Thursday, March 16, 2006

DHS: People with brown skin are different

Working with Latinos
When asked what was unique about working with this population, and what where the major barriers to care for them, the following themes were discussed by many informants. (page 21-22)

"The level of education of many Latinos we see is low. They do not have the basic understanding to be able to deal with such a complicated disease.”

So they are stupid?

“More amnesty would be good so people can get documents and be eligible for services."

“Another ethic in this community is no matter how sick you are, you must send something back to the family in Mexico.”

So now all Latinos are from Mexico?

“Cultural perceptions of time make a difference. They often wait until the last minute for things, or after something has expired, like insurance papers.”

So they are all procrastinators?

Cultural concepts of truth. “They may tell me one thing and the case worker another. They may have totally different answers to similar questions.”

So Latinos are all liars?

Yet another racist document prepared by DHS using your tax dollars. Nice to know that my wife is stupid, sends money "back" (she's never been) to Mexico, procrastinates and is a liar. Thanks DHS.


Bruce said...

No Daniel !!! You're wife is not any of those, but then she has class and was also born here and plays by the rules. Most of the ones they are talking about, DO ,do those things. I can't even remember the number of "illegals who sat in my chair and stumbled for a few words before uttering the famous phrase....U speakee Spanish???. Then when i start talking Spanish, i inveriably ask.."How many years did you live in this country?" Cuantos anos vivir aqui? i usually hear anywhere from 6 months to sometimes 3,5 or even 10 years!!!
I ask them why no English skills....usually the answer is....I don't have to, everybody i deal with speaks Spanish!!!! We have a large Russian community don't see them march on the capitol demanding everything in Russian. By the way in yesterday's Statesman Urinal there was an article that the Salem/Keizer school board is wondering why after 3 years of ESL and bi-lingual classes, that there is such a lag behind the average for the hispanic community on picking up English. I contend it is because they resist the change because they know that if they bitch,moan, wail and cry loud enough that the far lefties will bow under the pressure and give them what they want. Eduardo Angulo showed up at the last meeting with 50 of his "followere" to "help" the school board reach a decision on funding. "More dinero!...More dinero" There is going to be another meeting March 21 at 6:30pm.....BUT, and thats a BBIIGGGGG, BUT....the public (us citizens) will not be allowed input or even to spaek or comment on the school boards action. The public can go there to Commercial Ave office but they can't speak
I'm going to try to go there and speak Spanish....that way i KNOW they will listen. By the way...does your wife have a sombrero i can borrow to help me blend in.....LOL,LOL. I KNOW very well that Eduardo and his groupo will be there for sure!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Opinion split on driving privilege for illegal aliens
Assemblyman says law would serve economy, security
Staff Writer

Some of New Jersey's Latino community leaders are pushing to ad-vance a state Assembly bill that would, if signed into law, permit thousands of illegal aliens to drive legally in the state.

The proposal does not have universal support among state legislators. One assemblyman, Christopher J. Connors (R-Ocean, Burlington, Atlantic) has said he is "unalterably opposed" to the bill.

A-2607, also known as the New Jersey Driving Privilege Card, was discussed in a press conference in front of the State House Annex in Trenton on March 6.

Assemblyman Joseph Vas (D-Middlesex) is the primary sponsor of the legislation. Vas is also the mayor of Perth Amboy. Assemblymen Reed Gusciora (Mercer), Upendra Chivukula, (D-Middlesex and Somerset), and Gordon Johnson (D-Ber-gen) are also supporting the bill that would allow illegal aliens and other people who cannot comply with the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) six-point rule to drive in New Jersey and to purchase auto insurance, which is required of all drivers.

The MVC's six-point rule requires people who are applying for a driver's license to produce documents that establish their identity. Different forms of ID are assigned point values and a person applying for a license must have enough documents to add up to six points in order to receive a license.

According to Vas, "the New Jersey Driving Privilege Card serves the interest of both the economy and security of New Jersey. It will be a key tool for helping New Jersey keep track of how many undocumented persons reside in the state, providing for better accountability."

