Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lars made us proud

Lars show audio archives

The file is the top 6/29/06. The interview with Secretary of Commerce Gutierrez starts at 1:08:00. (drag progress bar to that time)

Lars tore this guy up. He had the facts, the numbers, the logic. Gutierrez had "we need the workers."

Lars didn't let him get away with any of the usual lies, the usual distortions, the usual distractions.

The Bush administration wants amnesty. Gutierrez try to give it some window dressing and Lars sent him packing. This is one of the best interviews I've heard in a long time. I can almost gurantee you that when Gutierrez hung up the phone he was sweating and went straight to a bottle of hard stuff.

Listen to this audio then let Gutierrez know how you feel:
(keep in mind that he thinks that "enforcing the law" is "extreme")

Secretary of Commerce Bio


BEAR said...

Lars has NEVER been better than that interview. Guttierez is doing a job no AMERICAN will do......make a complete lying fool of himself to protect criminals.....priceless.

Tim said...

Lars was great. He didn't let Secretary Gutierrez get away with the usual "They won't be Illegal if we just make them legal” shtick. Still the word Amnesty can’t pass their lips, even though that’s exactly what the Administration is proposing. They’re convinced that if they put enough lipstick on that pig, no-one will know it’s a pig.

Daniel said...

Maybe they ought to take a page from the democrats playbook and just call amnesty "choice."

"Keep your laws off my citizenship status."

Robin said...

that is one of the things I really like about Lars... he's not afraid to ask the question is that Americans can't because we no longer have investigative journalism.

Lars made some very good arguments, and basically made Guttierez look foolish.

our government is looking at cheap labor & more income from taxes by adding the illegal alien to the payrolls.

remember, one of the first requirements on Bush's guest worker program, is to pay back taxes

BEAR said...

but robin, we have been told that illegals are all poor, doing the jobs Americans won't do. How could they possibly owe TAXES! Maybe Guttierez was lying!! Duh.

Anonymous said...

Lars took no prisoners with that interview and exposed Guttierez as a lieing bureaucrat. He has also had several good interviews with Tony Snow, where he held his feet to the fire - called him on his spin on the President's stand on illegal immigration, that the White House position would only lead to acceleration of illegal immigration, which we all know is true - he cut through the crap with machete like precision...