Saturday, June 10, 2006

Government Agencies: They're all gay

This message is being sent to all EPA Employees.
Please do not reply to this mass mailing.

MEMORANDUM SUBJECT: Gay and Lesbian Pride Month 2006
FROM: Karen D. Higginbotham, Director Office of Civil Rights
TO: All EPA Employees

During the month of June, we recognize the diversity of our workforce by celebrating and observing Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. This year’s international theme is “Pride, not Prejudice.” As members of the EPA workforce and community, it is important that we treat each other with dignity and respect.

The EPA Office of Civil Rights, Diversity Program for Sexual Orientation is sponsoring an opening event in concert with the EPA-approved Chapter of Gay, Lesbian, Or Bisexual Employees (GLOBE).

See, this is why Al Gore is able to run around talking about "global warming" (also know as "summer time") when we spend countless tax dollars trying to affect the world's climate. It's because democrats know that the agencies in charge of these programs are all busy doing "gay day" nonsense instead of creating the endless regulations that will save the planet.

Send an email to the EPA and president Bush


I invented the mullet said...

"The EPA Office of Civil Rights, Diversity Program for Sexual Orientation is sponsoring an opening event in concert with the EPA-approved Chapter of Gay, Lesbian, Or Bisexual Employees (GLOBE). "

There is just so much wrong with a Government supported "Gay" Pride month!

"... [C]elebrating and observing Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. "

How about a Straight Pride month?

If you want to be a sodomite, that's between you and God. I just refuse to have it shoved in my face! Funny how the LLL [that's Looney Liberal Left, for those unfamiler with the Abbrev.], demands that the so-called Christian Right "stop shoving your beliefs down my throat", but we have to endorse and approve of a lifestyle that is in conflict with nature and natures God.

No double standard here, folks. Move along.

Now, fire away. Tell me how bigoted I am. I'll agree with you.

Tolerance of the intolerable is a reflection of your loss of clarity.

Daniel said...

And you are paying for it!

Anonymous said...

So us paying for PERVERSITY is OK?
BUT if we pay for something GOOD, like a 10 commandements statue that has these intolerant words - DO NOT KILL THY NEIGHBOR, well that is not OK?

So the Government says it is OK to have anal sex and KILL someone with AIDS? we should promote this activity.
It is OK for little kids to watch Daddy & Daddy making out? little kids should understand what a DILDO is at what age?

We should "CELEBRATE" the PRIDE of what?
They are PROUD of?
Oregon State Hospital has a bunch of proud patients too.

Reminds me of tens of millions that RUN AWAY from Mexico/Latin America BUT say they are PROUD of their culture. PROUD of what? YOU LEFT IT, DUMMY!

I'll never forget a gay guy on HBO, Taxi-Cab, He said "you are not a man if you can't take it up the ass" (OUR Gov't brainwashed him)
How about "you are NOT a Man if a pretty woman does not make you HARD & you want to put it in that Vagina"

MAX Redline said...

I received an email from a co-worker a couple of days ago on this very subject, in which she urged me to bring my family to a couple of Pride events to show our support.

She used a company computer.

I replied, telling her to take me off her list.

If I get another note from her, I intend to lodge a complaint with HR on the basis of maintaining a non-diverse workplace.

I imagine that this will happen, as the individual can't stop shoving her sexual orientation into everyone's face. I'm just politically-incorrect enough to force the dorks to play by their own rules.

Robert said...

I just sent an email to both EPA and President Bush praising them for their support of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. My wife then sent it out to a group of 427 Oregonians telling them to to the same. Thanks for the info. It is good to know that our government is at least doing something correct.


P.S. At my bank we are honoring Gay and Lesbian pride as well.

I invented the mullet said...

Robert -
Of course you did.

What bank do you work for?
I ask because I need to know if I'll have to close my account.

peod in Oregon said...

Robert works at the sperm bank of course.

BEAR said...

is that near the bank of the pudding river?

Anonymous said...

Peod, yeah, Robert probably works at the sperm bank at Daniel's house known as his wife.

Mullet, I am sure your whole $10 in your bank account won't be missed.

R Huse said...

You know, before you get all exorcized about the EPA sponsoring pride events you might want to think about it a little. Would you prefer them spending that money efficiently on their assigned duties instead? Frankly I am often happy to see government agencies diverted to this sort of thing. It means less time is spent on regulating and making my life worse.

So lets have a monthly Celebration of Sodomy at the Department of Revenue; a festival to show appreciation for Left Handed Bilingual People of Colour at the Land Use Planning departments. It would occupy the government nitwits on less harmful activities than those they were established to address.. In addition it would be harder for them to request budget increases in the future. An agency partying is an agency fully funded.

I invented the mullet said...

anonymous 1250

"Peod, yeah, Robert probably works at the sperm bank at Daniel's house known as his wife."

I guess your daddy never taught you the meaning of the word "respect". You are such a child.

"Mullet, I am sure your whole $10 in your bank account won't be missed."

Bwahahahahahahah! *sigh*

Daniel said...

Insulting someone's wife from the safety of a computer and under the name anonymous... you are such a man.

Douglas said...

What is with the pathetic sensitivity there Daniel. Isn't that what the "traditional family man" does--share his wife with the brood. By the sound of your "wife belongs in the kitchen" rhetoric maybe a good shagging by a group of hillbillies would make her feel like a "real woman".

Anonymous said...

A feeble brained person like Douglas can not speak without being a big dirty mouth.It is his low inteligence level that does it to him.

Anonymous said...

if I insist on going to work dressed in the traditional garb of a Sioux warrior I'll be fired, if I insist on going to work dressed as a woman I'm a protected class. Since I am 25% indian and 0% female this doesn't seem to make sense.

Anonymous said...

Keep insulting people's wives. It shows how idiotic you really are.