Monday, March 13, 2006

But they don't count that huge underground economy

Oregon Unemployment Reports Hide The Real Story - Seventh Highest Unemployment Rate In Nation
The State of Oregon continues to gild the lily in its monthly unemployment reports. The Oregon State Employment Department report for January, 2006, highlights gains in employment but fails to mention that Oregon's unemployment rate continues to lag behind most of the usual.

The editorial goes on to blast Kulongoski and the Fishwrappers who parrot their line on the improving job outlook in Oregon. And unlike other editorials you see actual charts, data and source links to back up their assertions.

[Begin sarcasm]
But sadly, this editorial may prove false. No one seems to have taken into account the illegal alien factor:

These gentlemen don't show up in the employment numbers. (or as taxpayers) Who is counting them?

Is Dan "It's not my job to verify their immigration status" Gardner at the Bureau of Labor and Industries checking up on these folks? You know, to make sure that they are getting paid at least the minimum wage while they work under the table?

What Kulongoski should be doing it touting the underground market as the wave of the future. Press releases that indicate the amount of money flowing from our country to Mexico would show just how vital these untaxed workers are to our economy.

The Governor could go on to brag about how more workers today are speaking Spanish on the job than ever before!

Perhaps he could go Jimmy Carter and grab a hammer and nails and build a nice "habitat for day laborers" so they could have a shelter to wait under while they wait for some unscrupulous employer to pick them up.

Keep up the great work Gov!


Scottiebill said...

If Teddy the K were to go as Jimmy Carter, he would prove once and for all that he is really and truly irrelevant to anything. Carter should be relegated to the depths of Plains, Georgia and complete and utter obscurity, which he so richly deserves. And, First Amendment rights notwithstanding, he should have a permanent gag order placed on him, especially when it comes to his "opinnion" about how bad this country is and how wonderful the terrorists are.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see our politicians address the problem illegals are creating for our young citizens. Not all high school grads are cut out to be college material. Those non-Hispanics who enter the workforce directly are competing with illegals for entry level jobs, jobs that have had their wages bid down by the huge pool of illegal labor.

They are further disadvantaged because many of the available jobs are going to the bi-lingual children of illegals and of those who took advantage of the Reagan amnesty. Even our college students are having trouble finding summer work to support their education.

I would like to see laws that make it illegal for public and private employers to reverse-discriminate by favoring bi-lingual prospects, unless the job is specifically that of interpreter.


Bob H. said...

Daniel, please read the letter from my Democratic congressman Peter Defazio. He never ceases to amaze me. I might even vote for him. His Republican challenger will have to come down heavy on this issue to get my vote.

Jon said...

Funny you mention building a shelter for the day laborers to wait in. I heard that in some SoCal cities, they have just that.
Across the street from Home Depot stores no less.

Jim in KFalls said...

Bob H.,
I like the commentary recently by Mr DeFazio - If reelected I would hope he would stick to this one subject all the way through and not take on some hippie/liberal cause while dropping the illegal immigration issue.

Daniel said...

Bob, I've read that article and it is a great one. I absoulutely agree with DeFazio on this issue. His Republican challenger, Jim Feldkamp, has come out strong on this issue.

He actually showed up at the Eugene Consulate protest.

skookum said...

"for some unscrupulous employer to pick them up."

These employeers are criminals, pure and simple. And we need to go after them as hard as the illegal immigrants. Please don't waffle too Daniel!

Bob H. said...

Daniel, I was at the Eugene services give-a-way and saw Mr. Feldkamp. It was gutsy for him to be there. Too bad we can't have both of them in Congress working to stop this amnesty. We need all the help we can get.
Please email Sen. Gordon Smith and ask him to get off the fence on this issue. He is still undesided.

Anonymous said...


Tax any Mexican's paycheck (unless proven legaL) ONE LOUSY PERCENT, Send it to a rainy day fund, an open WAPATO JAIL.

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- Ustedes de China?

Anonymous said...

Daniel is a racist.

MAX Redline said...

Anonymous said...
Daniel is a racist.

Well, no. You, however, are both an idiot and a coward