Sunday, March 05, 2006

Let's not forget who allows this to happen

With all the attention focused on the less than intelligent college sheep, the communists, the dope smokers, the illegal aliens and the unions parading around Portland waving Mexican flags and chanting for amnesty while blocking traffic for ordinary Americans who just want to get to work, I think that we need to remember that there is one man, one single individual who could make Oregon unfriendly to criminal aliens but chooses not to:

Our very own Governor Kulongoski! Seen here with Mexican consul Fernando Sanchez Ugarte and standing proudly in front of the banner of Mexico: The chicken fighting the worm.

Not only does he proudly meet with this man whose goals are in direct conflict with the interests of America, for those of you who missed it before, he has come out in favor of state agencies traveling around with the Mexican Consulate giving out information on obtaining social services, drivers licenses and voter registration cards exclusively to Mexican nationals.

Caption from the above photos original source:
The General Consul Fernando Sanchez Ugarte, accompanied by the Coordinator of Protection, met with Governor Ted Kulongoski to comment on subjects of interest of the Mexican community... [translated by Google]

It's time to have a governor who is concerned with the American community.


Anonymous said...

Well Daniel, way to go. You've gone above and beyond in your ability to pass judgment on, take photos of, presume legal status of and really show the American public the inferior character of Mexicans. I'm convinced. They're sub-human.

What I'm not convinced of is what I thought you were all about. Coming up with a real solution to illegal immigration. Your local and state exclusion, followed by "hope they leave", coupled with not really sure how to secure the border with having a harmful impact on commerce plan is weak. If that's the best you can come up with, then get ready for regularization, and for some new neighbors.

Finally, more rational minds in the public debate are starting to prevail.

Keep up the good work on the ethnic slandering, though. I think you really show some promise there.

Anonymous said...

This is not okay, how can you people think like this. Yes, there should be more border control but to deport these people and call them felonds overnight? That's just messed up. Think about the families that live here, and are here to give their best, and prove they can something in this country, but with people like they can't because your always threatening them with your political shit that's always so negative. Give them a chance

Anonymous said...

The plan includes a closure of the border, punishment for employers who hire Illegal Aliens and then an orderly process of removal of those who have not already left voluntarily.

MAX Redline said...

Y'know, I wish you anonymouse posters could manage, for a time at least, to stop with the b.s.

Daniel has never, to my knowledge, referred to Mexicans as inferior, nor as sub-human. I imagine that his (legal) Latina bride would take great offense if he did so.

What he has done is to point out the problems with the open-border policy, including the huge numbers of detainees in our county jails with ICE holds on them. You do understand what that means - right? It means that after illegally entering our country, they went on to commit more serious crimes here in our home counties until they were eventually apprehended.

Now I realize that to you folks and to many other "more rational minds", open borders are wonderful, and if we can maintain an open-border stance, why then the duckies and the bunnies will one day hold hands while dancing around the Maypole to the tune of "Everything Is Beautiful". It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Many simply don't share those feelings.

As Daniel has correctly pointed out, there are steps than an active Governor can implement immediately to help reduce the impact of illegal aliens: the Governor can order DMV to quit handing out drivers' licenses without proof of legal residence. The Governor can order state agencies to withold nonessential social services and voter registration from those unable to file proof of legal status.

Kulongoski has declined even these most basic steps.

There are some things that the Governor is unable to directly affect: by law, children - regardless of status - must be afforded educational opportunity. Yet even here, the Governor has a degree of flexibility: Educational opportunity does not mean that expensive ESL classes are mandatory; evidence indicates in fact that English Immersion produces far superior rates of learning, retention, and overall functionality. And the Governor can order dismantling of ESL in Oregon.

There is little that we can do in regard to the flooding of our hospital emergency rooms and trauma centers by illegal aliens at present, yet it is foolish to simply stand aside as Kulongoski has done.

Daniel may be the man you choose to love to hate, yet he has done far more to heighten awareness of the issues related to open borders than anyone else in the state of whom I'm aware.

And despite your protestations to the contrary, he does so without slander, without ethnic slur. Should you happen to run into him at an event, you would find him unfailingly polite and respectful, whether engaging friend or foe in the controversy. People flip him the bird; he waves and smiles.

