Friday, June 02, 2006

Kulongoski: Still trying to kick Oregonians

Oregon's twin kickers: dumb and dumber
T he Oregon economy is alive and kicking, but if this state sends back more than a billion dollars in taxes next year instead of saving some of it for a rainy day, it will be time to declare the state's political leadership brain-dead.

Absolutely right. Kulongoski has also demanded to keep the kicker in the responsible hands of government beauracrats. And it makes sense, without your money the state won't be able to afford public art such as this:

I'm not kidding. This is from the Public Art Collection. Paid for usually by the "percent for art" program. I think that the urinals are symbolic of what they do to our tax money...


Ric said...

My issues wiht the State keeping the kicker are these:

1 - if they could have planned right, there would be no kicker.

2 - their ideas are usually to spend it on on-going programs. Where will they get the money next year.

Anonymous said...

I guess they'll have to raise taxes. Maybe another "temporary" tax?

Anonymous said...

Art work starting from the left;

#1 Flip the art work over and discover a nude frontal pic of a nice looking lady.

#2 Flip the art work over and discover a nude rear view of a good looking dude.

#3 Flip the art work over and discover a pic of Sleepy Ted with a caption, "Vote for me and we will Crush the Big people."

Greg said...

The problem I have is that the "Kicker" is my money. It is money I was over charged. I want it back!

Once I have my money back and should my brain fail altogether and I decide schools are underfunded and want to give it or part of it to the schools, I can.

axe01 said...

If they didn't support all the human services needs of the illegal alien immigrants, they wouldn't need to confiscate the 'kicker.' 'teddy the kook!'

BEAR said...

The evidence continues to be clear....An energetic economy (that's Capitalism to you lefties) leads to more employment, which leads to more building, which leads to more tax revenue from income and property taxes. Even though Oregon still lags way behind the country in economic activity (that's Capitalism to you lefties out there) there was still enough growth to provide the state with almost a BILLION $ more revenue than they could forecast. Oregonians also defeated an historically high tax measure, which (according to ted-the-simpleton) should have bankrupted the state. SHEZAAM!! Greater prosperity! Someone from the loony left, please explain how this is possible (without proclaiming the sky to be green.) And now this anti-American buffoon wants to steal the kicker? Teddy makes Elmer Fudd look like the greatest of all wabbit hunters!!

Anonymous said...

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