Thursday, June 01, 2006

U of O *graphic*

This is apparently what passes for bravery at the University of Oregon:

Standing "Proud"
University student Cree Gordon earned a round of applause from the crowd when he walked into the EMU Amphitheater with his sign while a preacher of the Campus Ministry U.S.A. spoke. Gordon's sign read: "I like dick! I wanna get fucked by dick! I wanna suck dick! I like sucking dick, and I am good at it too!" It also featured a picture of two men kissing and the phrases "Gay is good!" and "Fag 4 life!"

Tolerance. A campus minister speaks, it doesn't say anything about him speaking on the issue of homosexuality, and this student has to "demonstrate" his opposition to... I'm not sure what, religion in general I guess. But at taxpayer funded U of O carrying a vulgar sign gets you a round of applause I guess.

This is probably such a short article because if the writer attempted to interview any of the people clapping and asked them why they were it would have been "Dude, he's like, standing up for equality and stuff."

I guess this is a good preface to Howard Dean's visit where he wants to teach democrats how to fool voters into believing that the liberals believe in God. (Hint to Dean: Don't confuse the Old and New Testament again)


Robin said...

he forgot to mention one important factor...
He is a dick!

JEB said...

Let's pour a lot more money down this rat hole so the professoriate can hire more teaching assistants, teach fewer classes and have more time to motivate and lead more radicalism.

Big Mike Lewis said...

Some people are just plain sick.

It makes you wonder how the homosexual community can think they are right when they do stuff like this.

Bill O'Reilly is addressing this stuff in his new book Culture Warrior. Secular-Progressives say you must tolerate everything and anything unless you make fun of Christians and traditional thinking...then you are shutting down "The Man" and that is acceptable. Ridiculous!

Ric said...

Don't forget the student newspaper, The Student Insurgent, running obscene images of Jesus - including homosexual ones.

Be sure to note what the university president, Dave Frohnmayer said: "I understand why it may seem as if the University should have prevented publication or should take some action against those responsible for the publication. The Student Insurgent is not owned controlled or published by the University of Oregon and is funded with student fees. Therefore, the University cannot exercise editorial control over its content."
{emphasis mine}

I bring this up, because while I would be offended by the images, I stand by the students rights to publish them.

Now, try this thought experiment - substitute Mohamed for Jesus.

This is why we shall need Dr. Frohnmayer's words -

Someone in Eugene have some sidewalk chalk, want to draw a picture of some one and label it as Mohamed? It would not even have to be graphic, obscene nor depict homosexuality.

I have links to the story on my blog here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's no such thing as a gay agenda...*rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this "protestor" would have interfered with a Islamic gathering in the same way? I mean surely Islam has the same stance or maybe even tougher when it comes to the issue of homosexuality right?

I feel really ashamed at our culture when reading something like this. Whatever happened to freedom of religion or freedom of speech in this country. I guess the radical gays do not believe in either.

Kaelri said...

Stop judging people by the stupidity of a fraction of their representatives.

Example: I gather that most of you aren't such big fans of this illegal alien amnesty act.

I gather that most of you actually have good motivations and many have good reasons.

Now, how about if the rest of us judged you and your movement assuming that you were all just like the sick lunatic who made this?

R Huse said...

The thing here is that it is proper to judge the student body by the actions of this individual. Why? Because apparently they applauded. Frankly I don't think that means they have an agenda. What I take from it is an indication of the general maturity level of today's students. I doubt very much the applause was due to being invested in "the gay agenda". They saw it as a funny goof, that's the really sad part.

Kristopher said...

So ... is it OK to have a group of 20 or so repeatedly shout "Scrotum!" in unison while some moonbat speaks?

Two can play this game ...

Anonymous said...

I like poon. But you don't see me in a freaking parade every week. I don't care a rat's keister what people do in the privacy of their own lives....just stop shoving it down my throat. (no pun intended)

punkindunkin said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that no one who has commented here was actually at the EMU on the UO campus this week and heard the vile things that these preachers were spewing. It was the most hateful and disgusting things I’ve ever heard from someone who “speaks for God.” I was truly appalled.

