Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Learn some English

Please join us in Salem at the School Board Mtg. 6/13 @ 6 pm - Support Services building on So. Commercial next to Kinko's, And across from Withnell Dodge / Ford

T-Shirts provided that say "ENGLISH IMMERSION ONLY"

Why? After a three year study, results are; 5 years plus of Bi-Lingual Education equals: 80% NOT English proficient!

2004-05; Only 10.9% Moved from ELL to All English Classrooms. Bi-Lingual program (code 2750) growing again to $9 MIL.

SOLUTION - STRUCTURED ENGLISH IMMERSION via DR. Rosalie Porter or ELL CITIZEN COMMITTEE TO EXPLORE NEW IDEAS. Immersion is LAW in AZ., CA., MA. and it works. It IS your money.

This is courtesy of Rick Hickey. He could use your support at tonight's school board meeting. Schools keep kids in ESL as a money maker. It's time to have these kids learn English.


Bruce said...

I'll be there to stand with Rick like the other times before. It sure would be nice if the board saw some more faces besides just 2. Eduardo and his group bring lots of people and of course lots of anchor babies (for sympathy purposes). It is an uphill battle but WE NEED YOU THERE...if anything else just to show the board that there are people out here that DO NOT go along with every hispanic demand for more money, more money. It never ends with this group. We need help being as though the head of the budget committee has a hispanic surname, something like Carbonel or something like that. Rick knows him. Also Eduardo managed to finagle a spot on the committee for his so-called wife. Come and join us....at least the committee will have to look us square in the face when they take our money and screw us over to pander to the ever-present bi-lingual at all costs group.

Ric said...

If we are not careful, we could end up being like Philly.

Philly Inquirer
"City Councilman Jim Kenney said it was time for Vento to back down. He asked the cheesesteak wiz to take down the sign before the matter escalated.

"I asked for consideration, and the consideration was rebuffed," Kenney said yesterday. "I just think it's mean-spirited and divisive, and it's not good for the city's image."

The sign says order in English.

Kenney and the city say - that is against the law, which "the restaurant is in violation of two sections of the city's antidiscrimination laws: denying service to someone because of his or her national origin, and having printed material making certain groups of people feel their patronage is unwelcome."

There is no evidence that anyone has ever been denied a Cheesesteak. But apparently, selling cheesesteaks without a UN full of translators can make certain groups feel their partronage is unwelcome.

Robin said...

and having printed material making certain groups of people feel their patronage is unwelcome."
that works both ways

Bruce said...

I may be a little late BUT i will be there Rick....not to worry. I love seeing my "best bud" Eduardo!!!

Big Mike Lewis said...

I saw a guy try to order food at Wendy's 3 days ago. No one could understand the cashier.

He quickly left as did the rest of the 7 people in line...myself included.

English only please.

Anonymous said...

what would it be like if all groups spoke in their own language.
not very helpfull on the 911 call
learn english for god sake

Rick Hickey said...

Whether these Students are here legally or not, I do NOT care.
They cannot sit at home, we need an educated society. ANY Human mind is a terrible thing to waste!
This School District (2nd largest in Oregon, YES you are paying for it) seems determined to make sure that there is group of kids that can't speak English and therefore will be slave laborers.
This district is denying their CIVIL RIGHTS, to an American education, it must be stopped!

Within one or two years all Foreign students could be in a regular American classroom.

Instead, by their study, after 5 years, they are still in a "Special" program and will NOT have all doors of oppurtuniy open for a great American carreer.

This a travesty for these children and Parents. The rest of the World is scrambling to learn English and these dolts think we should spend time trying to teach two languages, how read, write and speak to 6 year olds!

Why did Massachusets, a "progressive" state make immersion the law, but not so-called prgressive Oregon?

Meanwhile, as they spend all your money on PROVEN failed programs, they will tell you there is NO MONEY for anything else in the Schools.
Had enough? I have. Hope to see you tonite. NOTHING is more important to me than all kids, all OUR future.

Anonymous said...

There are many benefits to being bilingual.
- jobs opportunities, international commerce, joys of travel
- increased cognitive abilities, delayed onset of dementia.

It is not necessary to use bilingual education as a lightning rod in a crusade against illegal immigration.
Test results for children in bilingual programs are sometimes lower in the early years; however, those gaps are typically bridged by late-elementary. Reading and other cognitive skills are not language exclusive.

ESL/ELL programs are designed to exit students out of the program, so your argument against them seems odd to me since they DO promote English skills.

Disclaimer: I am a white male, grew up in an English-only household, started learning Spanish in High School, and I am now bilingual Eng/Span.