Monday, March 06, 2006

News from Dorchester (no Packwood wasn't caught groping again)

I haven't even been interested in attending the Dorchester conference. It seems to be a Packwood deal. (a bunch of lib republicans)

But recognizing that change comes from within I'm glad that some good conservatives went. Gullyborg has a good report on the immigration discussion there.


MAX Redline said...

Well, the only way you can make changes, as you should well know, is to be there, and to advocate for change.

I think we did a lot of good there.

Daniel said...

I know you did and I appreciate your presence there!

BEAR said...

Please pay close attention to current promises (how can I pretend to be conservative) versus post-primary rhetoric from the candidates. I know you are hoping that I won't get an "I told you so."
We can't be satisfied with rinos. It just creates more for the next cycle, and solves no problems. I don't see much good in the current crop.