Friday, March 10, 2006

Brave public schools

Lebanon school officials investigate sex brochure
School district officials said today they were investigating the distribution by a guest speaker of brochures telling students in high school health classes Wednesday how to have sex without having intercourse.

Among the advice, according to the TV report, was to watch porn together, take showers together and the like.

The school district issued a statement saying that Lebanon High School teacher Diane Lamb had hosted a guest speaker, the director of the HIV Alliance in Eugene, in her three health classes for freshmen and sophomores, ages 14 to 17.

WARNING TO LIBERALS: Extremely politically incorrect statements will follow! Get your therapist on the phone now and start writing in your "feelings journal."

HIV is the bane of the sexual revolution and of homosexuality. What other diseases gets as much attention around the world as AIDS? This is especially strange because it is completely a disease of choice.

I can't guarantee that I'm not going to get cancer or alzheimers but I can guarantee to you right now that I'm not going to AIDS. This is because I don't share needles or have sex with strangers.

If you do those things then I'm not sure what you want from me.

As for this not being a "gay disease," obviously anyone can get AIDS, but gay rights groups always make AIDS their number one health issue.

HRC at Work. Securing adequate funding for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, research and housing and ensuring scientifically sound national HIV/AIDS policy remain top priorities for the Human Rights Campaign.

Why isn't cancer their "top priority?" Or any other disease? It's because AIDS has become a liberal cause due to it's punishment of those who have been "liberated" by the sexual revolution.

Public schools should teach HIV/AIDS like this: If you get AIDS then you are stupid. It is 100% preventable. Don't have sex outside of marriage and don't use needles.


Anonymous said...

"This is especially strange because [HIV/AIDS] is completely a disease of choice."

Tell that to the person who "chooses" to have a tainted blood transfusion after being severely injured in a car wreck, jackass.

Anonymous said...

Or tell it to the person who is born with HIV and then proceeds to get AIDs, a not uncommon occurrence

Kate said...

Hey "anonymous" coward - today's blood supply is like 99.9% safe so those out there who have gotten AIDS from a tainted blood transfusion account for less than 1%.

Anonymous said...

AIDS may have more cases than anything else from homosexual contact but its not that much different than hetero

From the CDC:

2004 AIDS Statistics, cases by type in USA
Male-to-male sexual contact 18,203 - 18,203
Injection drug use 3,828 2,134 5,962
Male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use 1,372 - 1,372
Heterosexual contact 4,581 8,102 12,683
Other/risk not identified 161 174 33

The Gentle Cricket said...

I went to Lebanon High School. Diane Lamb was my health teacher in middle School. My best man is a teacher there, and my best friend is a sub there.

I'll ask them their opinions on the issue.

Daniel said...

Cricket, it sounds like the teacher didn't know about this and was horrified when she found out.

While the school should think twice about having someone from the HIV Alliance come speak, the person who gave out the pamphlets is responsible.

Playin' Possum said...

Totally off topic: Did you see this?

2 Border Agents Tied to Migrant Movers,0,4128707.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Money talks...

Playin' Possum said...

On topic...

"HIV is the bane of the sexual revolution and of homosexuality. What other diseases gets as much attention around the world as AIDS? This is especially strange because it is completely a disease of choice."

Here's another good example of what is wrong with conservatives, especially neocons. Reduce a hugely complex matter to over-simple terms...

A cynic might say terms for simple minds...

HIV, formerly MIV, might be called "completely a disease of choice" if you were only concerned with the US. The fact is it originally jumped species from bad hunting hygiene.

I don't know what this group you're referring to thinks - I can't read minds as you by inference claim to be able to - but I know that what scares the crap out of real scientists isn't that HIV afflicts the sluts & butt pirates: It is the nature of the virus itself. HIV can do things no other virus can.

Viruses aren't as simple as is often thought. They are capable of a kind of DNA/RNA "sharing" that can either be a part of a reproductive or infective proccess. This is a part of the "mutation" process that has the CDC so concerned with bird flu.

Aside from anomolies like bird flu this wasn't much of an issue before technology made global travel common. Now, everywhere man, his food, goods, pets, or his experimental animals go so goes untold numbers of micro-critters. Marburg [an ebola like virus] originally "got out" in monkeys bred in Europe for research.

So the bottom line is any new infective agent becomes a time-bomb, and one like HIV can be the worst. HIV is very difficult to transmit. It takes prolonged contact and uually requires some blood exchange. but it can "turn off" the human immune system.

Now, what if it recombined with another closely related virus, like influenza? How about a bug that can be spread by a sneeze and destroys the immune system? Or a slightly larger jump: How about papiloma and HIV? A new cancer...

This is evolution in action. Enough chances, everything happens.

That is why AIDS must be eradicated.

And BTW screw feelings; I don't have any... And I'm having trouble believing you do either...

BEAR said...

Regardless of how far aids has progressed, it is a controllable disease. Aids has always been predominantly associated with abnormal and promiscuous behavior, and can easily be eliminated by practicing abstinance and/or monogamy. I realize that these two habits are anathema to liberals and perverts, but the majority of society remains safe. My wife and I will never fear aids. Two (now deceased) friends succumbed to aids, and both acknowledged promiscuity and "barebacking" as the cause of their impending deaths. Denial of these facts will only prolong the tenure of this deadly affliction.

CapitalistPig said...

Besides if they are going to teach sex-ed why focus on AIDS? A disease that a kid growing up in Lebanon has almost zero chance of encountering. On the otherhand probably better than 25% of the teenagers who've had more than 5 or more partners in that area probably have one of the following: Herpies, Chlamidia, or HPV, and don't even know it. Yet in practically any sex-ed curriculum AIDS, which is largely a disease of adult homosexuals and inner-city drug users (I'm not being "homophobic", that's what the statistics show.) gets a disproportionate amount of the attention. The reson is because the real puropose of "AIDS education" it not to prevent STD's, but to whip up mass hysteria and a state of fear among middle class Americans suburban Americans, so that they will continue to support the disproportionate amount of research money that this largely preventable disease gets.

If liberals were truly comapssionate, they would demand that the money which goes towards AIDS research be used towards the prevention and cure of say Malaria for example...a disease which easily kills almost a 100 times as many people as AIDS worldwide. You mention the few hundred people who got AIDS due to tainted blood transfusions? How about the million or so little children who will contract Malaria in the tropics this year?

Bob H. said...

Capitalist pig: you are so right about priorities. When causes like HIV/AIDS get picked up by fringe fanatics thinking goes out the window. Many millions of Africans could be saved from malaria, dysentary, and famine for only pennies a day each. But until policy is desided by logic and compassion instead of ideologs we will continue to throw good money after bad.
To claim AIDS is a disease of choice is as lame as continuing to use the blood transfusion excuse in your arguments. It's a problem that can directly affect all of us in some way or other and needs attention and much more education. Let's help the less fortunate survive first and then keep hammering them with the education on the prevention and spread of the disease.
Much like the abortion debate we are very polarized but I think we can all agree that since there is no immediate cure we have to concentrate on the issue of prevention.