Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Se Habla screwed up education?

A legal immigrants take on the huge influx of Hispanic children (less from birth rate and more from illegal immigration) into our public schools.

From the article:

Most Spanish speakers are first-generation students, children of immigrants or immigrants themselves. Nearly 260 of the school's 450 students are being taught English.

Think about how much your child's education is being dumbed down, being overlooked, being neglected because of illegal alien children taking up space in the classroom. We can't educate the world. Sorry, that was PC, we can't educate Mexico.


The Gentle Cricket said...

Education is also being diluted. Teachers must spend extra effort teaching English, and less time teach the three R's.

Idler said...

El sistema de educación está jodido.

This legal immigrant and his Paraguay-born wife are going to homeschool.

Daniel said...

Smart move Idler. Your children will be better for it.

DANEgerus said...

Specter(R-ino) offers Amnesty

Sue K. said...

Smart of you to homeschool. Unfortunately, you and I will still be expected to pay for the education of all the illegals attending OUR schools.

Anonymous said...

7,500 NEW Latino students in ONE year? Hmmm... that will cost us just $750,000 this year and now Latino's are giving birth to 1 in 5 Oregonians. So when does it stop?
When does the State file Bankruptcy, like California?
I am SICK of paying now for over 80,000 kids that can't speak English and then teaching them how to read & write & speak in TWO languages. TWICE the money & time.
What about OUR future?
Hope I am not the only one with enough balls to show up at the rally in Portland on Saturday. We have got to speak up BEFORE we no longer can, in English.

Jeff said...

Mecha article in the UofO paper:

Scottiebill said...

Vicky Phillips is talking about possibly closing schools again to help toward alleviating her budget shortfalls. She could do a couple of things rather than close schools: 1) She could ban all illegal immigrant kids from entering the school system by requiring the parents of those kids to show proof of legal status(an unknown concept in Portland and Oregon government), and 2)trimming the administrative staff drastically. Another unknown concept in Portland. She could also freeze the teachers' salaries, but that would have the teachers union to go completely off the charts berzerker.

Sue K. said...

Add to your suggestions that Vicky Phillips, herself, could take a pay cut. Nah, won't happen!

When are parents going to get angry because their kids' education is in the toilet because of illegals and their kids? Maybe if schools do start closing, people will see the reason(s) why and start screaming.

Just like everything else, Portland feels that if they threaten enough about closing schools that parents will come running with their wallets and purses open.

Scottiebill said...

Sue - You're right about Phillips cutting her own salary - isn't it in the neighborhood of $300,000. per year? It ain't gonna happen. But, then Portland could cut off funding to the OSHU Disneyland ride, the bus mall in Downtown, stop building their light rail projects (at a jillion dollars a mile), and many other stupid projects too numerous to mention here.

One other idea: Vancouver is talking about building a new jail because theirs is too small and too old. Why don't they lease the brand new jail in Portland that has sat empty since it was built? Then Portland might get a few more "much needed" dollars and Vancouver would not have to spend money they don't have to build a new facility. Nah! That might be too easy a solution for either city.