Saturday, June 24, 2006

Doctor of what? Being stupid?

Memo from DHS Director Dr. Bruce Goldberg: (he is accountable to the governor)

Date: June 21, 2006
To: All DHS staff
From: Bruce Goldberg, Director
Re: Medicaid Eligibility and Proof of Citizenship

As many of you know, a provision in the 2006 federal Deficit Reduction Act requires Medicaid applicants and recipients to provide documentation of identification and citizenship. This provision, which takes effect July 1, will not initially change our work processes. All DHS staff should continue doi ng business as usual until the department has provided specific guidance for implementation.

Staff from throughout the department are researching options for implementing the new documentation requirements in a way that will not jeopardize people’s health and safety. Once the specific implementation rules and procedures are developed, they will be provided to you along with directions for working with clients. No operational changes should occur until planning and training have been completed.

If you hear concerns from clients before then, please reassure them that DHS will work with them to identify and locate the documents they need to prove citizenship. No one will be denied access to these programs or rejected from these programs if they meet existing eligibility requirements. Our overarching goal in this transition is to ensure no harm occurs to anyone as we implement these new federal requirements .

Although the new federal regulations require more documentation, there remains some flexibility for handling situations where clients cannot provide such items as birth certificates, photo I.D.s or other identification materials. Because good health and access to health care is important to everyone, my goal is to implement these new requirements in a manner that meets the law without harming needy individuals.

As you know, Medicaid is health insurance that helps many people who can't afford medical care pay for some or all of their medical bills. As with other Medicaid program requirements, states must implement an effective process for ensuring compliance with documentation of citizenship in order to obtain federal matching funds. Effective compliance will be part of Medicaid program integrity monitoring.

I appreciate that this change is causing concern among staff and clients, and I tha nk you in advance for your efforts as we move through this transition.

DHS is willing to bend over backwards for the puppy rapers*. If this concerns you then perhaps you should contact Bruce:

And keep in mind that while Ted "The rule of law is the glue that holds together Oregon´s communal bonds" Kulongoski may put up with this nonsense from his department heads, our next governor, Ron Saxton, will not.

*Yes, I will continue to refer to illegal aliens as puppy rapers. See story.


Kaelri said...

I am forced to applaud your rhetorical genius, Daniel. I honestly can't think of a better way to make enemies and lose friends than to regularly refer to eight million people as "puppy rapers." I really can't. Well done.

Anonymous said...

8 million? Try 15-20 million wetbacks running loose in our backyard, and way to many of them are of the caliber of the puppy raper.

The list goes on and on with good hearted American's whose lives have been ruined because of criminal aliens. Crimes that should of never happened, and lives that should of never been destroyed. Remember the two nuns that were raped and one of them killed here in Oregon? It wasn't that long ago. All the illegal aliens, and the liberals need to be deported. Both are taking more from society then they're giving.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the article about the Nuns brutal attack and murder for you liberals with short-term memory loss. I'm guessing that must be from smoking too much of that pot. LOL

Daniel said...

Perhaps a poll should be taken as to whether I should refer to illegal aliens as "puppy rapers" or "nun rapers."

Kaelri said...

Democracy at its finest, eh?

Daniel said...

I'll govern the way Clinton did: can I get a show of hands before I take a position?

R Huse said...

I blogged about this subject a while back because I couldn’t believe anyone would have a problem with people having to produce ID to obtain services.

Its astounding to me: If you are trying to run a business, improve your house or do anything productive, the letter of the law must be followed. ID is checked, fees are charged and no exceptions can be made.

If you are trying to leach off the work of everyone else then all laws are bent and the pathway swept clean for you.

All of that is well and good, just please don’t stare in doe eyed wonder when those of us paying for this crap get a little pissed off.

R Huse said...
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Bruce said...

YES, kaelri,you bleeding heart turd,puppy rapers,carjackers,assaulters of women,assaulters of children,molesters of children,fraudulent document makers,ID theft professionals,robbers,murderers,bank robbers,kidnappers,drunk drivers,graffitee taggers, tresspassers etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., and on and on and on....neverending day after day after day. These are all kinds of different names for chronically criminal illegal aliens...kaelri!!!! Take off your rose-colored glasses!

Kaelri said...

Ahh, that's better. Everyone was being so respectful and rational. It was a little disconcerting.

I'll remind you, Bruce, of my only stated opinion here, which is that giving the "puppy raper" label to millions of people will probably turn out to be unhelpful.

