Thursday, June 15, 2006

Smart, stupid, only The O knows for sure

It never ceases to amaze me how the editorial board of The Oregonian knows the intent of voters. On Measure 36 they know that the vote meant we're all for civil unions. Of course, they said we were all misguided fools who were fearmongered into voting for that initiative anyway.

We were also stupid for measure 37. It was said that we just couldn't possibly have know what the effects would be. We are just too stupid. The O even had a headline after the legal challenges were over: "Court clears the way for 37 kinds of damage"

So us backwater hicks are the stupidest voters in the world... unless we vote in a way that the Fishwrapper agrees with.

Today's editorial:

"Voters were clearly alarmed by the cases of forgery and trickery they were hearing about. Wisely, they sought to cleanse the signature-gathering process from the corrupting influence of financial incentive."

Not only do the editors know how "alarmed" we were, then we were the wisest voters in the world. Smart, stupid, smart, stupid.

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