Sunday, June 25, 2006

Now it's "costly"

Medicaid enrollees will be asked to prove citizenship
Starting this week, recipients and applicants for such government services as Oregon Health Plan coverage and long-term elder care will have to prove their citizenship.

The requirement was imposed by Congress last year and takes effect Saturday.

Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski said Wednesday that while he is sympathetic to Congress' intent, carrying out the new requirement could prove costly and bureaucratic to the state and burdensome to Oregonians who are U.S. citizens.

When democrats start harping about things being "costly" and "bureaucratic" you know something is wrong. This is simply their initial argument against keeping illegal aliens from using social services that should be reserved for Oregonians. Next they will call the new mandate "racist."

...Kulongoski has instructed eligibility workers to help people track down their necessary documents, such as birth certificates, and to continue their benefits eligibility as long as they are actively searching for their citizenship proof, DHS spokesman Jim Sellers said.

Strangely, Kulongoski has not ordered the OLCC to mandate that bars/taverns provide alcohol to people as long as they are "actively searching" for their ID proving that they are 21.


BEAR said...

Hey, Daniel, the "new" mantra from the lefty anti-Americans will be as follows: Bush planned and executed 9/11 so he could push for Draconian measures against the poor, elderly, and illegals.....priceless!

Sue K. said...

#1 Proof of citizenship should have been provided from day 1 to receive services. #2 Recepients must have been aware this requirement/change was coming. Maybe they should've been using this time to "actively look" for required documents. If they used these documents to initially sign up for services, then the documents should not be hard to locate again. If they didn't have the required documents to initially sign up, how were they allowed to receive benefits? #3 How long are people going to be given to "actively look" for required documents?????

Scottiebill said...

Teddy the K says that requiring proof of legal residency will be "too costly"? And does he actually believe that his - and Guillermo Bradbury's - allowing illegal aliens to settle in here and make Oregon and southern Washington their "home away from home" isn't costly?

This is just one more example of his convoluted thinking. That the illegals are getting drivers licenses they should not have, that the illegals are getting voting privileges they cannot have legally, that they are getting welfare and food stamps they are not entitled to, that they are getting free medical care, that they are having their babies (legitimate or illegitimate, who knows?) here and becoming US citizens as soon as they are born, that their kids are getting free education that they should not be getting, that many of them are bringing meth and other illegal and dangerous goodies into the country, that some of them have been arrested for various and sundry crimes, including drunk driving, drug peddling, the occasional rape, holdups, burglary, etc., etc.; Teddy the K apparently believes that these things are NOT costly.

We can only hope that come November he will be sent back to the obscurity that he so richly deserves. One thought: When he gets his butt kicked out in November, will he be eligible for PERS pension at 110% of his present salary? If he is, that's OK. That is not costly, either.

Tim said...

Scottiebill, you forgot "Puppy raper" in the list of crimes. ;-) One other point, you gave Teddy K far to much credit in believing he is able to think...Liberals don't possess critical thinking skills, otherwise they would see the error of their "Logic" which is reactionary of the emotional kind. It's a mental illness.

Come November it's time to Deport Teddy K and the rest of the ILLEGAL Alien enablers. Since he seems to care more for Mexico's citizens than our own, Deport his America hating ass to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

There was once a time when DHS couldn't find enough people to sign up for the Oregon Health Plan, os they gave grants for outreach and look where it has gotten us.

There is lots of money being made taking care of poor people. Lots of government jobs depend on giving away free services.

Imagine the day when DHS cannot find enough clients to lavsih benefits on again.

R Huse said...

How, exactly, is it too costly to check ID? Is there the same concern with bars having the cost of checking ID?

Ok Granny - You dont have any ID? Go and get some. You dont have a birth certificate? How did you get to be Medicare age without it? Go and get it. Consider it your passport to the real world.

Scottiebill said...

Sorry, Tim, I actually did forget "puppy raper". And I should have put the word "thinking" in quotation marks. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Getting a birth certificate and proving citizenship is really not all that hard. I tried to get a concealed carry permit in Clackamas County and was turned away because I couldn't prove I was a U.S. citizen. Needless to say I was slightly upset considering I'm a retired Coast Guardsman who's held a Top Secret clearance.

Anyhow, they would not accept my German birth certificate, or my Military Hospital certificate. It had to be a certified birth certificate in (I was an Army brat, and my dad was stationed in Germany).

All I did was download the PDF form from the State Departments website, fill it out and got it notarized, and mailed it in with a $35.00 check. 1 month later I got my official birth certificate and proof of U.S. citizenship. Now I'm a proud owner of my CCP. It really wasn't that hard, and I think I had more hoops to jump through than most.

Elizabeth said...

I'm a citizen, and can prove it, yet I have never been able to access health care unless I paid for it. I would love to see Kolonoscopy go down for this when it is found that he is not doing what the feds said to do. I think that Oregonians need to know that he is doing everything he can to break the laws to benefit illegals.