Sunday, July 30, 2006

Migrant facilities > Jails

No doubt you have seen the news coverage of the fire burning along with the state of emergency declared by our lame duck governor who can barely contain the smiles that he is getting on all the news channels during an election cycle.

So what does a "state of emergency" declaration mean?

At eco-devo it means that you can build "essential community facilities" such as "...facilities for migrant farm workers; food banks; police stations; jails; juvenile justice centers;..."

I'm not kidding. They put the migrant farm worker facilities before the jails.

No doubt that Oregon will need to build some illegal alien facilities with public grants to house the illegal aliens who fight our forest fires.


R Huse said...

Speaking of migrant workers you guys are going to love this:

My wife just got bumped from her flight.

Yes, surprise, I am married, there is a woman out there who will have me.

The flight was overbooked. Who was given priority?

People traveling with small children.

The elderly


Got that? No English? Step right this way sir, your incompetence gives you seating priority.

I am so done. I asked her “hey honey, you still think I am wrong about United being the airline from hell?”

“No… dear…. You are right, can you please stop being Mr. Asshole now?”

“Hey, Im sorry baby, just when do I get to be right about an immigration issue and how much I hate United at the same time?”

“Im hanging up now, thanks for your understanding, Im going to go hang out with the homeless guys in the airport”

“What’s that honey? I didn’t get you, No Habla Inglese”

Your wife going to spend time with the gals? $400 for an airline ticket
Your wife calling you from the airport? $1.20 worth of cell time
The satisfaction of knowing you will never have to fly United again and getting to score on illegal immigration? F-ing PRICELESS!

Elizabeth said...

Well Daniel, this is not surprising. You know out in Sandy (going towards Mt. Hood), the Catholic Charities have built an apartment complex (they pay very little rent) for migrant workers and their burgeoning broods. Yep, they get to steal Americans jobs, then also get cheaper housing than the Americans do, while they look for new jobs!! Is this oversimplifying it all? No, not really, it is just condensing things and saying them the way they are. Let them come here illegally, steal American jobs, get state benefits and then dirt cheap rent, all the while eating better living better and driving better cars than most of us can afford to buy. NICE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you and your kind are reprehensible.

You need to understand that there's a large bloc of voters here in Oregon who do NOT believe that you and your right-wing nutjobs are correct - in fact, you're viewed by many as a racist homophobe; much akin to Bill the Butcher in "Gangs of New York".