Hey, did you ever work hard at making something really special?
And then somebody came by and just took it? Without asking? That is what is happening. MY Grandparents made this Country, not the recent invasion of Mexico.
We have machines to pick crops, we do not need UN-GRATEFUL Slave-Labor to do it any longer.
Your Pro Illegal Immigrant March will backfire, America has had it with your whining & open border strategy!
Go back and fix your own damn problems yourself!
Donde est'a la Migra?

Anonymous said...

I am now on a full time campaign to attend every Farm industry meeting to show them how machines won't cause ANY problems, unlike the ungrateful laborers from Mexico. You "Farm workers" have blown it and will be deported soon.

Anonymous said...

Your grandparents stole this land from the native americans. And then called it there's. That's why this country shouldn't only be americans! Because so many people have stepped and have been on this country. I can't belive how people like you think this way. What if you were in their spot. And you were the ones fighting.
That's why america has so many terrorist hating on this country, because u.s has taking advantage of soo many countries, there is no way for them to find world peace.

Anonymous said...

When my great-great-etc Grandparents WERE in this spot, We kicked ENGLAND out! Without ANY Mexicans helping. You will not kick us out, as planned, this time. We are way too far ahead. But, It is funny to read about the descendants of the Spanish Conquistadors talking about killing Indians (like they didn't?).
Like I said; go back to Mexico and fix YOUR OWN problems, that YOU are to blame for, NOT US!
You will have to leave soon anyhow.
Watch D.C. in March/April, they want to get re-elected. Criminals lose, law wins.

Rob Jensen said...


It really matters none to what the anti-immigrant crowd think, say or do. They can't even muster up a counter protest let alone a protest.

The fact is the leadership of the nativist movement is nothing but a bunch of out-of-sheet ku klux klan members and out-of-jail skinheads. That is where they loose the majority of American. The best they can do for press is to have some right-wing talk show kook spout hatred on air. The sad part for them, conservative businesses including Farm Bureaus and the like are all in favor of the immigrants being here because they see and understand the importance this workforce brings to this country.

We will all be working tirelessly to defeat the Sensenbrenner Bill and any other racist and hate legislation that this anti-immigrant faction tries to craft.
By the look of today's march and rally, the numbers are clearly there to defeat them. The Republican Party is even stepping back at the risk of being swept up in something they cannot control. Just look at Senator Atkinson. He is a great example of someone that took a step back from the extreme nativist agenda.


-Rob Jensen

Anonymous said...

Why are talking like you know me. I can be an immigrant or I could be a simple american argueing for what's right.
By the way, who said anyone about kicking you guys out? That's not the plan, besides if it were to happen kick you out where??
Its people like you that make this so difficult, when in fact its simple.
Your the type of people that no one will change your mind on what you think, so go ahead that what you will, its a great lose of time.
Discriminating on mexicans is wrong. In fact discriminating anyone is wrong, but it seems your target is mexico.
I'm sorry no one can satisfy the type of people you are. Sad actually

Luke said...

Rob, you can call us patriots anything you want. "Racists, nativists, Xenophobes, etc., but that only shows that your side does not have an argument that holds any kind of water. According to a poll that was released today and was on the Channel 6 news coverage immediately following the coverage of todays protest, 90% of americans polled think that illegal immigration is a big problem.

Not only that, 60% disagree with giving people here illegally now any kind of amnesty. 60% of 300 million people is a whole heck of a lot of "Nativists" or whatever you want to call us. I call us patriots that can see what is happening to our great nation due to unchecked illegal immigration. You side seems to be on the losing side my friend.

Anonymous said...

Great Nation?
That names only given to you because of what you allow and what you do.
By having the sensebrenner bill, you think you will still be called "A Great Nation?"
No you won't, because like stated before, this country is loved by the way it worked its things. It would be wrong to have that bill passed.
Yes, a lot of know that immigration is a big problem, and that's why they should support McCain-Kenndy bill, because it gives them a chance to be part of this country with no worrying if they are immigrants or not. And if they do one criminal act, then they won't be eligible for residence anymore. so this country will still be called "Great" and only the immigrants that complete these taks can be an actual citizen.

Scottiebill said...

Those jerks wearing the ski masks are wearing them because they are so proud of what they are doing. Just like the Islamofascists in the Middle East. Maybe that is where they got the idea.

Sue - You are right about your pal Juan. Whenever that type cannot think of anything constructive, useful, or sensible to say, they resort to personal attacks and their single-finger salutes. And you're right - he should keep right on marching back to the lower slums of Mexico where they will probably welcome him with open arms.

Scottiebill said...

Did you ever notice that when these clowns are out protesting anything, from any and all U.S. policies to weather changes and everything in between, there is nearly always a poster or two praising Che? It must be because the protestors all lean in that direction!!

Anonymous said...

This is filled with people messed up in the head. And its funny cuz its only about 3 of you posting.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope everyone takes advantage of their right to carry concealed (with the proper permit) at these events. I am truly affraid one of these people might be stupid enough to get violent with you good americans.

Anonymous said...

These events are called peacefull gatherings, so don't worry about it! Plenty of security just in case!

Daniel said...

And jeez, it's not like we are surrounded by criminals and their supporters or anything... oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Its a crime, but listen. Most these people have never had any criminal record (except for the fact they they came into this country) but besides that its clear!