Monday, March 06, 2006

The multi-prong approach

Ban on wire transfers by illegals proposed
Howard KaloogianA Republican candidate for a vacated congressional seat in southern California is proposing a ban on wire transfers by illegal aliens from the U.S. to Mexico.

"[T]he Mexican government is making billions of dollars every year from illegal aliens who enter the U.S. illegally and then wire that money back to their families in Mexico," Kaloogian said Saturday at a news conference at the border.

The economy, he contended, bears the cost of illegal aliens, who pay no taxes but receive taxpayer-funded services.

Just one of the many tools at our disposal to discourage illegal immigration. I know that it's hard for some of you to make the connection, just think about how we have banned cold pills to decrease the meth labs.


: JustaDog said...

Simple logic, simple help in the illegal problem - but it seems like few in power understand how really simple this can be taken care of. Your suggestion is great!

So is simply requiring severe penalties for any employer hiring illegals.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers should also understand that much of the money wired home to Mexico is gained from Crimes much greater than just avoiding taxes and that includes what has been earned in smuggling Meth and Heroin into the US.

Mexico is the mirror image of the US when it comes to criminal activity.

BEAR said...

Per Lars: remove the expense deduction for illegals in the work place - instant unemployment for anyone illegally employed.

Gullyborg said...

I just found out that my bank, Bank of America, recently implemented a new policy -- no wire transfer fees to accounts with Mexican banks. But they still have fees everywhere else.

And the BofA ATM at my local Costco defaults to espanol.

I think I need to change banks.

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous. can't belive how you people think.

peod in Oregon said...

Dear anon-y-mouse 2: "How rediculous. can't belive how you people think."
Well put! But I'm having trouble grasping the depth of your argument.

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous has no depth to his argument, just a lot of liberal platitudes that mean virtually nothing.

Anonymous said...

your arguments aren't nothing more than deport illegals! That's all you people say.
I do have arguements, but its like said before your minds are messed up, you wouldn't understand.