Saturday, June 10, 2006

Illegal aliens: GO HOME

Illegal immigration is focus of Capitol rally
About 200 of them gathered on the steps of the Capitol on Friday to alert the public and elected officials of what they say is an unarmed Mexican invasion.

Those in attendance carried a sea of signs that read, "Kulongoski is Failing the U.S. & Oregon," "Illegal is Not a Race, It's a Crime," "Illegals' Demands Are Unlimited," "Save Our Schools, Deport Illegals," "Deport Wyden," "Be Legal or Be Gone," "Remember 9/11" and "Deport Senator Smith."

This is quite a long article and they included videos and a discussion board.

While I was not able to attend this rally someone is going to send me pictures to post.


cincinatus said...

I am impressed with the article in The Statesmanjournal. It was factual and fair. Numerous quotes were included which represented the tone and tenor of the rally.

Of course, The Oregonian showed its bias and lack of journalistic integrity by not even covering the story in Saturday's edition. But The Oregonian continues to slide downhill, losing subscribers and seeing it's circulation dropping to the point of literally giving papers away.

Do the journalists(reporters) working for The O even realize how corrupted their own personal reputations have become? I mean poodles on a short leash have more journalistic independence - at least a poodle can bark, O reporters just whimper and drool for their editorial masters!

A huge story "REPUBLICAN WINS ELECTION ON ANTI-ILLEGAL ALIEN PLATFORM". Yes, its true and even pro-amnesty pundits are acknowlegding how powerful this result is for this fall's elections. We, who want to stop this invasion, have constantly been belittled and taunted by open borders types as being on the losing end politically. Well, think again, it is you, open border,amnesty types who are facing political oblivion. Senator Gordon Smith, your political epitaph will say "he voted for amnesty and betrayed the American people and the people of Oregon".

And We, the People of Oregon, know that he is a liar when he tells Republican insiders on a statewide conference phonecall that the Senate bill he voted for is not amnesty. "Shameful" is the only word that describes Senator Smith.

Daniel said...

The O continues to describe rape as a "ralationship" or "affair." They have absolutely no standards.

BEAR said...

With the lefties still suicidal over the death of their terrorist friends, they need time to shift into "bigot/racist" mode from "killing our terrorist friends will only make things worse" mode.

cincinatus said...

Senator John McCain can kiss his presidential asperations goodbye.

The real question is which Republican presidential candidate will carry the potent political torch of running on an "ANTI-ILLEGAL ALIEN PLATFORM".

This ISSUE will define each candidate's electability.

At this point the field is wide open.

Who will grab the STANDARD and wave it high and lead us into a fierce battle. This campaign will not be for the faint of heart. Powerful forces are arrayed against us, but numbers, clarity of position, and patriotism will make us prevail. For our STANDARD uplifts mainstreet America, respects the value of American labor, and upholds the privilege of citizenship in the greatest nation the world has ever known, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The land our forefathers made the supreme sacrifice to defend and protect.


Robert said...

"200 of them..." What? Not even, I saw a picture of the group and there were only 130 at most. Unless, a few bigots were hiding in pockets, this is just embelishment. Still though, I will give your piddly little group of "know-nothings" the 200. Out of the 10s of thousands that turned out to pro-immigrant rallies in Portland, Salem, and Eugene, this is the best your side can muster. Sad really. And then there is "Tricky Hicky Hillbilly" talking it up like he was going to out match anything we have seen. Sure.

Rick Hickey said...

Robert - I NEVER said there would be more of us at this rally than the open border rallies.

This was the biggest on our side with almost 400 (my wife counted).
Photo doesn't have fish eye lenses to show crowd covering entire area and many on side of street waving at Cars.


YOU are wonderful in that YOU had to miss work and pay your own travel expenses.
ILLEGAL ALIENS had their unions pay them to take the day off and had FREE Bus rides.
They also had managers and lawyers, GREEDY Bastards, that showed also for selfish reasons only.
Robert, I was at both events, I am telling the truth.

AMERICA, home of the BRAVE, as many are concerned that the criminal supporters would label them as "racists" as they cannot justify why they didn't come LEGALLY. like the other IMMIGRANTS who DID come LEGALLY, that joined us yesterday.



Bruce said...

Daniel.. as soon as i can get a USB port thingy for the Nikon camera i will e-mail about 50 pictures so you can post them for all to see. I got wide angle pics so that robert will believe that there were about 400 I also have pics of the party at my house with all the riders. That was one of the best fun times i had in a long time. Frosty slept on the floor under the dining room table, which is where the dog usually sleeps so he decided to try to hump Frosty. Everybody thought this was so funny.

dchamil said...

