Friday, March 10, 2006

But they have "free" health care

'Down with Fidel' sign sparks international incident
While Cuba played the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic, a spectator in the stands raised a sign saying: "Down With Fidel," sparking an international incident that escalated Friday with fastball velocity.

The image of the man holding the sign behind home plate was beamed live Thursday night to millions of TV viewers -- including those in Cuba. The top Cuban official at the game at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan rushed to confront the man.

Puerto Rican police quickly intervened and took the Cuban official -- Angel Iglesias, vice president of Cuba's National Institute of Sports -- to a nearby police station where they lectured him about free speech.

Hollywoods favorite dicator get slammed at a baseball game and his "top official" gets a lecture on free speech. I'm sure the official was very shocked that he couldn't drag the offender off and torture him to death. (but they have "free" health care)

Nothing wrong with crushing any dissenting opposition when you have such a great country and did I mention the "free" health care?

Same story as Mexico: If Cuba was such a great country then people wouldn't risk life and limb to come to America... and Castro wouldn't have to keep his citizens, err subjects, prisoner.


BEAR said...

The Mexican (or latino, or whatever)invasion is starting to have similar components and demographics to the Mariel Boatlift. People that Fox doesn't want, i.e. criminals, illiterates, etc. are being "dumped" on the always compassionate and generous USA. It is disgusting that the illegals would rather come here to complain than demand reforms in their own countries. They aren't refugees, just aggressive panhandlers. BTW, aren't there laws against that?

Victoria Taft said...

Don't you think that having large demonstrations in favor of illegal aliens does more to communicate how many illegals there are in this country than any Pew Hispanic chart could impart? Go demonstrators go!
Daniel, take a victory lap. Check out my blog.