Saturday, March 25, 2006

The arrogance

The unbridled arrogance of criminal aliens never ceases to amaze me.

Case in point is American Patrol's Photo of the Day.

"We demand a path to permanent residency"

You "demand" it? And what if we don't give it to you, you slimy vermin? What are you going to do? Take your toys and go home? We wish.

Another classic pic:

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Anonymous said...

Their refusal to drop the Mexican Flag tells the whole story and tells it very, very well.

Then our Diversity Embracing Educators wonder why their ESL classes enjoy a 80% failure rate.


BEAR said...

If they love mehico so much, its culture, language and laws; why are they here instead of their home? Oh yeah, America is better in every way! But....that doesn't explain the absence of the American flag. That only leaves some other motive for their presence. Could it be theft of services? Why, YES!

Tim said...

Senator Frist's Immigration bill is a sham. It exempts immediate relatives of U.S. citizens from being counted in the annual pool of 480,000 available visas. In other words, if you have an anchor baby, you'll get an instant green card and be eligible for eventual citizenship. It also doubles the number of employment based visas and maskes more of these visas avaialable to unskilled workers. Senator Frist's answer to the illegal alien issue is apparently to legalize them. Can you say amnesty? We bought this bullshit twenty years ago and look where it got ut. Write you congresspeople and Senators and tell them you will not be fooled again.

1. Build a fence.
2. Militarize the borders - north and south.
3. Kick out all illegals - wherever they're from.

Daniel said...

If Mexico is so great they can pack up and go back!

But instead, they love Mexico so much that they left and demand our laws be changed so they don't have to go back!

Clearly these are stupid people.

BEAR said...

As you so aptly put: The word is arrogance. But let me digress for a minute. When the terrorists strike again watch carefully for the following: The illegals will either remain silent, or they will support the terrorists. At no time will they express outrage, or support increased border security. Their selfishness knows no bounds. So much for assimilation, or gratitude for the people and the Constitution we cherish.

Anonymous said...

NO where on Earth could they get away with this HATE!
If these RACIST XENOPHOBES HATE AMERICA and White/Black & anyone NOT BROWN & our LAWS so mush, they should leave, before the bullets start to fly.
'Cause they will FLY SOON!
SHAME on BUSH & other Politicians for allowing this to get to this point!
They should be fired for inciting VIOLENCE & HATE & CONFUSION!
If the Politicians did their JOB, NONE of this would be happening, their would be no debate or violence or descreation of our FLAG.
If only I had a CROPDUSTER. One nasty DUMP & these events would STOP!

Anonymous said...

Racist motheruckers. I'm irish and you fucker can go burn.

Anonymous said...

Each country has its riches. U.S has there's, mexico has theirs, ireland has theirs. You don't have to come in here and call these people stupid. If their stupid your beyond stupid for having a messed up head.

Anonymous said...

Daniel -

They sound pretty smart to me. Leave a stinking s***hole for a nice place that will give them free money, healthcare and education.

Anonymous said...


That is a bright idea, kick all the illegals out. How do you propose rounding up and deporting 20 million individuals and who is going to pay to get this done? The only illegal aliens I could see you being able to deport are the ones that are committing murder, selling drugs etc. How are you going to find the illegal aliens whose only crime is being here illegally? Get real they are hear to stay

Anonymous said...

I say the Irish can go back too.

I used to work in an "Irish" bar here in Portland and there were dozens of illegal Irish - and proud! - in there. We should be picketing at the St. Patrick Day. Be Americans!

Megatrono said...

These poeple love mexico. Soon the sout west will be part of it. Wehy go back? America IS better. And better for mexico they come here and live. Why did your great great grandparents come here? While we all cry about it more and more mexicans come in. Its easy. A fence won't help. Getting mad or violent won't help. Praying to god won't help. How the hell do you stop all these people when such a large(and growing legaly) part of the population wants their relatives to come? They are gonna come more and more. I am sure that the native americans were crying too went they saw they were not always goning to rule this land. their time was cut by the coming of anouther race. So to will it be for whites. If someone can think of a legal way to stop it post that! Maybe outlaw tortillas. Something legal! My advice, Learn Spanish!

