Friday, March 03, 2006

Welcome to Oregon DMV: Se Habla Espanol

License seekers pour into state
For years, illegal immigrants have come from as far away as New Jersey to fraudulently obtain driver's licenses in Wisconsin, one of a handful of states that don't require proof of legal residency.

Business has been booming recently, as more and more states toughen their license requirements, said federal authorities who recently arrested five people in South Milwaukee suspected in a fraudulent license network that reached into three states.

Wisconsin is one of just nine states - for now - that allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses and state identification cards.

Substitute "Oregon" for "Wisconsin" and this is a story that should be written in The Oregonian but they are too cowardly to do it. Rest assured, the same thing is happening here.

Imagine how newsworthy of a story this is, how easy it would be to put just one or two investigative reporters on this one, how much this would reasonate with Oregonians. But no, it's not multicultural enough for our news outlets.


Anonymous said...

Last Saturday, my son and I were at the DMV here in SE on Powell in PDX.

It looked like all of Mexico was there, and even the Russians had a worried look on their faces, there was fear in their eyes, as as they couldn't tell if they were out numbered or outgunned.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice there are no camera's and clocks in DMV?

fish_on said...

one more time for those who might miss this comment in other posts...

Here's another source of the problem...

From Bill O'Reilly's talking points memo on 3/1/06...

"On this Ash Wednesday, the Cardinal of Los Angeles, Roger Mahoney, shocked some Americans by saying he will instruct his priests to defy proposed legislation already passed by the House that would crack down on people aiding illegal aliens. Basically, the cardinal is saying that it is the duty of a Christian to help poor people, no matter what their immigration status.

Mahoney then went even further, telling The Los Angeles Times that the War on Terror isn't going to be won through immigration restrictions. The cardinal went on to say that Al Qaeda would not trek through miles of deadly desert to infiltrate the USA.

Well, how Mahoney could know that is a mystery. It seems to me Al Qaeda killers do a lot of trekking — through the mountains of Afghanistan, through the deserts of Syria, Iran and Iraq. Somebody tell the cardinal. Mahoney has long been an advocate of immigrant rights and legality does not enter into his thinking.

By the way, the cardinal has been roundly criticized for being soft on priests who molest children, but that is a separate matter. "Talking Points" did have to note it however. There is no question the cardinal believes anyone who gets into the USA deserves help and that is a controversial sanctuary policy. How "rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar's" fits into the cardinal's thinking is another mystery.

Surely Mahoney must realize that all nations have a right to control who enters their territory. This is just common sense. Right now, the USA has no record of more than 10 million illegal aliens. That is a dangerous and chaotic situation, brought about by a federal government that has been derelict in its duty.

The question is: Is Cardinal Mahoney being derelict in his duty as well? He was in the priest- pedophilia scandal, but this controversy is a bit more muddled. The philosophy of Jesus is to help the poor and downtrodden. And illegal aliens absolutely fall into that category. It's hard to imagine Jesus would ask a person's national status before giving that person a drink or a sandwich. And that is the crux of the matter. Good Christians must help those in need.

But do we have to enable them? The new law is designed to stop sanctuary movements that aid illegals far beyond giving them a temporary hand. Right now, there's an underground railroad of Americans who actively help illegals evade the law. That has to stop and if Cardinal Mahoney orders his priests to disobey the law, then he must suffer the legal consequences.

Finally with all due respect to the cardinal, he's clueless about how to wage the War on Terror or about the unintended consequences of illegal immigration. People are indeed suffering and most of them are here legally: us."

Ric said...

I found this on-line at Is it an Op/Ed?

Lawmakers must cease fake voter registration

"We replied how horrified we were to learn that Oregon was the destination for obtaining false credentials and that the lax policies of our state could well be putting national security at risk.

Frustration and outrage best describe our sentiments after observing nearly every minute of the recent driver's license fraud trials. Incredibly, the three defendants -- Sergio, Miguel and Fabio Robleto -- were acquitted. "

Scottiebill said...

Cardinal Mahoney is in L.A. where most of the Mexican illegals, largely Catholic, arrive first. Therefore Mahoney thinks, because they are Catholic, he has a duty to "help" them in their criminal ways. Mahoney should strive to remember, but probably conveniently will not, that more people were killed by the Catholic church (remember the inquisitions) than by all the wars up to that time, merely because those unfortunates did not go along entirely with the church's doctrines and/or wishes. Fast forward to WWII and Pope Pius XII. This Pope did absolutely nothing to oppose Hitler and the Nazis in their rise to power and their subsequent extermination of the Jews all across Europe. And the church has done damn little to rectify that breach of faith since that time. The Catholic Church is still doing little in cleaning up their own mess as it relates to the abuses of their priests against children. They should be considered suspect in their actions and methods of dealing with today's problems.

I was born Catholic, adopted and raised by a staunch Presbyterian mother, and am now a failed Lutheran and pretty much agnostic. My agnosticism is largely due to what I have seen and heard in a number of churches. The way churches are acting today, from the Catholics to the Protestants and down to the wild-eyed, money-grubbing evangelists on TV, they do not deserve anything but complete and utter scorn, starting with Mahoney and his ilk.

mike said...


Lawmakers must cease fake voter registration>>>>

Yes it was an Op-ed

I co-authored it

comment to:

dchamil said...

"What can I do?" Among the many things you can do is to obtain a stamp from one of the Office Supply stores, such as Office Max, that has a custom-ordered slogan on it. The slogan might be Secure Our Borders or No a la Reconquista or a similar one. Stamp every outgoing piece of mail, such as utility bills. You will do your part at little cost and no risk.

Thomas said...

Interesting tid-bit for y'all:

[ is this a good thing? ]

Louisville Courier-Journal - Feb 25 3:01 AM
INDIANAPOLIS -- The Bureau of Motor Vehicles has signed a new six-year contract with an Oregon-based company to provide an enhanced system for issuing driver's licenses. The goal is to speed up service and make licenses more secure and easier to authenticate.

In May of 2005 Pres. Bush signed the Real ID Act [ which was attached as a rider to a military appropriations bill ] to be implemented by 2008.
In Oregon our drivers licenses will contain [among other things ] bio-metrical identifiers, an rfid chip, and possibly, medical information.

More information may be found here:

I have mixed emotions about this.
"Mark-of-the-Beast"? No, but surely a step in that direction. But that's a topic for another time.