Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where we went wrong (thank the Moose)

The VOZ newsletter

An old copy of a newsletter for day laborers. Right hand side story is about how Portland Police trainees now go "visit" the day laborers to practice their spanish and listen to the illegal aliens tell horrible stories of when the police actually enforced the law and kept them from working illegaly. Terrible.


BEAR said...

Hey, Daniel, the newsletter had a note at the top, "english version.".....gee, and I thought it was albanian. Good thing they identified it for us. How diversified those illegals must be!

Anonymous said...

Can't blame Chief Moose as he wasn't smart enough to be much of any concern to anybody politically.

Just another stooge/lackey for the West Side Mafia.

He does go to prove that being in the right place and at the right time is critical to ones success.

Even a bucket full of urine is useful if you have a cooking fire.

Thats what some Mexicans tell me.