Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's like a round square

Only if you work for state government have you heard of... an undocumented citizen.

Eligibility Program Summary

Undocumented citizens who are victims of domestic violence can receive TANF whether or not their children are citizens

The waiver of citizenship requirements continues as long as there is a safety concern related to domestic violence with branches needing to review the case at least every six month

Because of the lack of resources for non-citizens, we know that discontinuing our support may put the victim in a position of having to return to the abuser. If this is the case, we can continue TANF support.


MAX Redline said...

What's an undocumented citizen?

Is that like a unicorn or something?

Oh...sorry - I probably just gave our state agencies another idea.

Anonymous said...

Can we call them UC's for short?

This all started when training sessions and meetings became workshops and problems became issues.

Anonymous said...

That's like having an un-documented licensed driver. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Daniel said...

It's like a dark light... or a sharp ball... or an honest politician...

Bruce said...

NO,NO,NO,NO,NO....none of the above. It is a legal expression and certified viability for giving TANF money to illegals WITHOUT breaking the law (in their eyes). How long do you think it will be before the illegals figure out that all they have to do is cry.."He hit me" and they are IN THE MONEY. Likely some hispanic DHS workers will gladly spread the word in the latino community about how easy it is to fool and play off the sympathies of the gringo people.

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