Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Those tricksy hobbits


It seems as if Fernando isn't going to follow the schedule for the Carousel of Crime. It was supposed to be in Ashland this Saturday (3-11-06) but they have moved it to Medford.

You aren't going to catch us napping on this one Fernando. The only way we won't show up to these is if you move it a little further down south... like to Mexico City.

And just so everyone is aware:

"The Employment Department, in cooperation with the Department of Consumer and Business Services, and the Mexican Consulate in Oregon, spearheaded the "Carrousel of Information" information fair. The Carrousel has become a popular and successful way for government agencies and service related organizations to conduct outreach to Mexican citizens seeking services from the Consulate. The Carrousel itself, however, is open to anyone in the community desiring information.

According to our state agencies the carousel is open to all of us!


The Gentle Cricket said...

"outreach to Mexican citizens seeking services from the consulate".

Perhaps that's why at your Eugene protest a legal American citizen, originally from Mexico, was denied services. It may be open to American citizens, but only Mexican citizens will actually receive the services.

Keep up the good work, Daniel.

Daniel said...

I haven't ever considered stopping.

Khaldun said...

daniel, while you are at it, make sure you ask bear, the illegal, to stop posting messages...he needs to prove he's legal before posting..

Tim Lewis said...

anonymous, while you are at it, make sure you ask yourself if you hate this country so much, then why are you here?

Bruce said...

HEY...ANONYMOUS....YOU COWARD!!!! Why don't you have your profile and blogspot available for us to leave comments on your blog.....you pussy!!! I clicked on your stupid name and it came up unavailable to return comment. Something to hide......you wimp!

Roger Doger said...

I love how you all post your pictures. It makes it easy to identify you all when you show up to harrass immigrants on private property. Also, the fact that many of you post your names makes it even easier to turn you over to the police when you violate the law and the rights of individuals.

Take for example Daniel of Daniel's Political Musings. I don't really know who he is, but I can do a google search for: Daniel Oregon Immigration. I locate the last name of Miglavs. I can then search Daniel Miglavs in Oregon on Anywho and I get 1 hit with a Sherwood address.

23352 SW St Charles Way
Sherwood, OR 97140

Then, I can take that information and find Vehicle info: Forest Green Dodge Caravan SE Plate: VMU 4XX (Last two numbers withheld for the purpose of this demonstration)

Daniel's photo

Daniel Miglavs
23352 SW St Charles Way
Sherwood, OR 97140

Green Dodge Caravan SE Plate: VMU 4XX
(Last two numbers withheld for the purpose of this demonstration)

Voila! All this info can be given to police and maybe the FBI when Daniel trespasses on private property and/or violates someones rights.

Kevin Mannix eat your heart out!

Bob H. said...

Dear Roger Doggy style-Way to go Columbo you've figured out how to use Google. Unlike you, Daniel and the rest of us who care about this invasion don't break the law. We have respect for private property rights even if you do use it to habor and aid felons.

Bruce said...

Hey Roger Dodger.....if you have enough balls, stop in at my barbershop...i'll give you a good trim-up...right where it counts. Stop threatening Daniel and putting out his address...your aiding and abetting a violation if anybody does anything to Daniel's house or his car. I never fail to be amazed at the intolerance of the far left when you disagree with their anti-american agenda.

Scottiebill said...

Right on Bruce. Roger Doger has resorted to the old liberal tactic - if you have no sensible, factual, reasonable, original, or truthful rebuttals against your opponenet's arguments, the attack using personal slander, inviting personal attacks on their homes by putting out their addresses and license plate numbers, and stupid innuendoes against their character. And, of course, if none of that works, you can always resort to the one-finger salute. That'll show them!!!

Anonymous said...

Just love how a lot of people hate daniel too.

Daniel said...

If someone wants to come to my house please do so while wielding a visible weapon and loudly proclaiming "I'm a threat to your safety and the safety of others."

I promise I'll just cower in the corner...