Anonymous said...

Seems with over 100,000 pro-immigrants rallying down in Cali, you pathetic nativists don't stand a chance. The best you guys can muster is less than 100 no-sheet Ku Klux Klanners and skinheads to sit on the border drinking beer. What a joke.

BEAR said...

Well, megatrono, it doesn't seem to be necessary to physically capture and deport illegals. When driver's licenses, welfare, medical, housing, employment, etc., require valid I.D. and citizenship/legal-residence, the illegals will self-deport. Then maybe they will wake up to the reality that it is their own cowardice that keeps them from solving their own country's problems. Illegals aren't masculine enough to take care of themselves and their families. They must come as beggars and criminals to grovel and steal from people they claim to hate, but only appear to be jealous of. Shame on you, and a pox on your accusations of racism.

Anonymous said...

Bear- you deny drivers license or just simply I'D's then youl l have illegal driving out in the streets. You'll have people illegals going crazy out in the streets because of your racism. Think about it.

Tim said...

"How do you propose rounding up and deporting 20 million individuals"

One at a time.

"who is going to pay to get this done"

The same taxpayers who are footing the bill for the massive amount of social services illegals consume.

"How are you going to find the illegal aliens whose only crime is being here illegally?"

See first answer above.

Bruce said... news for you, you hispanic loving bastard. when your greasy ass people come for me to do away with my culture i gaurentee i will take as many of you oily bastards with me as i can!!!!

Scott said...

One at a time.
Who would have thought that Americans would be enslaved by the government
in such a short time?

And no I am not comparing these things to illegal aliens just the large job ahead

The Gentle Cricket said...

No need for that racist rhetoric, Bruce. I, like most of us here, have no problems with Hispanics (or Irish, Russians, etc...), but don't like the negative effects of illegal immigration on our country.

Saying "your greasy ass people" gives credence to statements calling anti-illegal-immigrants racists. Fight the "illegal", not the "immigrant"

MAX Redline said...


""How do you propose rounding up and deporting 20 million individuals"

One at a time.

"who is going to pay to get this done"

The same taxpayers who are footing the bill for the massive amount of social services illegals consume.

"How are you going to find the illegal aliens whose only crime is being here illegally?"

See first answer above. "

Excellent responses! On point and targeted well.

Polish Immigrant said...

I think that, if everything else fails, phasing our income tax and replacing it with sales tax may be the only option for equitable treatment. For those who advocate open borders, I have a question: Can we take 6 billion people in? If not, how many? Or can you admit that this is about “stolen” land?

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous, the ultra-liberal who loves the illegals so much, is living proof that ignorance can be cured through education, but stupid goes on forever. It is obvious that he isn't being educated in the sense that he is learning from the illegal activities of the aliens he likes so much, so that leaves the stupid part.

Anonymous said...

Its not that he loves illegals. Is that they've been here for soo long that they consider themselfs americans. They go to mcdonalds for a meal on the go. :)
Give them a chance. But DO secure the borders more.

Bruce said...

Yo! Cricket....i have a right to my beliefs. As much as you and many others would love to destroy it...there is still something here in the USA called the 1st amendment and i have a right to dislike or like whomever i chose. Just because i dislike an invasion of a majority of the same kind of people (hispanics) into my country, i don't advocate violence toward solving the situation UNLESS violence is directed toward me and MY country to force their wishes on me ......then...let all hell break loose....all bets are off!!!!

Anonymous said...

So Daniel are you calling your wife stupid since you claim that she is hispanic, or is it just them "ILLEGALS",that you are calling stupid either way around you have no right to go around saying that, didn't the talk about loving one other in church or did you just not pay attention to that part?