Bruce said...

I don't pull punches....I will call it as i se it. The name puppy raper has a ring to it.

Kaelri said...

No, I don't believe you're calling it as you see it. Fifteen million people do not rape puppies. You wouldn't find as many as five. Raping puppies is not, actually, something that people want to do. I believe you are aware of that.

(You are one of perhaps 100 million white American males. So was Timothy McVeigh. Would you object, then, to someone else referring to you as a terrorist?)

And as for "pulling your punches," don't bother with the belligerent rhetoric. For one thing, if falling to childish name-calling on a scale of ten to the sixth power is the best "punch" you've got, then let me be the first to say, you're in trouble.

For another, it's pointless to try and make the whole issue an "us versus them" scenario. Because everyone should get along and the world should be a happy place? No. (Even if that's completely true, I doubt that forgiveness and compassion are ideas that you have a lot of stock in right now.) No, if I were in your place, I wouldn't see this as an invasion to be repelled, because if we tried to fight the illegal immigrants off that way, we would lose.

Anonymous said...

kaelri said, "Because everyone should get along and the world should be a happy place?"

Yes, but only after the human animal element has been removed and all the other animals are allowed to go on eating each other.

These folks need a little Zen in their world.

MAX Redline said...


On the one hand, I agree that the term, "puppy rapers" is going a bit far, as only one induhvidual was found doing so ("hey, it's my dog").

However, we do have way too many illegals running around loose, and a disproportionate number also presently under lock and key - to the tune, as I recall, of $3.2 million a year just in Multnomah County.

The fact of the matter is that the situation's way out of hand, and many are frustrated by that undeniable fact.

Personally, I prefer not to resort to invective-ridden labels because I don't believe that it's especially productive. I lay the blame for this mess squarely at the feet of our elected representatives - who got themselves elected and then chose not to represent us.

Sure, there are a lot of illegal aliens here. But that's only because our government has allowed them to be here. Actually, it's worse than that: our government encourages them to come here.

In this situation, as in so many others, it's easy to apply labels. But doing so ignores the many issues involved in their presence here. It ignores the complicity of our own government. It also ignores the rampant corruption and criminal activity that seems endemic to Mexico.

Some of the folks who are here illegally, it turns out, are here to work their butts off and send money home - because gangsters have made it clear that if they don't do that, their entire family will be killed in most unpleasant ways. The money gets wired home, the gangsters get their cuts, and the family gets what's left.

By no means does this include even a majority of illegals, but it appears to be a growing industry.

Of course, a significant percentage of those here illegally are, in fact, hard-core criminals. Again, they are able to be here because our government aids and abets them.

The rest of them are here simply because it's easy to be here. Why work your tail off (assuming you can find work) for a dollar a day when you can find easier work in the USA that pays far better?

If I were in their position, I'd do the same thing. I would, however, also trouble myself to learn the language and the customs of my host country, and a lot of illegals fall down on that score.

That last point is particularly irksome to me.

Bobkatt said...

This whole illegal immigrant debate is great example of what happens when the rule of law is ignored. Not only ignored, but the very people charged with inforcing those rules are complicit in the breaking of those rules.
We have honest hardworking people who have no intention of vilifing anyone calling a whole group of people "puppy rapers". Then we have another group forced to defend the lawbreakers because of the escalated rhetoric against them.
Imagine how simply this problem could have been averted if the government and the citizenry of this country would have just obeyed the laws in place.
While we are busy lambasting each other the government is methodically turning the North American continent in to one country, a North American Union.

BEAR said...

kaelri, I'm gratified that you have admitted that we would find "no more than five" puppy rapers. This means that because of liberals hiding the TRUE numbers, there are MILLIONS more illegals "porking the dog," or perhaps even their neighbors' dogs. Thanks. You are such an idiot. Please watch the blogs for lefties condemning such practices, and you will hear, once more, the sound of crickets.....just remember the folks who want to redefine marriage. This guy is their poster boy!

Kaelri said...


I agree almost completely with your position. The reason I'm going after the "puppy raper" gimmick is that I think it's worse than "not particularly productive" - I believe it's distinctly counterproductive. This is what Daniel's opponents pray he will resort to. It shows that he's catering to an extremist base; it makes average conservatives distance themselves from the cause; it repels the support of the undecideds; it hardens, vindicated and inspires the other side; it sends a clear message that Daniel has run out of honorable and substantive options. Spitball-throwing is tempting in politics, but it's consistently proven itself to be the worst plan of attack.