Perhaps most importantly, he's out there, physically. You can meet him if you choose.

Ah, but that's too much work for guys like you. It's much easier to just flop behind your keyboard and take potshots.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you have demonstrated through your redneck racism the uneducated and trashy individual that you truly are. Regardles of where one stands on this or any other political issue, demeaning another race and its flag serve no purpose and accomplish nothing. I can understand though why you didn't offer constructive solutions; simply because your mindless and unable to. By the way, I'm caucasian and have a Master's Degree. It's called schooling, you should try it sometime!

Anonymous said...

What's even easier is to hide behind your computer and blame this problem on the Governor and claim there's little that you can do. If they're coming it's for a reason and that's because people hire them. If you truly don't want them here, simply stop hiring them and they'll go elsewhere.

Playin' Possum said...

Hey dude, ya gotta common theme goin' here on all your latest posts... Pot, pot, and more pot...

Whatsamatta... Did ya run out?

Scottiebill said...

It is not clear as to Anonymous' status here. Once in a while he makes a bit of sense on the illegal alien issue, but today the 3 or 4 postings he made, make NO sense at all. He is still being a strong advocate for the illegal population here, in my opinion. He apparently does not see Teddy the K's culpability in allowing illegal aliens drivers licenses and the right to vfote as if they are full naturalized citizens. He also doesn't consider them to be criminals, abut the INS has statutes in place, called laws, that says that anyone entering our country without proper documentation and going through the proper channels is a criminal. Surely, even Anonymous can understand that, even though he has a Masters Degree. One of my sons has a Masters, too, but he is not an apologist for the illegals, Teddy the K, Fernando, and Guillermo Bradbury. Daniel is right on in his assessments of this situation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, give the druggies, rapist, leaches, Gang members, 5 families at a time in one house, crap and cars in the lawn, house values go down as soon as the neighborhood changes. Yes, they deserve a chance.

Tim Lewis said...

Daniel...the criminals are getting scared. They're commenting with more frequency.

Anonymous said...

That photo of the Mexican flag was produced by a MEXICAN!
Robert Vasquez is a Mexican-American whose Father came here LEGALLY. He is running for Congress in Idaho.
He too is sick of millions sneaking into America without permission.
He made up this flag, not Daniel.

Rick Hickey said...

Mr. Vasquez is the 1st County Comissioner to use R.I.C.O. (think Mafia) Laws to sue local companies for hiring Illegal Aliens, instead of Americans (That would be the R. for Racketeering, the C. stands for Corruption). He is a true HERO to all Americans, regardless of previous Nationality.
Hey why didn't Indymedia list my post? is the liberal agenda, no more FREE speech?

Anonymous said...

Yes people get tired of others sneaking in, and that can be fixed by securing the border more (like many agree). But there must be a chance for the people alreayd living here, to do something of them selfs. Why won't you people allow this. Yes they are illegal, but they are here for a reason, they are illegal because you don't give them a chance. I agree only the families who's children are planning on finish college should stay. But to do something so cruel and call them felons, shouldn't happen. They should be given the chance.

Gullyborg said...

By the way, I'm caucasian and have a Master's Degree. It's called schooling, you should try it sometime!

By the way, I am Hispanic with 4 degrees and will add a Doctor of Jurisprudence in 2 months, and I think Daniel is a great American hero and patriot with a razor-sharp mind.

BEAR said...

If you came here in violation of our laws, please leave. You do nothing to promote the American Dream. The signs at the rally were clear. Che Guevera hated democracy until the day he was gunned down, yet you people see him as your champion. Shame on your hypocrisy. You shout out no justice, no peace, but live and steal services illegally. Shame on your criminality. You are passionate about your aims, but can't stoop to bring your millions to pressure your own government for reform. Shame on your lack of honor. You shout "racism," and support "la raza." Shame on your cowardice.

Anonymous said...

They have even taken steps to eliminate matricular drivers licenses up here in leftist Washington. It clearly seems like Oregon needs a new Governor without the globalist policies and not looking out for the legal citizens as the current one shows.

Daniel said...

To the anonymouses who say I am demeaning certain people:

I will demean criminals. Mexicans are not criminals. Mexicans who came here illegaly are and will be demeaned.

