Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DHS: We can be everything to everyone

DHS is a large, diverse organization with multiple goals and exceptionally broad department-wide programs.

"Exceptionally broad" programs. We can do anything we want! Voters? Who are they? Try to cut our budget and we claim we only do things for those Oregonians who truly need help. See, see X% goes to helping the elderly on fixed incomes or the working poor. NO you can't see the line items in that budget, why do you ask?

So where did this "exceptionally broad" statement come from? A job listing... for Music, Art, Recreation Therapist. Everything to everyone...


Anonymous said...

You can become a "certified" music therapist? How does that work?

Daniel said...

There are muliple job openings for music therapist and art therapist. I have actually considered applying just to see what happens.

As for getting certified... I have no idea.

I invented the mullet said...

As I am a certified certificate certifier, I would certainly be happy to certify any of your certifiable certificates.