It only works under two conditions. First, the base being catered to has to be big - a whole lot bigger than the constituency behind Berlin Wall-esque border control, I'd wager. Second, it has to be balanced enough to invoke the pathos of a larger base, which "puppy raper" isn't going to do. Stereotyping the entire group of illegal immigrants is politically sound, obviously, but it has to be something that can actually diffract a solid trend. It works to say they're criminals; it works to say they could be terrorists. It doesn't work to call them puppy rapers because, simply put, they're not.

It's exactly the same way with these lil' snipes on Bear's part:

"Thanks. You are such an idiot."

At the risk of taking advantage of the support I've been shown and the reputation I've earned, I think I've made it remarkably clear that I am not an idiot. Bear has made some valid and accurate criticisms of my positions - but let those criticisms speak for themselves. Following it up with your "sheesh" diatribes undercuts your position, not mine.

That said, I will answer your implication:

"Please watch the blogs for lefties condemning such practices, and you will hear, once more, the sound of crickets....."

You're right. We don't condemn puppy raping. We don't condemn bestiality. We don't condemn terrorism. That's because we have lots and lots of other things to condemn, and we're not going to waste our time and blog space preaching to the choir unless he church is burning and we need them to get water buckets. But Americans' attitudes toward puppy raping are fairly unthreatened, in my judgment. I mean, would you write a blog post vehemently defending your belief that grass is green? 'Course not. The blue grass revolution is still twelve years off.

Let me put it a little more clearly for you:

Puppy raping is bad and everyone knows that already.

"This guy is their poster boy!"

Thank you.

MAX Redline said...


It's time to mark the calendar.

We actually appear to agree on some things.

I refuse to resort to the vituperative labelling for precisely the reasons you noted: resorting to such tactics actually marginalizes your position.

I'd like nothing better than to see the illegal aliens out of here. But calling them wetbacks or puppy rapers doesn't do anything to move the concept forward - indeed, it pushes it back by giving people the fodder they need to brand you as a racist or a bigot or whatever.

I fully understand the frustration that drives many of the folks who regularly visit Daniel's blog - I share it.

However, I recognize that the problem in many cases - and likely in the majority of cases - lies not with the aliens themselves, but with our own government.

Simply put, the vast majority of illegal aliens in this country could not be here without the complicity of our government.

This is where Daniel made a brilliant first stand: by showing up and protesting our governmental complicity in regard to the Mexican Consulate-sponsored "carusel of information", he really put a public identity onto the hidden problem.

In my limited experience, when Daniel is present at such events, he kills everyone with extreme politeness. And that's what really moves the message.

Hurling invective is much like peeing in a wetsuit. It gives you a warm feeling for a short time.

BEAR said...

Being nice to butchers and border-jumpers is embracing the two concepts of duplicity and "useful idiocy." You lefties out there think we can negotiate a non-negotiable situation. On the one hand, the terrorists intend to kill all of us. Ask Jill Carrell from the Christian Science Monitor how "nice" they were to her. (BTW, lefties, where IS mz Carrell? We haven't heard any of her anti-American crap for a while. Maybe her position has shifted? Hmm?) On the other hand, we have the border-jumpers, who's stated goal is to dismember the U.S.A.. Now, THERE'S a negotiable position. Again, to all you lefty sophists out there, Larry the cable guy's quote, "You can't fix stupid."

Anonymous said...

bobkatt said:

"While we are busy lambasting each other the government is methodically turning the North American continent in to one country, a North American Union."

North American Union? Over my dead body!

MAX Redline said...


As you well know, I'm not a leftist - I am, however, a realist.

I recognize that, as Jason Atkinson so aptly put it, "the problem isn't them; it's us."

Of course, Lars had a field day with the remark, but hey - Lars'd take advantage of a puppy if he thought he could get higher ratings.

In point of fact, Jason was absolutely correct: the problem can be found by looking at our own government, which actively encourages border jumping.

I voted for Dubya twice, but lately he's become a disgusting worm. How you fight a "war on terror" while allowing people to jump willy-nilly over the country's borders is absolutely incomprehensible to me.

But do I blame the illegals? Well, yeah, I do think the drug-runners and rapists should be shot, rather than deported.

But that's 10% or so of the tide.

If you were trying to live in such a corrupt and repressive place, wouldn't you jump an unguarded border toward greater freedom?

Of course you would. It's human nature. People in general seek freedom. And they don't care how they arrive at it.

