Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oh yeah, this is normal behavior

I was looking for some photos from what The Oregonian described as a "family event," this years PRIDE parade but I guess not everyone is as quick to update their sites as yours truly.

So I settled for this piece from The Portland Mercury as what the PRIDE people want as representative of the "gay community":

The State of Queers in Portland
I guess there aren't enough homos watching us, so now I am stuck interviewing Portland's Sissyboy about the state of queer culture these days. I invited Splendora, Precious Hottest She-Male, and Zebra to chat with me at my favorite Starbucks last Saturday.

The minute they walked in the door my nipples got hard; each of the Sissyboys was fierce, fashionable, and flawless. Before they sat down with me, Precious slapped a counter girl and Zebra ate a pastry out of the trash. These girls were really something else.

I haven't even read the interview and I'm sure that I don't want to. In my opinion the tales of "Precious" and "Zebra" are probably best left in the closet.

But hey, when Portland has a "family event" like this one I must be the one who is wrong...


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Hello This is really sickening-I also hate the term of family being used by the queers and same sex- and us normal married families feel cheated the term family should mean Marriage as one man and one woman and a mom and a dad and the term Husband and wife
I hate it that the queers are trying to take it away from us.