Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's... alive...!

Ok, things seem to be working now. My blog has been up and down for a few days where I could (at seemingly random times) view/publish anything.

It appears to be back up for good now.

So that combined with the fact that Oregon's democrat party has an official GLBT wing whose purpose is to get Nancy (who used to be Nathan) elected to office on the democrat ticket, things are looking good for conservatives.

Oh yeah, that's mainstream.

I just think it's hilarious that the Democrats (and the radical gays) have to give everything an acronym. Do they think that the public can't stomach the thought of a transgender candidate?


gullyborg said...

Is this somehow connected to Nancy Nathanson running as a democRat for HD 13?

The Gentle Cricket said...

Is it just me, or is that a...errr...a...umm....well, let's just say Nathan wishes he/she didn't have...on the backdrop, just to the right of his/her right arm?

BEAR said...

The GLBT should more accurately be listed as GLBT-AOO (And Other Oddities).

Thomas said...

Gentle Cricket,
I didn't notice the, er - um - "object" until you mentioned it!

"Now that's funny right there! I don't care who you are!" (Channeling 'Larry, the Cabel Guy')

Thomas said...

*Cable. Cable.

Daniel, I sea yuu haven't fyxed "spel-cheque' yet!
Just thot I wud menchen it.
Thank yu for yore attenshon.