Sure, they break our law in entering the country. In theirs, the police break the laws routinely. And if our government actively encourages people to jump the border - well gosh.

As Gomer Pyle famously opined:

"Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

I don't advocate "being nice" to border jumpers by any means. I refuse to shop at Lowe's because all of their signs - and I mean every freakin' one of them - are in Spanish as well as in English.

Pick a language and stick with it, morons - and by the way, we speak English!

Whenever possible, I refuse to do business with any company that, when called, tells me to "press 1 for English". My view is that if you want to conduct business in a foreign language, you really don't want to be paid in American dollars. And hey, shucks - I never seem to have any pesos on me.

Teddy and his gang have really ticked me off with their constant hunt for ways to divert my tax dollars to illegal aliens.

But again - what's that coming down to? It's our own damn government that is enabling these folks.

I really don't blame them for taking advantage of all the opportunities our government provides for border jumpers. In their place, you and I would do the same.

Clearly, our government has abdicated its first and foremost responsibility: the securing of our borders.

Equally clearly, our government is hellbent on spending your tax dollars and mine in the provision of "services" to illegal aliens.

It's not about "being nice" to illegal aliens.

Ranting about them in the blogosphere accomplishes nothing.

We, the citizens, have only one set of tools available to us: hold our government and businesses accountable.

Don't shop at Lowe's. Don't press 1 for English. And vote Teddy K and other enablers out of office.

Rhetoric changes nothing. Actions can.

Kaelri said...

And who on either side of the spectrum can find fault with that?

Bobkatt said...

There seems to be no limit to the largess and accommodation offered up by government to illegal aliens. At a time where there never seems to be enough money for health care, schools, roads, police, ad nauseam, I find it repulsive that there is always money for outreach programs to aid and abet criminals.
I vow that until the government gets on board with the rest of the public that pays for these services, I will opposed each and every attempt to usurp more of my money no matter how necessary it may appear or who it will benefit. It is time for the ones who make these decisions to be held accountable. Please concider me an enemy to everyone of you who contribute to making Oregon a safe haven sanctuary for criminals.

MAX Redline said...


"There seems to be no limit to the largess and accommodation offered up by government to illegal aliens."

That's dead-on target!

PPS is always claiming that they have no money, yet they spend nearly eleven thousand dollars per student, per year.

Why is that?

Well, obviously part of it is the free ride on health care and the PERS benefits - but a whole lot of that cost is due to their insistence on applying a provably failed concept: ESL classes.

They could save a tone of money just by scrapping ESL and going with an English Immersion program.

Oh, wait. Some so-called "teachers" would have to be fired if that happened.

I've seen the enemy, and it's my government.

Bobkatt said...

Max, I hope you are getting as mad about this situation as I am. We need to confront it on every level. Daniel and others have been excellent in confronting the Matricular give aways, but we need to do more. We need to attend school board meetings and challenge them when they crow about how they are coming up with more and more ways to use public money to increase the outreach for illegals. We need to attend city council meetings that get together and celebrate the money they are spending on studies and programs for Hispanics only. Also challenge the need for expanding government with multilingual only employees. We need to take these programs out of the hands of all the different agencies and put them into one organized, efficient, transparent agency that we can track and put a realistic cost on this program. This agency should not be funded by the school budgets. This is a state wide problem that needs to be addressed as welfare problem, not a school problem. If a student enters the educational system without a working use of the English language they can go to language school that can specialize in rapidly immersing them in the appropriate level of English. Local citizens that are bilingual could volunteer to teach these children. If the government can require students to get shots before entering school, it doesn't seem too much to ask that they speak English. It doesn't make sense to put them in a class that already speaks English and drag that class down. It also doesn't make sense that teachers have to accommodate and adapt to this disfunctional system. It's no wonder teachers feel stressed, overworked and underpaid even though we spend more money per pupil then most anywhere. The money is being mismanaged. Accountability, Accountability, Accountability.

MAX Redline said...


"This is a state wide problem that needs to be addressed as welfare problem, not a school problem."

I wish more people were as educated about the real issues as you!

The problems are many, and deep - schools are one part of the issue, and there is really only one issue: social engineering. There are far too many in our government who really believe that they know what's best for the rest of us.

Elizabeth said...

Daniel, I took the liberty of posting this memo regarding DHS's attempts to work around proving citizenship on another national activist site, for all eyes to see and that way, they all can keep a close eye on Oregon's DHS to see if they will do what they are supposed to.