Friday, June 30, 2006

who votes for who

I saw in the paper yesterday that Howie Dean is still trying to convince Christians to vote for the party that hates God and everything he stands for. Since I don't think he will be too successful with that I figured that I would point out some slightly smaller demographics that the dems have a lock on:

Terrorists: Seriously, if you are a voting terrorist which party do you support?

Pot smokers: Like dude, we go to the polls and vote democrat.

Serial killers on death row: Please, I don't want the same fate as my victims.

Child molestors: It's only a matter of time before the D's add this to the LGBTQ acronym.

Communists: When we don't feel like voting third party.

Portland criminals: We are enjoying the get out of jail free card... actually the "don't go to jail cause it's not even open" card is pretty swell too.

Transgender folks: (also known as people who take hormones and mutilate their bodies so they can pretend to be ugly members of the opposite sex) The democrats treat us like this is the most normal thing in the world.

Socialists: We dream of a country where we call all be equally poor.

People who have sex with animals: Again, we are waiting our turn to be added to the "gay pride" acronym.

Tax cheats who have renounced their citizenship and are on the FBI's most wanted list: We may be a small constituency but hey, the Clinton's pander to us with pardons.


Anonymous said...

republicans just like to invade other countries and drop bombs which are paid for by average people but puts the big bucks in the pockets of republicans

Anonymous said...

Like Cuba and Kosovo. Oh, wait, those weren't republican [sic] administrations..... never mind.

Anonymous said...

Don't fool yourself. Democrat politicians are padding their pockets with just as much of your money.

Rooster said...

Let's see...Who got us into Viet Nam and who got us out? I can't seem to recall.

ROBERT said...

Lets check Republican Demographics

Meth Dealers: What up, yo, I (Daniel Miglavs) got busted and convicted, but Republicans still love me.

Bigots: We hate all races except white, unless, of course, they are our whores.

Racists: Because I think burning a flag is un-american, but burning a cross--that is patriotic.

"Know-Nothings" Did we mention we hate immigrants. Oh, we shouldn't have said that.

Ex-cons and Criminals: I have a talk show, I know I broke the law, but I was pardoned.

Draft Dodgers: Why should I go fight in a war I support?

Liars: There really are WMD's in Iraq, really...really. No Gay Marriage..uhem..uh

Terrorists: Hey, when WE kill woman and children that is different when THEY kill woman and children.

Homophobes: "I know I have homosexual sex, but I hate homosexuals...really"

Friends of Iran: I sold arms to them, so what...I have a talk show.

Burgulars: Because you too can break into a building and ...yes...have a talk show.

Convicted Doctor Shoppers: Because every pill head should be able to break the law and doctorshop to get drugs, even viagra.

Looney Christians: Because my "God" will assassinate you if you disagree. Did I mention I am "The Messiah"

Cheap Skates: Please, I don't want to pay my fair share.

Fascists: Because we need to shred the constitution and all the liberties and freedom it guarentees properly.

Traitors: So what if we leak the name of American Spies, we are just trying to protect the state.

Rapists: They are "American Soldiers" man, they should be able to have a little fun.

Child Molesters: It is not "molestation" it is mentoring. "God" gives us that right.

Anonymous said...

add to Republican Demograpic-

Hypocrites: Because we support a Baby Killer for Oregon Governor, but we hate abortion.

BEAR said...


Mike Mayhem said...

"Howie Dean is still trying to convince Christians to vote for the party that hates God and everything he stands for."

Who's he? As a bible reading and preaching American citizen I can't honestly believe you mean God.

SURE! In theory the republicans and radical zealots, like those who occupy this blog, "stand" for the same ideals as God; however, they do not follow the teachings of his only begotten son.

All the rhetoric that's used here is nothing but stone casting, judging and arrogance... which is exactly what God doesn't want his followers to do.

Honest Abe said...

Damn Robert you left Bear speechless. If I was a Republican, I would find it hard to refute those claims too.

I especially like this one: Child Molesters: It is not "molestation" it is mentoring. "God" gives us that right. So true.

Thanks for the website link. :)


MAX Redline said...