The Paul Revere Riders

Listen, my people, and you shall hear
Of the riders named for Paul Revere.
Started early in August, 2005,
Many a man is still alive
Who remembers that famous month and year.

-- with apologies to Longfellow

R Huse said...

Isn’t it interesting that when the left was against NAFTA, they weren’t bigots. Back then they were “for the working guy, protecting jobs at home”. Now the working guy can basically drop dead as far as the left is concerned. Who are the bigots now? Well, not the groups at the pro illegalls rallies. You know the ones carrying signs from MeCHA or La Raza, groups with an agenda that’s only slightly more racist than the KKK. Oh no, they aren’t the bigots. Well, when anyone can figure out this logic let me know.

BEAR said...

those of us who HAVE some sense are on the "deport Gordon (el gordo) Smith" website. No more pro-illegal rinos! Smith has his head jammed so far up that he even supported a failed bill to create a segregated, race-based government in Hawai'i.

Michael Armstrong said...

Daniel buddy you can't go to them all. We will have a report with photo's on our web site by Monday. I also made a DVD of the entire rally and will send you one if you email me your address. The 21st Century Paul Revere Rally was the event of the year and I have the utmost respect and admiration for all the patriots who came on a Friday afternoon to honor the riders, stand up for America and send a clear message to the Governor, your time in office is coming to an end; we will deport Sen Smith and then Sen Wyden. Jim Ludwick and Rick Hickey kudos my friends. Rep. Kropf, Rep Thatcher and Victoria Taft and Richard Sturm thank you. God Bless America

cincinatus said...

Please go to I did and found the site informative. Knowledge is power, and we need all the power we can get. Don't fool yourself, Robert and his ilk are ruthless and PATRIOTISM has no meaning to them. Michael Armstrong, thank you for the check on your name. Thats how I found the above website. Robert lives in his gated community, if even in his own mind. He calls us bigots, but in reality, he looks down on us, patriots, as only the most bigotted person can do. ROBERT, I am impervious to your empty name calling because I know the truth: YOU look down on all us little people, and that is why you will be defeated and if you dare show your ugly head, it will be shaved and paraded in the public square.

Tar and feathers will be too good for a person so cynical as yourself, for you use arguments that truly reflect the mirror, you hold up to your own face.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, sounds like you all had one hell of hump-dinger of a Ku Klux Klan party. How many fellas jumped Daniel's old lady? Sounds like your dog may have got in on the action, too. With the family fight club Daniel engages in and all the "fun times", I can see why they coin the term "Hicky Hill Billy" to your leader. Yee haw!!!

Anonymous said...

cincinatus, you should watch what empty threats you lodge. Don't be too sure that you aren't above a shaving and a parade.

Regardless of your wasted threats, you chumps already got your asses "tarred and feathered" by the U.S. Senate. The smart ones know your racist stench from a mile away and ignored you. That is what makes all of us laugh.

Really, as if 100 or 200 of you scumbags with a botox bimbo, a singing elvis, a hicky hillbilly and a looser biker gang is gonna make a difference. You shouldn't have wasted your tavern time on the gas you took to drive down. Your money would have been better spent drinking away your tears.

BEAR said...

Too bad the anons (12:58 & 1:10) and other illegals aren't manly enough to carry their message to V. Fox and friends in their own country. Don't complain about U.S. law, when you don't have the sense or cojones to stand up as men in your own homes. Your women can't even stand to birth their babies in their own countries. They must be so proud of their "brave" husbands, who wave pictures of che, and run like cucaraches when they hear the word I.C.E.. I am a legal immigrant to this great and generous land, and you border-jumping cowards make me sick.....sheesh.

I invented the mullet said...

bigot n. [Fr. > ?] one who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, etc.

I am a bigot concerning securing Americas borders against uninvited foreigners.
June 1st through June 31st.
Bring your love for America
to your neighborhood, your
city and state.
Be proud of your country!

Just say "NO" to illegal im-

Douglas said...

i invented..., it is about time you admitted you were a bigot. Now maybe the rest of your brethren will follow suit and admit their bigotry against immigrants.

cincinatus said...

To anon 1:10AM
You are right that if you win, I wouldn't " too sure that you aren't above shaving and a parade." I know just how ruthless you and your ilk are in your quest for open borders and amnesty. My reference is to France after the Nazi defeat when collaborator women where publically shaved. You are a collaborator with Vicente Fox and the Mexican government. I have a hard time seeing how an open border and amnesty can be called patriotic when this is the position the Mexican Government takes. On the other hand, defending our borders, and insisting on dignity for American labor and upholding the value of citizenship is entirely consistent with patriotism of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

Douglas, you are a bigot against bigots. Bigot.