Friday, March 24, 2006

We know what this looks like in Eugene

Protesters plan for the future while they march for peace
Protests in the Eugene area will become more aggressive today. A group of citizens from the Eugene-Springfield area have organized multiple direct actions of civil disobedience and resistance, targeting government facilities helping to conduct the war in Iraq, according to a press release.

Chabarek said they want to pressure Congress to cut funding of the war and “embarrass members of Congress that are supporting this brutal war.”

(I'm all for embarrassing politicians but how do you embarrass someone with no shame?)

“If we do not take back the U.S. Congress, this will continue until this man is gone from power two and a half years from now,” DeFazio said. “Focus on the election.”

What will continue Peter? The war? If congress goes democrat are we going to surrender immediately? What are you talking about?

As for the protests being "agressive", I sure wouldn't park my car anywhere near downtown Eugene today...


Anonymous said...

So Daniel, six years after getting busted for drugs and firearms, you’ve found Jesus? A miracle. But what of poor Tookie? You were such an advocate of his execution despite the fact that, he served 20 years and demonstrated a considerable moral turnaround. What, publishing children’s books is not a positive contribution to society, but smearing illegals and liberals on a blog is? Of course, Tookie killed somebody, and at least as far as we know, you didn’t. But I should ask, did you ever cap somebody? Why conceal the guns in the baggy clothes?

And what’s with this 2004 appeal, based on an unreasonable patdown? What, Daniel, did the cops “profile” you? Did they violate your civil liberties and you didn’t like it, so you appealed to some liberal appellate court judges? Sounds so unlike you. Were those my tax dollars used to debate whether you were treated unfairly, and to argue whether you actually should pay your debt to society?

MAX Redline said...

I can see why you post anonymously - you're pretty freakin' weird. Wouldn't want your name to leak out, now would ya?

I can tell you this:

Unlike you, I've spent time with Daniel. Face to face.

If I spent the same amount of time with you, it would probably be better described as "face to feces".

Keep on smearing - I have chest waders.

Mitchel said...

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The Gentle Cricket said...

I put DeFazio in fairly high regard, but I have to disagree with him on this. Despite the progress made in Iraq of late he's spouting the same party-line gibberish.

The Gentle Cricket said...

On a completely unrelated subject to this post....

When folks have to sink to irrelevent character attacks and childish name-calling, I assume they have nothing interesting to add to intelligent debate.

Scottiebill said...

When these liberals have nothing of any substance or any solutions of any kind to the problems at hand, they resort to personal attacks, innuendo, and idiotic remarks that have no bearing on anything being discussed, with a few f-bombs thrown in for good measure. Anonymous did not use an f-bomb, but he probably couldn't spell the word anyway. What's next for anonymous, the single digit salute, indicating to one and all what his IQ is? Surely, he doesn't think he is #1, does he?

Daniel said...

Anon, I think that I covered this in a previous post. I will specifically adress the appeal issue though:

I wasn't aware that there was an appeal until I got a letter in the mail around that time. I immediatly called off anything further.

Automatic appeals are something that should be stopped, you are correct.

Tookie did not ever admit to his crimes or take responsibility for what he did.

Vonski said...

I think it is time to start ignoring the people that try to incite negativity and post off-topic.

If you don't want to have a conversation about the topic that is being posted, don't waste the bits and bytes. No one wants to hear it.

I'm hoping the Republicans can keep the WH in 2008. If not, whichever Dem removes the troops immediately and leaves the Iraqi people to rot under the dictatorship of whomever will fill Saddam's shoes, they will not be leaving a very palatable legacy.

President Bush is right to stay there and finish the job. The lesson was learned the hard way by his father the first time around.

Thomas said...

Max Redline, Gentle Cricket, Scottiebill and Vonski-
I agree. [Thats why I love the "scroll" feature!]
After awhile trying to counter trolls gets a little tireing, and I'm just about out of "anti troll spray"; there really is no "cure" for them. Like mold and mildew, they'll keep appearing.

Daniel, as far as I'm concerned, you've got more "creds" than some other poster(s) [ and you know who you are! ] who's only reason for showing up is to bolster their own sagging self-image by trying to defame you.

In the words of Bob Marley: "Don't give up the fight!"

May God continue to bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

God the irony is great here. Anti-criminal alien restrictionists turn apologists on behalf of a criminal among their own ranks. Anti-leftists invoking a rastafarian liberal musician to keep up their campaign of conservatism. Like I said, fiction writers could do no better. Rich stuff. I love it!

Anonymous said...

HEY ANON: Here is an idea you would support, Lets just open up the borders...PERIOD!

lets make a cash pool then as to how long we all last.

Here is the one I know you will love, we can donate the dollars to the PDX schools....after all, "It's for the children!"

To bad we won't be here to see their diverse faces. Jack Peek