Vas said the law would increase driver safety and help reduce insurance costs by requiring drivers who might otherwise drive without a license to purchase auto insurance. The card would carry the same privileges and responsibilities as a driver's license with respect to the operation of a motor vehicle. It would also feature a digital photo of the card's holder taken by the MVC.

According to Vas, the card would not be able to be used as any other form of identification.

Currently, 10 states grant driving privileges to people who cannot document their immigration status. Vas said those states are Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

Tennessee, which began issuing certificates for driving to illegal aliens in July 2004, ended the practice in February after determining people were using fraudulent documents to obtain the certificates, according to an article from the Los Angeles Times published on

Vas said the bill he is backing in New Jersey "is a practical solution and a strong companion and ally to the federal law. By enacting such legislation, we can send a message that New Jersey is committed to meeting the needs of the economy and protecting the rights of those who reside here while promoting compassion for workers."

The upside of the legislation is that it would allow undocumented residents to get to work to feed their families, buy groceries, etc., according to Frank Argote-Freyre, of Freehold Borough, the chairman of the Monmouth County Chapter of the Latino Leadership Alliance.

Argote-Freyre said the downside of the bill is the fact that many undocumented immigrants will be placed in a data base as a record for at least one year, the length of time the card will be effective.

"This bill strikes the right balance between the economy of the state which relies on immigrant workers and the failure of decency and courage on the part of Washington to resolve the immigration issue," he said. "There are 10 million undocumented immigrants in this country, 500,000 of them here in New Jersey. We know they will not be deported. It is too massive an undertaking.

"But when will Washington show some courage and come up with a humane plan to deal with immigration? In the meantime, permission for workers to drive to work in order to feed their families and get to the store and other places is the humane thing to do. To do anything else is to criminalize driving for them. Our law enforcement officials charge them with failure to produce proper identification. This is a waste of time for our officials. The question is do we have enough courage to carry this legislation through as a state?" Argote-Freyre said.

He said people with whom he has spoken would appreciate having the ability to drive legally, although, "They're not crazy about the idea of being entered into a data base, but they accept that possibility. It gives them a solution for now."

Amy Gottlieb, the director of the Immigrants Rights Organization of the American Friends Service Committee, said although the organization has no particular position on the legislation, members say they support the fact that everyone must have equal access to licenses.

"We are very concerned though, that there will be a separate category of licensing for undocumented immigrants. This could lead to profiling and deportation. We want to be sure that any legislation that passes provisions for licenses also carries with it the protection and confidentiality of immigration status."

Not everyone is in favor of this proposed legislation.

Connors, who represents Ocean County and parts of two other counties, said he is "unalterably opposed" to the bill.

"First and foremost, the mission of our Legislature in a post-911 world is safety and security. Nothing in issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens can promote safety. Individuals who are in this country illegally ought not to be the recipients of the privileges and benefits that our state gives. A driver's license is a privilege. This is the wrong thing to do," the assemblyman said.

Connors referred to problems Tennessee experienced because officials chose to issue certificates for driving to illegal aliens. He said shuttles and caravans of illegal aliens headed to Tennessee so those who were in the United States illegally could obtain the certificates.

"If this bill passes we will essentially be ringing the bell and telling them all to come to New Jersey," he said.

Connors said the reason the MVC's six-point system was instituted in the first place was for safety and security.

"There are people who are citizens of this country who have difficulty meeting the six-point criteria for a driver's license," Connors said. "What do we say to them; we are giving a license to an illegal alien and not to you? We have had World War II veterans who have had to jump through hoops to get their license because they could not meet the point system. I am incensed by it. When you avail yourself to the benefits of citizenship you also have obligations to do jury duty, fight for our country and pay taxes, none of which illegal aliens are required to do."

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON, DC—A Gallup/Harris Interactive poll released Monday indicates that nearly nine out of 10 Americans are "tired of having a country."

Enlarge Image
Chicago commuters, 87 percent of whom just don't care anymore.

Among the 86 percent of poll respondents who were in favor of discontinuing the nation, the most frequently cited reasons were a lack of significant results from the current democratic process (36 percent), dissatisfaction with customer service (28 percent), and exhaustion (22 percent).

