Monday, March 20, 2006

As a parent...

As a parent I know what my kids watch on tv. (they don't) I know what movies they watch. I know their friends, I know where they are, I know what they are doing.

As a parent I am proudly signing the Parental Notification ballot measure. (and collecting signatures) You can too!

Responsible parents know.


Anonymous said...

I'd sign it if it wasn't such a wussy attempt not to attack abortion like SD has head on. We need to stop baby killing now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need more ridiculous kamikazes like you who will stand up and demand all or nothing, and therefore deliver nothing.

It's nice to stand up and yell "stop baby killing now", heck I am right there, but at some point you have to take your head out of the clouds and be practical. Stopping some abortions is better than stopping no abortions, and we might be able to stop some by not allowing kids to make these decisions based solely on the advice of the Big Abortion industry and their boyfriends, but with those who will look out for their interests.