A good majority of the student body was outraged that these men would come onto campus and offend everyone- EVERYONE. I suspect every religion (even Christianity), every creed and race, both genders, every student that was within earshot had wished they’d taken a detour around the amphitheater the last couple of days.

You’re right Daniel, based on the context of the article that you read, it looks awfully suspicious. But you need the full story. I’d suggest for a more accurate (although admittedly still slanted) view of what really happened you could read this Emerald article:

Preachers Cause Stir

I think in terms of the man who stood up with the sign, he was reacting to the absurdity of the preaching.

I am an atheist who is open to spirtuality. I need a personal relationship or connection to a god that I would trust. I don't have that at this time. But I am seeking out possibilities. It's men like these two traveling yahoos that make it very difficult for me to accept Christianity.

You win more flies with honey then with dung, no?

Agitated said...

KIA Soldiers being buried doesn't have anything to do with homosexuality but that doesn't stop Westboro Baptist Chuch from going and picketing their funerals. You bozo bastards love the Troops so much where is the outrage here? The Westboro Bathists have been doing this a hell of alot longer than preacher know-nothing has been speaking at the EMU.

Agitated said...

Here is the link if some of you "good Americans" want to go join in the picket of American Soldier being buried.

Anonymous said...

We will never be fooled by Howard dean
we know who special interests and the aclu supports.
Gods blessings

I invented the mullet said...

After reading the Emerald article I suspect these two "preachers" are better at building walls, rather than building bridges. Instead of offering people a reason to come to Christ, they are driving people away from Him. Not surprising then when meeting the likes of men like these people are turned off by the true Christian message.

May I add they, and their ilk, are an embarrasment. It is fortunate that these two do not speak for the majority of Christians. (And neither do the Westboro Baptists.)

Whatever their motivation, they will be the ones to answer to God for their actions in the end.

That's probably all I have to say about this for now.

Anonymous said...

Well Punkin, What vile and hateful things did the speakers project that those poor little darling innocent ears couldn't or shouldn't hear.Could they possibly have just said that you would be punished in the here after for transgressions on earth and pronounced some of the things that would lead to the way,interpret the word "outrage" for me

Polish Immigrant said...

Professor Mike Adams of University of North Carolina who visited UofO recently, has some thoughts on the UofO's speech code and First Amendment. It turns out that while Insurgent can offend anybody it wants and "the University cannot exercise editorial control over its content," the Oregon Commentator was defunded because of who it offended with its "free" speech.

HMIL said...

Well said, Mullet. I find it very unfortunate that people like those two "brothers" would preach the way they did. However, although you and I (and many, many more) understand that they are on the uber-fringe of Christianiaty, they do not speak for the majority of Christians, many do not. They are either unable or unwilling to see that the huge majority of us would prefer to build bridges than walls, that we would prefer to have a rational discussion rather than beat someone over the head with our faith ... we know that "confrontational evangelism) (at least the way these guys are doing it) just doesn't work.

HMIL said...

Oh yeah ... and does anyone else find it sad that, when Oregon or Oregonians show up in the media, it's usually stupid, embarassing or reprehensible (if not worse)?

When, oh when, will Oregon or Oregonians show up in the news/media for doing something good? There are Oregonians doing good things every day, but they never get the light shined on them. Nope it's got to be things like the "Insurgent" or "No Christmas Trees".


Anonymous said...

Free speech has no boundaries, it only requires that everyone gets a chance to do so. Interrupting hate speech with more hate speech isn't free speech. It's speech dictated by U of O, plain and simple. They can deflect responsibility, but if they are being truly responsible, they will allow everyone their chance to talk uninterrupted, regardless of how ridiculous the content. This is just another example of the "tolerant" left being intolerant.

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