"I don't want to get bogged down in the country anymore," Wilmington, DE accountant Karie Ashworth said. "I'm not up in arms or anything, I'm just saying it'd be a lot easier for everyone if we just gave it up."

Of those who were against maintaining an American nation, 77 percent said they believe that having a country is "counter to the best interests of Americans." Twelve percent said "the time and effort citizens spend on the country could be better spent elsewhere," and 8 percent said they just didn't care.

Roughly 3 percent said we ceased to have a country years ago, and explained that they had been stockpiling weapons to protect their independent compounds.

According to study organizer David Griffith, poll respondents were surprisingly uniform in their opinion that the nation is too much of a hassle.

"I already belong to a health club, a church, and the Kiwanis Club," Tammy Golden of Los Angeles wrote. "I'm a member of the Von's Grocery Super Savers, which gets me a discount on certain groceries. These are all well-managed organizations with real benefits. None of them send me a confusing bill once a year and make me work it out myself, then throw me in jail if I get it wrong."

Olympia, WA student Helen Berg expressed frustration with the country's voting process.

"I was gonna vote, but it rained," Berg wrote. "It wasn't for the president anyway, so what difference does it make? The president is the only one that matters, and you don't even get to vote for him."

Most citizens said they did not wish to abandon such American traditions as parades, fireworks, and national holidays.

"I'm for saluting flags and pledging allegiance to them, but nothing beyond that," Tampa, FL mechanic and former Marine Doug Pauls said. "I like singing the anthem before the game, but I can't keep up with the news every day. I have three kids."

Pauls added: "I love America, but what's that got to do with having a country?"

Some critics, including the leadership of both parties, have attacked the methodology of the poll, saying that questions like "Do you want a country anymore?" are poorly worded. Casey Mark, a fellow at the Brookings Institute, characterized the question as leading.

Said Mark: "What you must consider is that respondents often don't have the time or energy to devote to answering five questions about their country, which they consider themselves to be remotely involved with, at best."

Griffith pointed to Cheyenne, WY banker Jeff Wheldon's response.

"I think we've come far enough as a nation that we don't need to have one anymore," Wheldon wrote. "It's not like we're Somalia, where the warlords run everything, or Russia, where it's all organized crime. We've had over 200 years of being Americans. I don't think we still need the United States of America to show us how to do it."

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON, DC—Seeking to "narrow the focus of the drug war to the true enemy," Congress passed a bill legalizing drug use for the gainfully employed Monday.

Enlarge Image
The Drug War

"Stockbrokers, lawyers, English professors... you're not the problem here," said DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson at a White House press conference. "If you are paying taxes and keeping your yard tidy, we're not going to hassle you if you come home from a hard day of work and want to enjoy a little pot or blow. But if, on the other hand, you're one of these lazy, shiftless types hanging out on the street all day looking for your next high, we're coming after you."

The new law, which goes into effect May 1, will enable police departments and courts to focus on what Hutchinson called "the real drug offenders."

"There's no point going after some cardiac surgeon who needs some speed to keep him sharp," Hutchinson said. "That's not what the law was intended to prevent. But the more destructive drug users—the addict who spends his welfare money on crack, the guy in Harlem who smokes marijuana—that is something that we as a society must not tolerate."

Enlarge Image
According to Drug Czar John P. Walters, the legislation should have a beneficial effect on the health of the American people.

"As a result of this new law, we expect use of addictive, harmful drugs like heroin and crack—those statistically more likely to be linked to unemployment—to drop," Walters said. "Meanwhile, decent people with good jobs can continue their responsible use of milder drugs like E and cocaine in peace."

Walters said the new legislation will make it significantly easier to fight the drug war. The nation's courts will not be clogged with cases involving club kids caught with "Vitamin K" or doctors prescribing Vicodin to rich housewives. More money can be freed up to build prisons to keep chronically unemployed addicts in jail and off the streets—the only statistically proven method of improving an addict's chance of recovery.

"Clearly, a lot of people doing drugs simply cannot handle them," Walters said. "We've got to get the drugs out of the hands of these people, and give them back to the weekend user."

