Saturday, March 04, 2006

Work in the yard or...

It's a beautiful day outside. You can either work in the yard or you can counter-protest the Marxist illegal alien apologists in Portland.

We are planning to meet at 11 a.m. at the Auditorium Parking Garage, which is at the corner of 3rd and Columbia Sts. SW, near the KOIN Tower.

We will plan to meet on the top floor of the garage assuming it is open to the sky and the weather is good. If raining, meet on the floor below.

OFIR will bring about 20-25 signs to the meeting place, also some stickers that can be attached to signs. You are welcome to use one of the OFIR signs, or make your own.

If you aren't going to drop those pruning shears and jump in your car to go then come back here later for pictures and a narrative of the event.


jakejacobsen said...

Give'em hell Dan, we're proud of you!

MAX Redline said...

Sorry, I just got back from Seaside a few minutes ago. Spent 23 hours wide awake and blogging my buns off. It gave me some thoughts into the illegal immigration issue, however.