Monday, March 20, 2006

That awful budget gap

You can't open a Fishwrapper (and a politician can't open their mouth) without talking about Portland Public School's FUNDING CRISIS. That's right, we said CRISIS. Maybe if we tell you it's a CRISIS one more time you will believe us.

But if you look at their current job openings you will believe that they have a funding crisis like a drug addict has a funding crisis. Maybe someone should take a look at the root cause...

Here's a partial list:

School Psychologist
ESL /Bilingual Teacher - All Levels
Foreign Language Spanish
Elementary (Spanish Immersion)
Elementary (Spanish Immersion)
Foreign Language Spanish
SUMMER SCHOOL - Migrant Education - Elementary Teacher

So as the Oregonian so aptly put it:

"But focusing on illegal immigration is a wonderful way to avoid talking about health care, school finance and other tough issues Oregon governors actually have some chance of solving."

What were you saying about illegal aliens not having anything to do with school finance?


Anonymous said...

Dude, some of those are REQUIRED by federal law to be positions or they lose federal funds, which would be much worse.

MAX Redline said...

Spanish Immersion is not required, it is expensive, and as has been demonstrated in California, students actually do better without it.

Sue K. said...

Yep, there is a crisis but it ain't because of lack of funding.

el razonador said...

Max -- When I think of spanish immersion, I think of non-native Spanish-speakers being immersed in the language in order to become bilingual. Maybe I'm confused about what immersion is in this context, but it's in high demand, as some parents see the benefits of having a bilingual child (I will raise my children billingually).

All of the research consistently shows that billingual children out-perform monolinguals by a long-shot. Billingualism is a good thing. Smarter people is a good thing.

Fears of the English language being threated are nonsense. After all, it's the official business language worldwide.

Anonymous said...

English Immersion is the LAW in Ca, AZ, and Mass. for damn good reasons. We have to make English the priority, we have to immerse these kids in English. for many of them it is the only time they hear English.
I just sent a HUGE multi-report to the Salem Keizer School Board PROVING that English Immersion is BEST!
Want to learn a FOREIGN language? PAY for it your self!
60,00 ELL kids in Oregon. Over 80% Spanish speakers. $7,000 per kid/per Year EQUALS $420 MILLION per YEAR! THAT is the funding problem. STOP the nonsense!

Ric said...

Did anyone see the Times story on the root cause of school, and other, problems in Portland?
( The other liberal Times - Seattle )

It is the Kicker Law.

el razonador said...

Anonymous -- If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to read your report.

Anonymous said...

the report on immersion is lenghty, It would been long on this comment thingy. I wonder if Daniel would consider making it a post? Daniel?

Daniel said...

If you don't mind Rick, I will ask someone to host it as a file, that way someone can simply open the file and look at it.

Anonymous said...

I read that Seattle times story. That Wapato jail has flat screen tv's??? What? When I was in college I didn't have that kind of luxery. And they spent $600,000 on art work for the jail?? Then the politicians waste money on all kinds of goofy programs, yet can't scrounge up enough money to open this $59M jail? This State is nuts. I'm thinking about moving to Idaho.