Monday, June 26, 2006

Will this number go down?

Looking at the job hirings at Multnomah County you can't help but notice that 18 of the 23 openings are in the medical field. Most have titles like CLINIC MEDICAL ASSISTANT - BILINGUAL SPANISH and pay $30,902.40 - $38,022.48 annually.

But how did we get to where government spends most of it's time, and most of our money, on health care?

And how come you only need a high school diploma or equivalent to be a Community Health Specialist 2 Bilingual Spanish who makes $32,781.60 - $40,361.04 annually? How "special" can you really be in the medical field with a GED?

The answer to the first question: illegal aliens.

The answer to the second question: the illegal aliens need to be "recruited" and receive various "outreach." That job has nothing do do with anything medical other than to teach illegal aliens how to work the system to get free health care.

It will be interesting to see if the number of government health care workers goes down now that we have new mandates saying that you must provide proof of citizenship for medicaid/Oregon Health Plan.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the County could convert the unused Wapato Jail to a medical clinic for Illegal Aliens?

One wing could be devoted to Puppy Rapers and the rest used as birthing (baby squirting) areas.

Bruce said...

To all you politically correct, rose-colored wearing glasses crowd out there who want to know why i am like i am....This is a perfect example. I am a state certified licensed Pharmacy Technician in Oregon. I also am a licensed Phlebotomist (blood draws) in Oregon besides being a barber. I have tried for years to get into the medical field for these 2 jobs and it is always the same results. I cannot seem to realize that i am not a 295lb, short, ugly woman with breasts that hang down to my knees, which describes most pharmacy techs here in Salem. I also am not a transgendered person of color who speaks Spanish, nor am i a woman or an illegal or an Indian or a Pakistani or a Middle-Easterner or any other combination OTHER than a white male which describes mostly all of the Phlebotomists in the Salem/Portland area. It is frustrating and it is maddening and this blog proves it. What they are now putting in writing,was, for a long time just a time honored tradition of passing up whites who didn't speak Spanish. NOW IT'S IN WRITING. I wonder when it will be written into Law that i cannot even own a business or work in Oregon BECAUSE I am a white male. Don't laugh...I believe that is coming SOON!!!!!

Anonymous said...

someone wants to make more money. can you speak spanish?? didnt think so

Daniel said...

Really want to live in America? Can you speak English? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Get it's butt ,Daniel. it sounds like a dimwit leftie or an illegal alien.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it is already going down in California:

Far better to pay a little more for the vino than the cost of the social services we are paying now.

TC said...

Not to worry about proving one's citizenship, you'll have your Ted Kulongoski "I'm a citizen" card, sure it'll be a forgery and not valid outside the Peoples Republic of Oregon, but it does entitle the holder to all sorts of "FREEBIES" on other peoples dime, and absolves you from learning english, and elevates you to the Liberal icon of "Protected" Class.

Anonymous said...

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