Sunday, March 05, 2006

Portland Protest: Daniel's version

So what happened in Portland yesterday? Oregonians for Immigration Reform got a great group of individuals together for the purpose of counter-protesting a PCUN march for amnesty.

We initially met in a parking garage, as planned, and the "some crimes aren't really a crime" crowd had some literature waiting for us. Signs that said "OFIR out of Oregon" and "anti-racism human rights" (with no clear planning because the "H" and the "S" where crammed in very small on the sides of the paper) and "OFIR not welcome in our town."

Several of these poster had a picture of a clenched fist on them. Needless to say that we were plenty amused by all this. (A Portland officer also told us that the OFIR was "all that [PCUN] was talking about this morning" so clearly we have become a thorn in their illegal sides)

Our group of approximately 50 then marched down in front of the Koin building where OFIR president Jim gave a great speech. OFIR VP Rick also gave a great soundbite to KOIN 6 which was aired last night.

We had a few people drive by and honk their support and a few people call us names. We proceeded to march downtown.

We saw the amnesty march a few blocks away and a few of us ran up to take some pictures and see what it was about. Signs that read "Revolution: why wait" and Mexican flags were everywhere. Many marcher were carrying large $100 bills but no one could explain what the symbolism was. (zombie marchers who were clearly just told what to do, possibly enticed by the promise of some free marijuana afterwards)

I was recognized as some of the marchers asked if their pictures were going to be on my website. Sadly I must go back on my promise and the first bunch of pictures I took were inadvertantly deleted. Rest assured I will get you next time though.

We marched to Pioneer Courthouse Square and passed out Victoria Taft's Operation ID letter to anyone who would take it.

Several of us decided to head up to PSU where the amnesty march was going to end. This is where it got really fun.

At the last few protests I have always had a group of "handlers" who are instructed to follow me around and inform everyone of who I am. When I ask someone to show me their sign my handlers will quickly tell them not to do it.

This is my ladly handler instructing this person not to show me the "corporate American bad" flag.

This time my handlers initially attempted to block my camera shots as well. They followed me through the crowd and we had a little jostling and bumbing into each other. (alpha male posturing) When I would take a picture on of them would (in all their passive agressive childishness) put their arm in the air to "scratch their head" as if they weren't trying to block my picture.

This didn't really hamper me as I was taking pictures of perennial race-baiter Avel Gordley and her translater talk about how being an illegal alien is like being black. (?!?!?!?!?!!?)

It really became laughable though when I decided to make a game out of this and began running back and forth, cutting between their group. I litterally ran back and forth laughing at them while they dutifully followed while keeping their hands in front of my camera.

(Thanks to Vonski for hosting)

After a lengthy dicusstion with the head handler where I pointed out how childish this was they passed me off to another hander. This woman:

My original handlers went back into camera shy mode:

Does anyone know how to say "let's get you a belt" in Spanish? Are his pants even on?

I also had a facinating talk with a woman:

Crazy Woman: What would my three kids do without their father?

Me: What are you talking about?

Crazy Woman: What would my three kids do without their father?

Me: Oh, is their father an illegal alien?

Crazy Woman: Yes.

Me: Then I hope that he gets deported.

Crazy Woman: But he provides for us. He is the best husband I've ever had and I've had three.

Me: Well, if I moved somewhere then my wife and kids would move with me, your husband needs to go back to Mexico and you and your kids should go with him.

Crazy Woman: But then my kids would lose their schooling (and she rattled off some other things)

Me: Well, you should have thought about that before you married an illegal alien.

Crazy Woman: I didn't know he was illegal. Do I look illegal?

Me: I wasn't aware that anyone could "look illegal."

And on and on. Also, while I was mingling with the crowd and college aged girl came up with a clipboard as asked if I would like to sign one of their letters to our senators. I said sure and promptly wrote "Deport them" at the bottom of the sheet. She took the clipboard and said thank you. She found me again later and gave me the sheet and told me to educate myself.

After myself and Jim decide to leave we actually had a great debate with a PCUN supporter away from the crowd. A passerby agreed with our position enthusiastically.