The law, Hutchinson noted, will also help protect the nation's poor and unemployed, who are not as equipped to handle the effects of drug addiction as their more affluent counterparts.

"Drugs are addictive, and that's true whether you're a ghetto gang member or a Harvard-educated entertainment lawyer," Hutchinson said. "But the cold, hard truth is, if the ghetto kid gets hooked, he isn't going to clean up in a rehab clinic in Palm Springs and maybe even become president, now, is he? That's why we need to protect the less fortunate among us with the threat of arrest and incarceration."

The U.S. economy also stands to benefit. Initial surveys indicate that the threat of jail will motivate recreational drug users to seek employment, reducing the nation's welfare rolls.

"Legal weed versus jail?" asked Cory Everly, 23, an unemployed Austin, TX, singer-songwriter. "I am so totally going down to the sub shop today to ask Rudy for my job back."

Added Everly: "Rudy's my boss... at the sub shop."

"The new American motto is 'Work Hard, Play Hard,'" Hutchinson said. "Do a few bumps of coke at your gay friend's party. Go to your be-in or your Lollapalooza rave or whatever it's called this year. But you'd better make it in to work on Monday, buddy, or you're going to jail."

"Sorry if some of my comments have been a bit rambling and unfocused," Hutchinson added. "I'm a little high right now."

Anonymous said...

Lets all have a little more Prozac (or whatever upper is your like) and get back to work, ok?

Everything will be ok, ok?

Oh yes, don't forget to call and cancel the cable, ok?

Everything will be ok, ok?

Rick Hickey said...

BRUCE, I am actually attempting to get my friends with kids to show up at that meeting also and wear red, white & blue. I have already contacted the reporter for the S-J that wrote the story. I will cal Kay Baker and ask her permission for 1 minute to speak. Heck Eduardo did. I want to thank DR. Gary Harget for validating what I told the board 1 year ago, These ELL programs are not working!
The board promised, after my testimony, they Voted & approved of a new ELL Citizen committee. Instead they waited one year for this guys obvious report. Meanwhile the KIDS/TEACHERS/PARENTS SUFFER & FAIL!
Who will join me in Salem next Tues. @ 6 pm?
Just stand behind me for 1 minute, you do not have to say or do anything. We need to show the board that us other immigrants (decendents) have all decided to speak English & so should the NEW "immigrants"

el razonador said...

Rick -- good luck proving that one. You'll probably have to make the data up, if that's what you want to "prove". Mexican immigrants of today are not unlike their European-peasant counterparts of a decade ago. Language-shift to English takes about two generations. You might consult Joel Perlmann's "Italians Then, Mexicans Now" (2005) Russell Sage

Bruce said...

These discussion are all so such a waste of time. No matter what legislation is passed, immigrants will still come into this country. (probably more than they are now) They will still be hired by businesses and I suspect Tricky Hicky and Oregonians Against Immigrants will still have a few bozos that will fill their coffers. Don't mind me, just go back to wasting your time.

fish_on said...

Quote from the DHS pdf...

"One culturally specific organization working with HIV positive Latinos in Texas, called Project Esperanza (Project Hope), reminds care providers that “working with the Hispanic HIV community is especially labor and time intensive. …To provide effective services for HIV positive Hispanics, case managers and client advocates must invest significant time and energy to help them develop a sense of empowerment regarding their health care…"

This makes me so fucking mad...i can't pick which response to write here...

Rick Hickey said...

