Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anne of green [card] gables

So Anne Martens has a piece over at BlueOregon that calls people who oppose illegal aliens racist.

"There has been more and more anti-immigrant sentiment lately. And by anti-immigrant, I mean anti-Mexican. I'm sick of it. It's time to call this what it is: racism."

She goes on to cite a quote from 1885 as evidence of this apparent racism. It's like listening to Avel Gordley talk about slavery like it was yesterday. (Remember how the Democrats opposed slavery and worked hard to abolish... oh wait...)

So after smearing everyone who think our laws should be enforced... what's that? She didn't smear everyone? Just a select few? Not Peter DeFazio (D) who's excellent op-ed piece took the same position that Victoria Taft, Jim Ludwick and myself take?

Ok, so she smears a select few claiming that they are "hoping to appear hateful enough to snatch up votes with vitriol."

So who is Anne Martens? She is Chief of Communications for Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. She has "interned for the ACLU" and "provided legal services to several plaintiff's medical malpractice trial attorneys" so we know she keeps good company...

The paragraph of all paragraphs in her "who needs actual facts when you can call names" piece is this:

"The immigrant bashers would prohibit people from access to information (like how to start a business), to education (punishing the child for the sins of the father), to drivers licenses (because they prefer unsafe roads), and to all of the resources that can assist people in becoming productive members of society, preventing exploitation, and improving our communities. "

Do I want people who are not allowed to legally work in this country to be able to start a business? Absolutely not, that would be a crime. Apparently Misss Martens thinks that labor laws don't matter.

Do I want to educate illegal aliens? No. They certainly don't deserve in-state college tuition.

As for the causality between not issuing drivers licenses to criminal aliens and unsafe roads, I would prefer that criminal aliens not drive in this country at all! Giving illegal aliens drivers licenses to keep the roads safe is like giving condoms to rapists so their victims don't get an STD.

It's amazing to me that Miss Martens can link "unsafe roads" with illegal aliens not getting drivers licenses but she can't make the connection between illegal aliens and meth. Or illegal aliens and child rape. Or illegal aliens and school problems.

As for why people who talk about illegal immigration, both the pro and the con side, focus on Mexicans is because they are the majority of the people coming here this way. PCUN isn't out trumpeting that illegal aliens from Finland (see a few posts down) get amnesty because he wants to pick berries.

And unlike Miss Martens, I don't discriminate based on skin color or ethnicity, a criminal alien is a criminal alien is a criminal alien. Deport them.


bobby v said...

Amen Daniel. Im pissed Betsy Close didnt put up a better fight vs that rat Bradbury.

Allen said...

Take heart in knowing that with every reported rape or attempted rape, or every hold-up or attempted hold-up or every car jacking or attempted car jacking, or every home invasion, or murder, or child abuse, or meth bust another Liberal will have been close enough to the situation to see the error of their way and then join us in the Anti-Illegal movement as odds are an Illegal Alien was involved.

MAX Redline said...

An amusing little rant by the Martenette. As I'm sure you know, there's no point in dropping a comment off. The libs there are just so "tolerant" that they can't take the chance that a comment might "offend" someone.

Scottiebill said...

Max - You said that the libs are so "tolerant" that they can't take the chance that they might offend someone. The libs offend just about everyone, especially now that Guillermo Bradbury's Apologist in Chief has weighed in with her unseemly, unwanted, un-American, un-Oregonian, and unthinking stupid comments. Whoever is elected governor in November, and thankfully it won't be Teddy the K, should demand that Guillermo fire this person and get someone in there with some semblance of common sense. But, even if that demand is made by the next governor, does anyone really think that Guillermo will do the right thing and get rid of this person? I didn't think so.

DANEgerus said...

Berkeley? How not surprised am I?

She was chosen by Oregon's Secretary of State, who manages elections... eg. "counts votes"... to be the "Chief of Communications"?!?

Can you believe she lives alone with her cat?

Can you believe a woman without a family "advocated on behalf of the Family Violence Prevention Fund"?

So if the government can't divert my tax dollars to non-citizens I am a bigot?

No one is complaining about "immigrants". They are complaining about "illegal immigrants".

And... illegal immigrants shouldn't be here starting businesses without filling out a form, though I thought the 'BigLie' was that illegal aliens did jobs other people wouldn't do?

And... what kind of 'businesses' do criminals start?

Their children? Illegal aliens don't have a right to divert our tax dollars to their children's education.

Illegal aliens shouldn't be on our roads, which are made unsafe by ACLU lawyers suing for preferential treatment for "illegal aliens" by claiming 'racial profiling' because this demographic of very poor, english-challenged, criminals has a habit of getting noticed and pulled-over with predictable frequency. How convenient for the victicrats that they can count "illegal aliens" arrested against population counts that don't include "illegal aliens" among the citizenry to statistically 'validate' the lie of racial profiling.

Illegal aliens don't have any right to steal "the resources that can assist people" who are "productive members of" our "society".

Illegal aliens wouldn't be 'exploited' if they weren't here and...

Illegal immigrants are not "improving our communities"... they are bilking our communities.

Nobody voted Ann Martens, and her ilk, gods on earth with the authority to divert our tax dollars to additional law enforcement costs, additional health care costs and additional social service costs, all diverted unlawfully by people like Ann Martens to people here... unlawfully.

Ann Martens is in fact a bullying 'CarpetBagger' who has been in the state just a couple of years.

She should be deported back to Berkeley.

Bruce said...

Where did they find this little small-minded left-wing bitch?

Anonymous said...

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