Thursday, June 01, 2006

Contact them... all of them. Mwahahahahahah

This link allows you to email the entire staff of any senator/congressman. Great stuff. Bury them in "we don't need amnesty" emails!



Anonymous said...

Its about time those who work inside the gate and live behind the wall shared some of the discomfort and the pain we suffer.

Rick Hickey said...

Thank you for the TIP Daniel. I sent them all an e-mail like a LAAAASSSSER.
I am sure they were all raised by orphan midgets who used to play hopscotch on mondays after school in the street and on their fat heads before thier mother, a closet lesbian who drinks gin and mouthwash, would call them home to help wash the dildos before rubbing Dad all over and adjusting his shoe braces and enema hose.


MAX Redline said...

You know, Rick...

Every time I encounter your comments, they just seem weirder than the last.

I really used to like what your organization stood for.

Anonymous said...

As a former hill intern, I can't tell you how much these staff in these offices will hate this! this is so awesome! Though I will tell you that after looking at the link, some of the information on staff members is in correct. However, heres is a hint.

Senate emails are As the website shows, this would be:
- (make sure to make it GSmith and not just Smith)
- John_Doe@Wyden.Senate.Gov

The pattern usually holds, though sometimes the emails bounce back (i.e. if someone goes by Bill, their email may be William, and sometimes a middle inital is included)

In the house, it is generaly

And yes, as a former intern, I did read the global inbox. We would sort through the global e-mail and then route it to the person who works on that issue. So it does get read, after going through the middleman..or middle intern as the case may b e.

Happy e-mailing!

Crackpot said...

Rick Hickey?

What the hell was that? Somebody please tell me that was a bogus post, as no spokesman in his right mind would publish such inane garbage.

Anonymous said...

Rick, I am a member of OFIR and that has got to be some of the goofiest shit Iv'e ever read. I am now deeply disturbed by those comments. Dildo's? Enema hose? What??????????

I am hoping that comment was posted by someone else posing as Rick? I hope?

If it was posted by the real Rick, then this comment is something I would expect to hear from a retarded grade school kid. Even that would be a stretch, it wasn't even a coherent statement. As an officer of the organization, you have a responsiblity to represent the organization appropriately to the public. These kind of crazy comments, even if made on a blog site are damaging to the cause. It makes me want to disassociate myself from you. You need to think about public perception before you comment. Go see a doctor. Get some meds.

But again I am hoping this was not posted by you?

Troup said...
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Troup said...

I'm doing my best to get the data as accurate as possible. I understand the pattern and have put it to use.

Email Congress Staffers

Yes, I'd prefer if a mole in the Capitol somehow got me data.

My data is the result of lots of data mining on the internet.

So pardon the bounces

There is no doubt that my "Staffer Email System" has resulting in over 100,000 emails directly to staffers. My analysis is the result of webserver logs and blind CC's

I've been forwarded some emails that show the staffers are reading and replying to the emails via Wireless blackberrys. That just adds to the pain.

They want amnesty for their cheap labor illegal aliens. Make them pay for it.

Please pass it on.

Mike Emmons
--former H-1b/L1 foreign guestworker trainer; afterwards all 20 of us Americans were laid off.

Anonymous said...

Rick, what the hell's your problem?!?

Rick Hickey said...

NOT FUNNY! If someone wants to post under my name they need to remember the laws of libel!

Anonymous said...

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