El, so you don't know DR. Rosalie Pedalino Porter? An English Development Teacher/Author/Administrator
and a FELLOW HISPANIC Immigrant.
25 years experience teaching children that don't speak English.
Google her and learn about the R.E.A.D. institute and the many states they are helping with this challenege. google the reports out of the SUCCESSFUL Arizona Immersion program & California or the other states that understand kids need to be an American Student as fast as possible, not failing at learning TWO languages.
Do you know of DR. Linda Chavez? founder of the Center for Equality?
EL, of course you don't know this.
You have been BRAINWASHED by the ideology of the new Hispanic leaders that refuse to LOVE our Country/Language/Culture. These "leaders" who call others hurtful names instead of using common sense.
EL, My Italian Grandparents learned English fluentley in ONE MONTH!
Mormon missionairies learn ANY new language in a 6 week program.
My priority is to help these Kids/Teachers/Parents to join our society. This Country has a lot to offer anyone that can communicate in our language.
We will never adopt the language of failed/corrupt 3rd world Countires. Why go through all that work/time/money to ESCAPE & then fight against your NEW Countries melting pot solution, one languge??
I don't remember the Irish or Italians or Asians (i.e. other immigratns) making so many demands, EVER!
Your constant FIGHTING our ways, makes me think:
Take over of America is the goal, NOT a just better life.

Rick Hickey said...

ONE MORE...I bet most "Immigrant" Parents want their Kids to Speak English as soon as possible. So they have a better chance of getting ahead. Or am I just a stupid Racist now?

el razonador said...

Wow Rick, it seems that you're the one that full of bile, not me.

All I was pointing out is that there is no evidence that today's immigrants (legal or illegal) take any longer to shift to English than immigrants in the past. Across nationalities, some take a bit longer than others, Asians in particular.

Your grandparents must have been truly special people, gaining English fluency (or fluency in any language) in one month is amazing feat.

It's not surprising that you don't recall the European peasants of the past making claims on U.S. society. Were you around in 1924? That's when major flows of European immigrants ceased.

Rick Hickey said...

Update: Statesman-Journal will be at S/K School Board mtg. on Tues. 3/21 @ 6 pm. I have a call in to DR. Rosalie Porter and Linda Chavez. They are experienced experts on English immersion.
We have to wake up the 2nd largest District in the state. Everyone is suffering and paying much too high of a price. On all levels.
Who will help us wake them up?
The Rally's at the Carousels helped.
Please join me, especially if you have children.

Daniel said...

el, Asians take longer to assimilate and learn the lagnuage?

Just going off what I see and without getting the actual data, how come you don't see us having to print everything in Korean or Japanese?

Why aren't there any government programs for Asians? Why aren't they the recipients of affirmative action? (They actually get punished by affirmative action and quotas)

And what do you say to my main point: DHS treats Hispanics like they are all illegal aliens and idiots.

BEAR said...

Hey, guys, here's a thought. Rather than trying to slow or stop the madness, let's do what efficiency experts do. They stand back and watch a system fail, then pick up the pieces for a restart. It's truly sad to watch people in agony as they self-destruct, but the apparent alternative is to prolong the process. If we stand back, we'll watch the following: Democrats will be elected in droves. Then taxes will go up even faster. More businesses will flee the state. More entreprenours will innovate elsewhere. Public education will continue its plunge into the abyss, even as more billions are poured in. Crime will sky-rocket, as dollars to law enforcement dwindle. Government will continue to grow as the unemployment rate lags behind the nation. Welfare will increase as folks from elsewhere find out how easy our system is to exploit. Healthcare will continue to erode just like the schools, even as more billions are poured into it. HMMMM, seems like we're already there. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

el razonador,

Actually the major influx of european immigrants halted in 1920 when President Calvin Coolidge (my hero) changed the immigration laws of this great country, and made it much more restrictive.

We had extremely low immigration from 1920 to 1965 when the bonehead Ted Kennedy pushed a bill through to change our nations immigration laws. This change caused our current mass immigration.

Do we need mass immigration? NO! During this 45 year period we became a superpower, put a man on the moon, etc., etc.

I say its time to following in the footsteps of President Coolidge and drastically reduce legal immigration, and put a complete halt to illegal immigration.

Just my two bits.

Bruce said...

Bear....I really don't want to see that happen because it very well could go just like you say. It's heading toward there now.....but GIVE UP?...NEVER!!! RICK....i'll be there at the meeting with you....that's right on my way home and that's also about the time i go by that'll be a pleasure to see Eduardo's scowling face when he sees me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Right on Daniel! I agree with your views 100% that all those wetback cockroaches need to be rounded up and dumped into a deep hole.

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Anonymous said...

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