Thursday, March 02, 2006

I only habla English

Multi-Lingual Madness ~ Gov't 'Aids and Abets' Illegal Aliens
In order to become an American citizen -- Immigration Law states that: "Applicants for naturalization must be 18, legally living in the U.S. for at least 5 years and must be able to read, write, speak and understand words in ordinary usage in the English language." If that is the case then WHO are the following Spanish language information brochures for?

Of course, no article on illegal aliens would be complete without the "honorable" mention of the nonsense that Oregon government does to make sure our criminal alien "guests" are as comfortable as possible.

"Jobs that Americans won't do" just means "jobs where you need to speak Spanish to work."


Ric said...

"Statistics developed by the Pew Hispanic Center indicate that over 15 percent of the workers in the U.S. in the following occupations are working illegally: drywall installers, roofers, painters, cooks, maids, cement masons, construction laborers, agricultural workers, and others"
Stewart Verdery

With that "Others" category I guess that means all fields.

Verdery worked for our President as an assistant secretary in Homeland Security - a short bio is at the end of the story.

Sue K. said...

All the other laws pertaining to illegals are being ignored, so why not this one too? Maybe Bush should be given a refresher course on immigration LAWS.

Is anyone aware of any other country that bends over backwards for illegals in their country?

Anonymous said...

Here's the source of the problem:

fish_on said...

Here's another source of the problem...

From Bill O'Reilly's talking points memo on 3/1/06...

"On this Ash Wednesday, the Cardinal of Los Angeles, Roger Mahoney, shocked some Americans by saying he will instruct his priests to defy proposed legislation already passed by the House that would crack down on people aiding illegal aliens. Basically, the cardinal is saying that it is the duty of a Christian to help poor people, no matter what their immigration status.

Mahoney then went even further, telling The Los Angeles Times that the War on Terror isn't going to be won through immigration restrictions. The cardinal went on to say that Al Qaeda would not trek through miles of deadly desert to infiltrate the USA.

Well, how Mahoney could know that is a mystery. It seems to me Al Qaeda killers do a lot of trekking — through the mountains of Afghanistan, through the deserts of Syria, Iran and Iraq. Somebody tell the cardinal. Mahoney has long been an advocate of immigrant rights and legality does not enter into his thinking.

By the way, the cardinal has been roundly criticized for being soft on priests who molest children, but that is a separate matter. "Talking Points" did have to note it however. There is no question the cardinal believes anyone who gets into the USA deserves help and that is a controversial sanctuary policy. How "rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar's" fits into the cardinal's thinking is another mystery.

Surely Mahoney must realize that all nations have a right to control who enters their territory. This is just common sense. Right now, the USA has no record of more than 10 million illegal aliens. That is a dangerous and chaotic situation, brought about by a federal government that has been derelict in its duty.

The question is: Is Cardinal Mahoney being derelict in his duty as well? He was in the priest- pedophilia scandal, but this controversy is a bit more muddled. The philosophy of Jesus is to help the poor and downtrodden. And illegal aliens absolutely fall into that category. It's hard to imagine Jesus would ask a person's national status before giving that person a drink or a sandwich. And that is the crux of the matter. Good Christians must help those in need.

But do we have to enable them? The new law is designed to stop sanctuary movements that aid illegals far beyond giving them a temporary hand. Right now, there's an underground railroad of Americans who actively help illegals evade the law. That has to stop and if Cardinal Mahoney orders his priests to disobey the law, then he must suffer the legal consequences.

Finally with all due respect to the cardinal, he's clueless about how to wage the War on Terror or about the unintended consequences of illegal immigration. People are indeed suffering and most of them are here legally: us."

Scottiebill said...

I have posed the question a few times about the possibility of some prosecutor in Oregon indicting and prosecuting Teddy the K and SecState Guillermo Bradbury for aiding and abetting the illegals in giving them drivers licenses and voting rights. A letter in the fishwrapper this morning said it best - If the people we elect and put in power to uphold and administer the law do not do so, then the law itself is powerless and irrelevant. Therefore, Teddy the K, Guillermo Bradbury, and the various prosecutors who will do nothing toward going after these two, are powerless and irrelevant, also.