Thursday, March 30, 2006

But will anyone be fired?

Oregon Legislative Audits Panel Reviews DHS Spending Practices
State Representative Jerry Krummel (R-Wilsonville), the Committee Co-Chair, said the report "raises serious questions about whether DHS has been engaging in an expensive shell game involving millions of tax dollars."

Earlier this month, the Secretary of State's Audits Division found that nearly $90 million had been moved from one account to another potentially violating state law and the Oregon Constitution. The audit also noted $27 million in federal Medicaid funds may have been mismanaged.

Kudos to Rep Krummel for looking into this but I'm just not hopeful that any heads will roll. It becomes clearer everyday that government doesn't believe that the laws apply to them.

You have to tax property equally? We'll just invent something called abatements for people we like! Evironmental laws apply to Portland? Not if we sue! Enforce our immigration laws? La-la-la-la, we're not listening...


Bruce said...

Most of the state workers at DHS, like almost all other agencies, are of the far left leaning persuasion....and of course women or other assorted minorities. All under the same belief that "if it does some good for the "entitlement class"" then it is OK to break and skirt the law.
And in that same vein.....why is it impossible, for the last several years, to find or uncover or, God forbid, come across a regular normal MAN to head up the Salem/Keizer school district. Why does it always have to be a woman. Are there no men at all in Oregon qualified to run any of the state departments.......OH i forgot my political correctness....this is Oregon!!!!

Khaldun said...

bruce, you are an ass.

Khaldun said...
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Anonymous said...

DIVERISTY? Schools are 54% Male
BUT Teachers? 72% female
DIVERSITY? Salem Schools
NO Blacks, No Asians, No Indians
All Hispanic (Woodburn 80%) & white.
Boys get shafted again