All in all it was a fun time, we got media coverage with Rick's sound bite on the news, people saw us doing something about the problem, we may have changed a few minds and we are continuing to be a thorn in the side of those who apologize for criminals.


Anonymous said...

Its funny how you try to make it seem like you did something. And say there was about 50 of you. There was only 2 two bold dudes, making a fool of them selfs.

Thomas said...

The above was submitted by the guy in the last picture.

Anonymous said...

See what I mean, you guys think its a joke.

Rick Hickey said...

Daniel, did the picture of me with the Manager at McDonalds come out?
I gave the Mgr. a flyer that explains the FREE & Fast ID verification service from the Fed.s
(all 45 employers at the Latino Job Fair did not know this service, to protect them, was available)
50 of us walked for 2 hours handing out Op ID letters and talking with the folks out and about. A huge majority were supportive. When we approached PSU, Daniel went into the crowd. They stopped us because of the signs we had. 3 people stayed with us and argued. 1 young Portland School Teacher (who was defiant at 1st) talked with us as we walked 6 blocks back to the cars. He was amazed that we were not Racists, as he was brainwashed to beleive. He was stunned by the impact on public schools info we had (i.e. True Facts). Now all his family/friends/co-workers will be informed that we are on the side of the law and the majority, not nutjobs as PCUN told all of them.
While at PSU, several of us (including a 2 time minuteman) and Me, were interviewd by several different media.
Those HATEFUL signs waiting for us in the parking garage show the true fear these people have, and should. After all, they know we will have immigration enforcement soon. We are a country of laws or we would become a third world nation of chaos.
Rick Hickey

The Gentle Cricket said...

With the overwhelming number of Mexican Flags present, it would be great to see more people show up with American Flags.

"Signs that said "OFIR out of Oregon" and "anti-racism human rights" ...and "OFIR not welcome in our town."

So, the basic message of this group was "no free speech in Oregon" and "illegals welcome, legal residents not". How can you argue with water-tight logic like that.

Anonymous said...

No one took your little joke serious. Don't feel to proud.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to have blocked your camera, if only for a moment.

Anonymous said...

PCUN holding the Rally itself is proof enough that OFIR is having an impact on their criminal efforts.

They can fill the streets for all I care as we can drive Legislation and that is and will continue to bring us our desired change.

Don't listen to the school children's cries for they know not of what they speak as they are one dimensional products of a socialist school system.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter if you blocked the camera for 5 seconds. Because don't mean to bring your pride level down, but there was a lot of people out there with camera, showing all the right stuff, unlike you people(showing the down sides).

Anonymous said...

"Because don't mean to bring your pride level down"

Why are we jousting with fools?

Daniel said...

Sorry to break it to you PCUN guys but the majority of Oregonians and Americans don't want amnesty for illegal aliens. Most citizens in this country see them for the criminals that they are.

BrandyJeanne said...

If you people are so proud, why are you wearing masks, hiding your faces, covering cameras, and anything else to make who you are unknown? Who do you think you are, Zorro?

republicans suck said...

First of all I want to say the last 2 comments on the bottom sound like they are coming from yuppie ass people, who don't know the difference between Charmin and their overzealous hands.

I back you guys up 100%, if I had known about your demonstration and was in town at the time, I would have brought at least 18 more people. I know that doesn't sound like much, but every little bit helps.

The ignorant comments regarding illegal immigrants from the mustached man really upsets me. This country runs on the back breaking labor of ALL people, whether they are here legally or not. Does he not watch the news and see the overcrowded jails? Those are not all illegal immigrants pal!! His type of ignorance is why Bush is still president. What kind of fantasy world does this guy live in? Does he not know that while a lot of people enter this country illegally, there are also a high percentage of them that do go through the process of citizenship after coming to this Country?

My mother was one of them; she came here with her family illegally and settled in Texas before moving to Lodi, CA. My family busted their as to get an education and obtain citizenship. She worked her ass off to make a better life for herself and the family she would have in the future. She was NEVER “a stupid Mexican”.

These types of stereotypes are why ALL people that come to this Country face tough roads. You, Mr. Yuppie man are the sole reason that your generation needs go back to school and take diversity classes to open your horizon to life in general. Your closed minded account of all of Oregon and the rest of the Country is the reason why we have not progressed and are inching at a snails pace for equal rights. I don’t believe it’s how we got our feet into this Country. I believe it’s what a person does once they get here that counts.

republicans suck said...

