Sunday, March 05, 2006

Portland Protest: The Moonbat version

Head on over to Indymedia (the folks who protest naked outside the fur store) and see their coverage of the amnesty march.

STRAW POLL: Do you believe that most Americans support mask wearing nutjobs who support communist revolutionaries and amnesty for illegal aliens?

1. Yes, dude, we are mainstream, f%&# the military-industrial complex! F&$% all authority figures! Dude, do we have any more pot?

2. No, clearly these people just have authority issues that are probably the result of their parents not letting them smoke pot in the house.]


David said...

Ah!! not Indymedia! I had to watch an Indy video about the WTO Seattle protests in class. Poor unfortunate protesters...the police never gave them a chance...sniff.

ANSWER: Most do not. But even if they did...there's a reason why the Founders didn't trust even a majority (chance of mob rule and all that).

BEAR said...

why can't these barfnagels stick to one subject? They whine about hating the war, but root for the terrorists. They demonstrate for amnesty or no peace. What does THAT mean? Sounds like they all need to go back to their cesspool of choice and demonstrate against crime, corruption, poverty, state-owned industries, an unfree press, etc., etc......oh yeah, then they'd be shot. They escape from third-world sinkholes, and bellyache about the only country where opportunity abounds. Must be a cultural thing. They trumpet their own political, economic, and philosophical failure, tell us how powerful they are, and then panhandle the USA. Go home and fix the sewer you came from. Don't spread the stench.

MAX Redline said...

Darn. It seems that my post to Indy was frozen out, for some reason. Probably a technical glitch. I can't imagine that they might actually be censoring messages...I mean, how weird would that be.

Daniel said...

Ah yes, the famed tolerance for opposing points of view. They have a little trouble practicing what they preach.

Jeff said...

Here is a good one for you all: has refered to ilegal immigration as "migration" and the enforcment of our borders as "migration enforcement." I sent them this comment and I'd love for everyone else to do the same. They need to know that we expect news, not editorial.

To Management-

I'm affraid your news team has inserted your editorial view into a story posted to your web site at 10:53 PM PST on Saturday, March 4, 2006.

The story was regarding protest in Portland regarding Immagration reform. The article called it changes to "migration enforcment."

To call the ilegal enterence into this country "migration" is stricly opinion and frankly false. This country has laws, and like it or not ilegals are breaking the law. In addition to editorializing, you are also minimizing the breaking of law when you refer to it as "migration."

I would appreciate it if your news channel and web site stick to reporting the news, not telling me what you think it should be. If you can not do this, I will get my news from another source.

Thank you for your time,

Jeff (my last name)

Daniel said...

Good letter Jeff.

Anonymous said...

That letter won't help sorry. They belive there should be something good done about this issue, and if they loose 1 viewer or 10 it does not matter, why? Because they stick to what they think is right and won't change it just because of you 4 people!

The Gentle Cricket said...

Why does Che keep showing up on posters and banners from those supporting illegal entrance into our country? Those who are coming here do so because of our strong, capitalist, economy. How is Che an appropriate symbol for them to support their argument?

Idler said...

Good point, Cricket.

Can't imagine the Che image is good politics either, even in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Jeff -- migration is migration, illegal or otherwise. Ironically, you're asking the news to insert it's opinion in favor of your view, rather than using the more value-neutral term of migration ("moving from one place of residence to another"). You're asking the news to engage in an activity that you're simultaneously taking it to task for. It's nonsensical.