Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's a Spanish summer in Portland

The following is a list of job openings for Portland's Summer School program:


SUMMER SCHOOL - Kellogg Middle School - ESL/Bilingual Teacher

SUMMER SCHOOL - Portsmouth Middle School - ESL/Bilingual Teacher

SUMMER SCHOLARS - Alternative Education - Advanced Math (Spanish)

SUMMER SCHOLARS - Alternative Ed - Biology/Bilingual (Spanish)

SUMMER SCHOLARS - U.S. History/Social Studies/Bilingual (Spanish) Teacher

SUMMER SCHOLARS - Language Arts/ESL Teacher - Benson HS

SUMMER SCHOOL - ESL Teacher - Franklin High School

SUMMER SCHOOL - Language Arts/ESL teacher - Franklin High School

SUMMER SCHOOL - High School Language Arts/ESL teacher - Roosevelt Campus

SUMMER SCHOOL - High School ESL teacher - Roosevelt Campus

This is why the "Chalkboard Project" puts up their "see how your tax dollars help schools" graph. (

They say "see, see, X% is spent directly on students." It shows a simple chart as proof. Some real accountants these guys at Chalkboard are. Funny thing is, the Portland Public Schools can't seem to keep an auditor on staff. They keep quitting saying that PPS are interfering with their work. (see story)

You also notice that Chalkboard puts things like "Counselors and health services" get put in the "teaching" classification when it comes to money. (giving kids condoms and a ride to the local Planned Parenthood does teach them things... just not good things)

So if Chalkboard really wants to provide us with information like they claim, put out the whole budget for Portland Public Schools. Give us citizens a chance to do a line item veto and see how much we can save. Give us the working job titles for every employee.

Let us get rid of "Latino Recruitment" as a line item. Let us get rid of diversity training. Let us see what's really going on instead of giving us a pie chart with 3 items on it.


Rick Hickey said...

Exactly why we need ENGLISH IMMERSION ONLY!

Schools get more money for every non-English speaking student they recruit. AND they spend that money any way they want.
Schools therefore want more ESL kids, more ESL = more money in the building.

California & Arizona only allocate $30 extra per year for ESL/ELL students because they use only immersion and that is what it costs. They have no incentive to find more ESL kids.

Oregon will allocate up to $9,000.00 more per ESL kid instead.

STRUCTURED ENGLISH IMMERSION would eliminate that $600,000,000.00 we are ALL spending on Bi-Lingual FAILED experimental programs.

Instead that money could be used to shrink class room sizes which the Chalkboard Project claims is the #1 solution to our education problem. Also free up millions for our most Gifted & Talented students so we can compete educationally world wide instead of this "dumbing" down effect we get instead.

Also these Foreign students would be much more likely to succeed in a REGULAR classrooom instead of the DOOMED to failure bi-lingual class room.

Anonymous said...

Salem-Keizer figured out how to get around this. They just don't offer summer school. Of course the Mexicans don't effect everyone...sure...

BEAR said...

Hey, MR. Daniel, even in Sherwood, back in the days of "fearless leader" Marge Stewart, anyone asking for ANY specificity re budgets or line items was immediately attacked, and told that the "committee" had done EVERYTHING just right, and access to precise info was not going to happen. Typical, dishonest, and most frustrating. A transparent budget was, and is, only a pipedream, regardless of the governmental body we encounter.

Daniel said...

I believe that I am going to be getting a copy of a line item budget for a certain school district in the next day to two... should be interesting.

I invented the mullet said...

"Pictured" on a T-shirt:

"Welcome to America.
Now, speak ENGLISH!"

BEAR said...

I'd love to see your take on the highlights, Daniel.