Just let me know when you'll have your next demonstration. I'll bring all my people FOR immigration in Oregon!!

superprowizard said...

Daniel, next time we need several counter-handlers to assist and video tape these people blocking your images. The video will speak for itself.

Anonymous said...

Just to make something clear. Those people in the mask weren't mexicans, they were in fact white.
I'll let you know when the next march is, so we can stop this racism against immigrants.

Tim Lewis said...

I was just having a conversation with my Kenyan friend who came here LEGALLY. He is sick of these ILLEGAL immigrants coming here using up American resources. It degrades the whole idea of coming here and offends him on a personal level.

Grow up and call it for what it is: we are against ILLEGAL immigration. We don't want criminals walking around on the streets. This isn't a joke. We don't think it is. We are as serious as can be. Follow the legal procedures or go home. It's got nothing to do with race. It's about criminals.

"Revolution: why wait?"

What's your real motive?

Jeff said...

What is up with the flag? Is it from pro-ilegal immigration people? It kind of implies that these companies support them. I see my employer's logo on their and I wonder how they feel about it.

But heck, they are already law breakers....why not break the law again!

Anonymous said...

The moustache represents his internal (and secret) desire to be of Mexican descent...

Below is proof

Anonymous said...

Well I just talked to a Legal resident and he said you guys got issues, is your brain functioning okay? Where you born with no feelings for others?

Tim Lewis said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Liberty44 said...

Well, some of you seem to feel that illegals are wanted in Oregon. That cannot be further from the truth. I do political surveys and one of the things that always comes up, even when there is nothing to even mention about it in the survey, is the cost and deprevation caused in our state by all the illegals. They are not wanted and several people have told me we were much better off before they overran our state. I am getting so tired of some of these stupid people defending them because they are unable to read the facts about what they are costing all of us who are citizens. For some of them it seems to be a constant way to stir up trouble. How can they be working in our fields if they are marching in these rallys? I am sick of it and wish they would all go away and never set foot in our country again. Nobody would miss them, that's for sure. No I am not racist, but illegal is illegal.

Honest Abe said...

Minuteman, KKK, Neo-Nazi, or whatever you call them, there were only two that were man enough to admit that they are bigots. Saying there was 50 is even a stretch for an outright liar. If there was 50 Nativists counterprotesting, post a picture. Don't have any of those though do ya?


Honest Abe said...

Illegals are okay for me and the farmers that hire them to pick your food. Until you white trash folks get off foodstamps and take your worthless butts to the fields, they will continue to be employed.

Honest Abe said...

How can they be working in our fields if they are marching in these rallys?

No worries, the farmers let them off work early.

Daniel said...

abe, are you having a conversation with yourself?

Scottiebill said...

How many "Anonymouses" (is that a word?) are there posting here? They seem to have different points of view on this subject. Or do we have just one with multiple personalities?

Scottiebill said...

Brandyjeanne: These clowns are wearing masks because they are so proud of what they are doing. What they don't seem to realize that if they removed their masks and got arrested for unlawful activities, Mayor Taliban Tommy would apologize profusely to them and blame the police who are doing their jobs, for causing all the trouble in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Its not that we want illegal people in this state. There should be more border patrol. But for the people with good record, and that have piad all the bills and that are given their best, should be given a chance.
They have worked so hard to build a life, and it would be crucial to just deport them leaving their home and what they worked so hard to make.

Elizabeth Hoppe said...

Hey Daniel, the guys with their backs to the public, they are all peeing, I see them do this third world thing in my neighborhood all the time. Out for a walk, gotta pee, ok, just whip open your jeans right on someones fence!! I kid you not, they do not care. It's disgusting. These guys were peeing and they could care little if anyone saw them, or if our own society frowns on such lazy and disgusting behavior (why find a public restroom, or even a secluded spot if you're that desperate!!??). It's things like this that makes having illegals and theirs here, all the more aggravating. A lack of respect for our standards and no sense of common decency. IF YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL ALIEN, THE WORLD IS YOUR TOILET!!!