Sunday, March 26, 2006

Is Mac ever wrong?

Illegal Aliens: Just Mobbing the Streets Americans Won't Mob
To the astonishment and delight of the news media, Saturday saw an unprecedented protest by an estimated 500,000 illegal aliens and their advocates in Los Angeles. Smaller rallies were held in cities across the country, opposing efforts to secure the border and finally crack down on illegal entry into America by millions of unscreened foreigners. Apparently, the protests prove what a “divisive” issue illegal immigration is. To me, they simply prove that criminals dislike the prospect of increased law enforcement.

It’s as if thieves thought they could form a union to lobby for fewer cops.

My favorite was the guy who had the sign saying "We demand a path to permanent residency." I described that picture to a guy at church and he looked at me funny, laughed, and said that we already have a path to legal residency! Go home and fill out the paperwork!

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Anonymous said...

Man if they ever riot, even the blacks will vacate the place.

Reminds me of the Oregon DMV on Powell on last Saturday, even the Aisans, an Russians looked worried, outnumbered and likely outgunned.

Anonymous said...

Wow! half million people opposing sensebrenner bill way to go!

Bruce said...

This just ruined my whole weekend watching this shit on TV. These people have some nerve marching in MY country telling me i owe them citizenship and an easy way to get it so they can bring all the rest of their bracero relatives over here to further screw up MY country! Yeah! Yeah! I know anonymous is going to have a ball with this posting.....go ahead anonymous,you anti-american illegal loving peice of your worst.

Anonymous said...

What does this last weekend tell us? INVASION, pure and simple. The protesters showed their colors all right. Umpteen Mexican flags waved above the protester's heads. This is a state sponsored (Mexico) invasion. Don't kid yourself, if we don't stop it now, when can we stop it? AMERICA MUST MAKE A STAND: NO TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how ILLEGAL, keeps being the key word, but you all know that if all the illegals suddenly turned legal you, throw a fit and say "get those mexicans out", you wouldn't say any other race but them, so Bruce, should all non-caucasians be kicked out of "Your country"?

Liberty44 said...

This has been the weekend from hell. It truly frightens me to see all the unrest on the news this weekend, especially in Los Angeles. I was apalled that some even said if they did not get what they wanted, they would boycott. Well, as far as I am concerned, let them. We have gotten along without them for years and can still do so. I feel sorry for the ones who want to come into this country legally and make a future for their families. However, the people starting these riots and that is what they are, are benefiting only themselves and not the ones who truly earn the right. I would like to know just what we can do as Americans to stop this. I have sent faxes and letters and phone calls until I am blue in the face, but now it seems to all have been in vain. I am not racist, but I see why so many are against the Hispanics. The ones here legally are very welcome and some are very nice people. However, some are not. I have attended school with some which were delightful people, although I will say that some do not get their grades on the up and up. I had one ask me to help her change her business English paper. She had a lot of errors in it, but she was trying. However, aside from all the errors, the instructor gave her an A on her paper with all the errors. That kind of bothered me because I know in my case, I am the type who wants what is truly earned and not just given to me. I think this woman was the same way and maybe that was why she asked for my help. I also asked her if she wanted to stay in this country. Her reply was that she only came here for the education and would go back to Peru where she felt more welcome. However, she is still a very nice person and one who wants to learn. I have no fault with people like her, but the troublemakers are the ones I want to go home and I have a feeling most of those marchers are just that, "troublemakers".

BEAR said...

Paul Harvey said it so well, "The illegal way is the now way to stay in the U.S.A."
The threats to extort by way of boycott....LOL. Just go ahead, and see what sowing the wind will reap.
The politicians, who let this happen, now are holding us hostage with statements such as "there are too many, and, how do we get rid of them? That monkey won't stay on my back. It belongs to you, fellas.