Thursday, June 29, 2006

Doing business with criminals

New Product for Undocumented Immigrants
Banco Popular and Equity Home Mortgage are pleased to announce a new product for the Hispanic market. Undocumented immigrants now have a legal way of getting a home mortgage to buy into the American dream. All they need is an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) issued byt the Internal Revenue Service, a steady income for at least two years, and a good credit rating.

RE/Max is also involved in this sham. These shameless companies see criminals as a market segment. No ethics whatsoever.

But I actually hope that these lenders sign up 8 million illegal aliens for home loans this week. I really do. Then I hope that all the illegal aliens are unable to work or get deported and these companies are left holding the bag. This is absolutely disgusting.

Contact Info:Equity Home Mortgage, LLC
Phone: 503-968-8590
Fax: 503-598-8647

RE/MAX International Inc.
Phone: 303-770-5531


Anonymous said...

its a good deal, they can't send the home back to mexico.Where else can we have them spend there money in the usa.

Anonymous said...


Even if the criminal homebuyer gets deported, Equity Home Mortgage will still make their cut. They are Mortgage Brokers, simply brokering the deal between the homebuyer and the Banco Popular folks. While I agree that Equity Home Mortgage should be punished, their affiliation to ReMax is a simple business deal. If ReMax gets enough bad mail and press from Equity Home Mortgages' dealings with the illegals, they can cut ties at once. I for one am sending a letter off today, and I suggest that your readers do the same. Maybe one of the local radio talk shows could air a segment (Victoria? Are you reading this dear?)

As always Daniel, have a great weekend with the wife and kids. I'm taking mine fishing. Maybe I'll see you at the lake.


The guy with the eleven year old step-son that had to taught how to be a boy.

R Huse said...

Guess again dude, this sounds like the savings and loan crises all over again. Heres how it works: ReMax or whoever does the loan. The loans are sold on the open market where they are bought by banks, mutual funds, whatever. We finally get the illegals deported. They default on the loan. Guess who is left bailing out the financial institutions so the investors dont go in the tank? We got stuck with the bill for the thrifts, dont think it wont happen again.

Or - Try this on for size: Now we cant deport them, thousands of people will be left penniless because they will default on their loans. So, the illegals get to stay.

brian7 said...

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