The flag is my creation but it is the visualization that was created from a Robert Vasquez quote where he said that he had an American flag on his desk, not that Mexican chicken and worm.

Last, what I don't understand is the "Mexican pride" that people here have. All the flags and nonsense. People vote with their feet and clearly America is the better country, most people in Mexico would rather be here. So why leave someplace and then wave it's flag?

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- Clearly I have no monopoly on the "anonymous" label, and can only claim the first post. I won't endorse any of the other nonesense articulated by others under the same name. I see no point in all of the name-calling. We must learn it from that crude impersonator of civic discourse we call talk radio. Nonetheless, my questions to you are still pertinent, and largely unanswered:

-- How are we to deport 11 million unauthorized migrants?
-- What if those you wish to exclude from state and local formal activities (licenses, insurance, health care, etc.), don't leave in spite of the exclusionary policies? If the predicted black market does burgeon, do we have law enforcement capabilities to police a growing informal economy in which the participants are now anonymous and officially of the radar?
-- Those illegal migrants who don't risk a desert crossing are smuggled in the trunks of cars and mixed in with a huge legal trafficking of NAFTA-fueled cross-border goods-exchange. How do you propose to stop these illegal entrances (a wall won't do it) without harming both nations' economies?

With all of these questions remaining unanswered, I do not see how your proposal is better. In fact, as I see it, it entails more risk, less certainty, and greater cost. Why not regularize those here with a job, tax their wages, and focus on an infrastrcture designed to police workplaces much more rigorously? That's where the least amount of attention has been paid. The border has seen intensive policing upgrades in the past twenty years; returns from increased border enforcement are likely to be miniscule (Massey's book, listed at the OFIR website, clearly demonstrates this). There has been little or no policing of the workplace.

All rhetoric aside (which is where it should be on an issue of such policy-importance as this), I've heard little or nothing in the way of a convincing answer to these quesetions from you or any other restrictionists. If you, and the politicians voice your opinions, can't seriously address these questions, then it's a sign of a weak policy, doomed to failure.

By the way, based on things I've read, most immigrants to this country intend to return to their country of origin. Hence, the national pride. Hell, when I travel overseas, I long for hamburgers, rock music, and the like. The only thing I don't do these days, is advertise that I am an American, unfortunately.

BEAR said...

Daniel, Jim L., & Rick H.; Great job on Victoria's show tonight. Well and reasonably said by all of you. Makes me proud. My family knows you're on the right side of this and other issues.

Tim Lewis said...

Follow the proper procedures to come here and you'll get your chance. I have no problem giving anyone a chance then.

Anonymous said...

Ok yes. They have messed up my coming here illeagaly but now that there here lets give em a chance. And then, have better border control so that the people who wish to enter, "follow the proper procedures"

Tim Lewis said...

Or, just follow the laws from the beginning and we won't have this problem. Stop making excuses.

Anonymous said...

How can kids, teens that were brought here be at fault. Its not their fault. They are not excuses. These things happen and should be given a chance. Mexican, asians, irish, german, and african american kids are born in this country with their parents being immigrants. You can deport their parents and their children too! Those kids are citizens of the u.s. It would be wrong to seperate the kids from the parents. It would also be wrong to deport them as well! So give these people a chance

Anonymous said...

And what about the kids in America whose parents commit crimes? What about the kids whose parents commit burglary because they want more money than they can get legitmately at home?

It is sooo unfair to "deport" the parents to jail and leave the kids here separated from their parents.

Puhleeze. They can stay here if they are citizens. Or they can go home with their criminal parents and come back when their parents provide them with an example of what honest people do - play by the rules and go through the process.


Anonymous said...

But remember if they are born here they are citizens. Your minds messed up. You cannot seperate kids from their parents, how can you even say that. What if the born citizens don't want to leave with their parents, but the parents are illegal, are you going to force the kids to leave also, even though they were born in the u.s? Think about it!

Anonymous said...

But remember if they are born here they are citizens. Your minds messed up. You cannot seperate kids from their parents, how can you even say that. What if the born citizens don't want to leave with their parents, but the parents are illegal, are you going to force the kids to leave also, even though they were born in the u.s? Think about it!