"SURE! In theory the republicans and radical zealots, like those who occupy this blog, "stand" for the same ideals as God; however, they do not follow the teachings of his only begotten son."

Um...seems like you and DisHonest Abe are among many who "occupy" this blog.

BEAR said...

the usual nonsense.

Daniel said...

I'm sorry, I guess that I figured that if I put "child molestors" you guys would figure out that I meant "public school teachers." (statistically they molest more children that priests)

Gunslinger said...

I am a big fan of the folks who have never been to war, or even thought about offering up their lives for others' freedoms but go straight to a guilty assumption on the part of our troops. Has anyone heard or seen another side of the story? Nope, just whatever the (Canadian) media pushes. Let me just say, that if the troops did indeed do it, they should hang.

WMD's -- Just because there are no nukes sticking out of the sand over there, do not assume that there were not massive stockpiles of chemical weapons over there. Enourmous caches of nerve agent artillery ammuniton have been disposed of by our troops. But of course, you won't see that stuff in the media either. But I can assure you, it is there. Of course you won't believe me because I can't post a link to any information regarding that.

But go ahead and turn your back on those of us who provide your freedom by taking the fight to the people who would just as soon have you dead and raped than to be able to whine about the president who won the election twice. That is why we are fighting. To allow you to retain that voice. So use it to your heart's content. I would never dream of stopping you. But please remember, by jumping the gun on calling my uniformed brothers and sisters rapists, you should really wait for a verdict. And if it is indeed true, I will be along side you calling for justice for those Iraqi victims.

I will now retrun the soap box to the host of this site.

Tim said...

Daniel, I love it, you must have hit the mark to get such a vile hate filled rant from Robert. I was laughing so hard reading Robert’s rant knowing he is so blinded by his intense hatred he can't see he was describing the Democrat party as well.

You can plug in a Democraps name pretty much anywhere, like:
Kelly Wirth for the Meth crack, or "Sheets" Byrd for the Bigot, Or Democratic Party as Racist, since they keep black people from voting, and all good Dems believe Black people can't possibly make it without their evidenced by their racist remarks toward blacks who stray off the Democratic plantation and become successful.

Let's plug in Bill Clinton name for several categories: Rapist, Draft Dodger, Liar and Traitor. And if we are to believe Bill's brother Roger, old Bill had a nose like a Hoover when it came to cocaine.

I could go on, but I'm still laughing at Robert...Sad sad must be rough going through life so miserable and full of hate...yep you must be a Liberal.

Thank you Robert for validating the notion that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

Kaelri said...

"But I can assure you, it is there. Of course you won't believe me because I can't post a link to any information regarding that."

Well, yeah, I think that's a reasonable sort of skepticism. It's a troublesome little law of civil discourse I've found: if you say something, people want you to prove it.

Me said...

Ha ha. The Santorum Republican Child Molester site is quite shocking. Never knew there were so many. That must be why Republicans are so preoccupied with talking about it all the time. They must have some guilt over their own sins. The old expression rings true, "me thinks thoust protest too much". Anyways, Vote Mary Starrett for Governor.

God Bless-

Gunslinger said...

I will not get into some "show me the money" argument with you, Kaleri. Remember, arguing on the interenet is like running in the special olympics--no matter who wins, we are both still retarded. Anyway, the reason you will most likely not really see much about all of the weapons caches, is because we just did our job and got rid of them. There was no need to make a media circus out of the whole affair. That is what people seem to not realize. To most, they get to watch this crap on TV, and armchair quarterback the whole thing. Those of us who are boots on the ground just want to get the job done and come home to friends and family. I could care less what the people back home think. It is doing the job right that matters to the soldiers.

Gunslinger said...

Oh, my appologies for misspelling your name, Kaelri.

Anonymous said...

I have a good friend who was in Iraq. He told me they found barrels of this "neon orange" stuff that gave a bunch of guys horrible rashes after opening it. Sorry there's no links on the internet about that stuff. Like Gunslinger said, they don't need to report that stuff, just get rid of it so it's not used on our soldiers.